Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer meets Naina’s fiance, Sharad

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer waits to see Sharad. His family tells Naina’s family that he got stuck into some work, so will be late. Sharad’s relatives now point out that Naina’s height is quite low compare to Sharad. Chachiji says Naina’s height is good, but Taiji stops her and says these days girls wear high heels, so there won’t be any issue. Mamiji gives a shout to Sameer. Naina looks around, but he hides. Sameer and Munna go back. Mama-mami cut the cake and celebrate their anniversary. Sharad arrives and starts praising his boss. He says he showed Naina’s photo to his boss and he liked her. His relatives complain about height. He says he will stand with her and show them.

Sameer tells Munna that Sharad seems to have arrived, but he can’t see face clearly. Munna is busy eating. Sameer tries to look and breaks glass by mistake. Naina sees him and gets shocked. She starts having hiccups. Sharad’s family suspects whether she got any illness. Taiji says Preeti must be missing her. She gives Naina water. When waiter takes Naina’s glass back, Sameer stops him. He takes the glass and drinks remaining water. Naina sees and again starts having hiccups.

Mama sings song for Mami. He asks waiter to pack the cake, but Sameer suggests to distribute in everyone in restaurant. He also goes with the waiter. He first goes on Naina’s table. Taiji asks what he’s doing there. He says he came to celebrate Mama-Mami anniversary. Taiji introduces him to Sharad’s family. Sameer finally manages to see and meet Sharad.

A sad love song plays. Sameer and Naina both become sad. Mama asks Sameer why he’s not eating. Munna says who won’t be sad when such song is playing. Mama says he’ll dedicate a song to Mami. He calls staff member. Moments later “Choli ke Piche” song plays and everyone gets uncomfortable. Mami stares at Mama. Mama says he said to play “Holi” song, not this one. He asks manager to get it changed.

Sharad’s mom asks about engagement next week. Chachiji says Chachaji was saying after Naina’s finishes her college. Sharad’s mom says she just needs to handle house after marriage. Naina says why stop studies for that? Chachiji says Naina can handle housework along with studies. Sharad’s mom says they don’t send their daughter-in-laws to colleges. Sharad asks Naina what she’s going to do with degree? Naina says it’s her and Chachaji’s dream that she studies a lot. Taiji says why they are discussing this. After marriage, they have to make decisions for Naina. They are ready to leave now. Naina and Sameer look at each other. Naina gestures him to clean his nose, but he doesn’t get it. Later, Munna says there is ice cream on his nose. He smiles.

At home, Sharad’s mom tells him that Naina seems very stubborn. Sharad says it’s not like that. His mom says college going girls are very smart. They will have to find out whether she loves college or someone in college.

JBR is taking Swati’s oral test. She’s unable to answer. Munna tries to save her, but JBR insults him too. Now Pandit comes to help Munna. JBR gives them all 0 marks. Class ends. JBR leaves. Swati goes behind him to request him to take her test again. While Swati is talking to him, Sharad’s mom comes there and tells JBR that she needed to find out about Naina. She is her aunt. Swati rushes to Naina and informs her about it. Naina thinks this must be Sameer’s idea for something. She sees Sharad’s mom and is shocked.

Precap: Sharad’s mom asks Sameer whether he has an affair with Naina. Sameer says yes.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Awww sameer drinking from naina’s glass sent me shows his right over naina and naina sending signals to sameer and when he happily realised it was so sizzling the eyes spoke volumes they were deep down connected that no one can come between them can’t wait for the precap sameer would probably tell champu’s mom about their beautiful friendship..hate this shoe and karthik so dumb..can’t wait for shoe’s heartbreak

  2. I just hope he really says yes and save Naina.

  3. Hi guys!!
    Yesterday Munna rocked…He is the COMEDY KING of the show…???I got pain in stomach out of laughing???…But I don’t think Munna and Swati love is so deep as Samaina…Both of them are not mature enough…
    Samaina silent chemistry was awesome…Sindhuja you are right…Sameer was trying to say Naina that only he can do this for her…And Naina getting sudden hiccups on seeing Sameer and stealing eyes from all and looking Sameer was so cute…The song played “Chupana bhi nhi aata” correctly matched Naina’s Situation ??…
    And thanks to God..Naina atleast spoke for her studies in front of her narrow minded fiance and would be in – laws…
    Plz Sameer expose this Sharad…He is flying high…Let this Sharad to have his own reality check…?…
    When Sharad’s Mom commented that Naina is ordinary looking with lot of attitude…I was like…?? Has she not seen her Son’s face ??…
    Precap was good…Kartik told Sharad’s Mom about Samaina affair…He indirectly helped Samaina as this will take out Naina from Sharad’s unwanted relationship…??

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