Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina’s love story begins

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina recalling taking the swear and looks at Sameer. She says she saw Sameer beating Pankaj. Sameer gets upset with her. Principal asks them to go and says he will talk to Sameer alone. Naina thinks how to make him understand that I was more angry on myself than him. Principal scolds Sameer and cancels his admission and asks him to leave. Sameer leaves. Naina and Preeti are riding the cycle to go home. Naina tells Preeti that her shoe is stuck in the cycle chain and asks her to help. Sameer helps her and frees her shoes from the cycle chain. They come back home. Arjun says he won man of the match in Delhi.. Naina says she got class monitor’s batch. Arjun tells that Pooja alliance is cancelled. Bela tells that because of Rakesh, their daughter relation is broken. Naina and Preeti greet him. Rakesh blesses her. Bela taunts Rakesh. Rakesh says mistake was not alone mine. Bela says you would have apologized to him. Rakesh says he will leave the house. Bela asks who is stopping you and asks him not to act. Chacha Anand is helpless. Rakesh taunts and calls him juru ka ghulam.

Rakesh says I can’t bear anymore. Preeti asks Naina not to worry and says he will not go as always. Arjun says if he leave then he will also leave. Rakesh says you can’t leave your studies and cricket. Arjun asks what I will do without you. Rakesh says I will live here for you and asks everyone to listen that he is staying here, but don’t need anyone favors. Chacha Anand scolds his wife.

Nanu scolds Sameer for taking admission in hindi medium school, but soon his admission is cancelled. Munna tells that those boys were bad mouthing about his mum and that’s why he couldn’t control. Bela tries to talking to Anand. Anand asks Naina to show what is on her batch and gets happy seeing head discipline monitor. He shoes her torn clothes and asks what happened? Bela says it was old shoes and says she will buy new one. She asks naina to come to market with her. Naina’s voiceover says Chachi wants to get instant forgiveness from Chacha and that’s why thought to buy shoes for her. She says she was thinking about Sameer as his admission is cancelled because of her. Bela asks Pooja to make food. Preeti tells her that Anand gave money. Tai ji comes to Bela and insists to come. Bela says ok. They buy shoes for Naina.

Preeti asks Naina if she is not happy. Naina says she is happy. Sameer and Munna comes there. Shop keeper sees Sameer and asks Salesman to bring cold drink for them. Tai ji says even we are feeling hot. Owner asks salesman to give her water. Tai ji (Veena) sees her friend and pretends infront of them saying she takes care of Naina since her mum death. Bela gets irked and tells Tai ji that she forgot money. She praises Tai ji infront of people and makes her pay for naina and her sandals. Preeti asks Naina not to worry as Bela replied smartly to Taiji’s lie.

Sameer buys shoes for himself and asks shop keeper to pack it. Tai ji asks owner to put shoes in the bag. He says he don’t have. Tai ji takes Sameer’s shoes by mistake and gives in Naina’s hand. She then scolds Bela for forgetting money at home. Naina slips and shoes falls from her hand. Naina says this is not my shoes. Bela says we shall go back to shop and exchange it. Sameer checks shoes and tells shop keeper that this is not the selected one. Owner says it must be changed. Tai ji and others come to the shop. She scolds Naina badly. Sameer sees Naina. Owner says your shoes is with that guy. Naina’s voiceover tells that this is how her love story chapter begins.

Sameer tells that he got an idea how to take revenge on Naina and plans to steal her new shoes. When she takes off her shoes to drink water, he is about to steal her shoes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Fenil

    Hello YUDKB Family, how are you all ?
    Aflatoon episode.
    Taiji and Chachiji were so funny ek sher dusri sava sher, chachi saved her money by praising Taiji in front of others ib shoes shop hahaha.
    Sameer and Naina’s shoes got exchanged lol.
    Chachiji wants apology so she put proposal of buying new shoes for Naina….lol.
    Sameer get scolding from Nanu safe dear.
    Can’t wait for next episode.

    1. Hey fenil…. M gud howzzz u????
      I m in luv wid this show…bt sumtyms its not possible fr me to watch the epi at night…
      Is there any other timing of the show or any app or sight fr watchng online

    2. Fenil

      Hi Aashi…i m good…You can watch on Youtube.

    3. Samaira_khan

      hi u can wtchit on or apne tv

    4. Riyasmiles

      Hiii bhai.. Aap yahan…
      So pleased to be back here…
      Even i love this serial

    5. Fenil

      Hii Riya sis.
      Yaa I also love this show.

  2. Riyasmiles

    Honestly speaking this is drawing me mad…
    Omg.. Yudkbh.. Is rocking…
    I am in love wid this serial..
    Like even in my exams i cant afford missing any of its episode…

  3. Riyasmiles

    Honestly speaking this is drawing me mad…
    Omg.. Yudkbh.. Is rocking…
    I am in love wid this serial..
    Like even in my exams i cant afford missing any of its episode…
    Everything is rocking in this ..

  4. Someone tell me trp ratings of week one of ye un dino ki baat hai.. Anyone?

    1. IDK really but i just searched it and this show’s trp rating is quite high from the 1st week . I’m really happy for this show . FYI the 1st episode itself got a high amount of ratings.

  5. i m the bigest fAn oF this ShOW…………I LOVE U BOth randeep rai and ashi u both are really amazing u both are lokkking pretty together…….

  6. I usually can’t stand Indian daily soaps however this is one show some how connect with me and take me back to 90’s. Director have taken several intelligent effort to connect with audience. Smart concept that directly touches nerve of viewers age group between 30-40 years as they can connect there childhood with this. Kudos

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