Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer rescues Naina, but distances himself

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna seeing Sameer in Bike’s mirror and shows to Pandit. Munna says we shall ask Mami why she lied to us. Pandit says we shall go as Sameer is in Delhi. Sameer sees them going. He thinks of Dadi’s words. Munna and Pandit return and surprise him. Sameer smiles. Munna says now we understood Maths with our separation. Sameer hugs them. Munna asks if he wants to surprise them. Sameer says yes. Munna says Naina bhabhi saw you in market. Pandit says she called and asked us to find out about you. Munna says everyone was unsure that you are here, but Naina was sure. They ask him to come and meet Naina. Sameer refuses to meet her. They ask why happened? Sameer says I love her a lot, but can’t meet. He says he can’t tell them reason. Munna and Pandit tell that they will bring Naina there.

Sameer gives them promise asking not to tell her. Munna says until when you will hide? Sameer asks in which college she has taken admission? Munna says Patel. Sameer says he has taken admission in VJN college. He asks them to call Naina and tell that he is not here. Munna says he can’t tell her. Sameer says if you can’t tell then I will tell her that I am here and don’t want to meet her. Munna takes call from his hand and inform Naina that Sameer is not here. Sameer thanks him. Naina thinks she can’t believe this. Munna and Pandit don’t talk to Sameer and leave. Mohabbat ko kiski song plays…..They look at each other pics. Munna tells Pandit what has happened? He says Sameer said that they didn’t fight. Munna says love is mad. They see a couple having pani puri and asks them to end the laila majnu drama.

Man scolds them and says she is my wife. Munna and Pandit apologize. They go to another couple and ask man if she is his wife. Man says no. Munna and Pandit ask them not to love and run away from each other. Pandit asks Munna to forget about Swati else his condition will be like this. Munna says Sameer gave us promise not to tell her anything, but didn’t give us promise, not to make them meet. They decide to make them meet. Preeti asks Naina to fill her form. She thinks where is Sameer? Munna and Pandit bring Sameer there. They tell that they are searching someone who will fill their form. Sameer says he will fill the form. Sameer stands in queue and asks for men. The students standing in the queue takes pen from Naina’s hand. Naina turns come. She thinks where is Preeti and asks the students to go for interview. Sameer turns come and he throws ink on Naina’s shirt. Mohabbat song plays….

Naina says I know you are here? Sameer says you have taken admission in Patel college. Naina tries to talk to him, but he runs away. She runs on the road. Sameer protects her from having an accident and makes her fall down accidently. He is in tears seeing her hurt and gives his handkerchief. Munna, Pandit and Preeti are shocked. Naina cries. He tries to go. Munna and Pandit ask him to tell the reason and ask why is he doing this? Sameer says I am doing this for Naina. He says I loved Papa, he left me. I loved Nana ji and he also left me, and if I had not come here, then may be Maa also. He says when I saw Naina in Delhi, she slipped. He says I am inauspicious and don’t want anything to happen to Naina. He says Dadi tells that I am inauspicious. Naina and Preeti hears him. Sameer goes.

Preeti comes to Naina and asks her not to worry. Naina says she is not worried. Preeti says you are sad and hurt. Bela asks where did she get hurt? Preeti says Naina stepped on banana peel and fell down on road. Bela says I will make turmeric milk for you. Preeti says how she will get healed of her heart pain. Bela says heart pain. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was upset with Sameer’s thinking.

Tai ji slaps Naina and asks where is the money? Naina says I don’t remember. Bela says admissions must be closed by now. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Thanx Hasan and welcome back.
    Epi was amazing and with gud pace, finally samaina meeting, Munna pandit true frnds, and taiji is rocking nowadays, again a slap to Naina .???.gud nyt guys, waiting for comments.

  2. Thanks Hasan for the update.
    Good episode. At least mundit now know why sameer is distancing himself from naina. Let’s hope they do something.
    Sameer protecting naina was also good.
    As usual, mundit were amazing.

  3. I loved today’s episode……… Deb what was the news about randeep on wing news? Is he going to act in movies?

  4. Y is this Taiji always slapping Naina?

    1. Same dont know why always she slaps naina…. If sameer comes to know about this definitely he’ll teach a good lesson to that ooh bhai……

  5. yesterday’s episode was good, Excepting Naina will do something for sameer to get rid of his confusion.let’s keep our fingers crossed.Awaiting to watching the upcoming episodes……………

  6. Episode was too good…
    Happy to see Samaina in one frame?
    Premundit rocks..
    The way Sameer protected Naina was Superb..That was decent & Simple…
    Even she didn’t touch him in that scene..
    It is the example of pure Love..
    This is our show’s Uniqueness..
    Hope to see their Romantic Reunion in upcoming episodes…

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