Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Students return to college

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer’s mom tells him that she didn’t find Naina good for him at all. Sameer is shocked. He says maybe she couldn’t know her fully in 30 minutes, more you talk, better you find her. She is not that good looking, but look is not everything. His mom says it’s not about her looks, she’s just way too smart for him. She thinks from brain and he thinks from his heart. They are like day and night. He says she couldn’t find anything wrong in Naina, so she started finding issues in him. She says Naina is very practical. In mind and heart, always mind wins and she doesn’t want his heart to broken. His emotional nature and her practical nature just cannot go together.

Naina and her family celebrate Diwali. Preeti and Juhi ask Naina whether Sameer’s

mom liked her. What she said. Naina says only Sameer will be able to tell that. She thanks Juhi as meeting was possible only because of her. Naina and Preeti then say Juhi remind them of Shefali. Arjun hears it.

Sameer continues trying to convince his mom that him and Naina will stay very happy. His mom says she said what she felt, rest destiny will decide. She asks him to concentrate on his studies for now and asks him not to be upset with her again. He hugs her.

Female Narrator says, Sameer’s mom must be first one who saw issues in her own son instead in girl he chose. She saw something which her and Sameer failed to do so.

Naina calls Sameer in excitement. She is hoping to get good news. She shares she was very nervous, so she is not sure how her meeting went. Maybe his mom would have felt bad? She asks whether she passed or failed. He asks her to relax because no one can dislike Naina. Naina asks so his mom liked her? He says yes, but she is not convinced. He manages to convince her. She then says she’s very happy today. Their love got approved by their families. Sameer stays quiet.

Holidays are over. Everyone returns to college. Sunaina shares with her friends that she went to Switzerland. Her friends say she is so lucky. Munna, Pandit, Sameer ask Kamya and her friend about Naina. Kamya teases Sameer that he can’t stay away from Naina. Swati comes there in an auto. She doesn’t have change. Sameer gestures Munna to help. Munna gives money. She tries to talk to him, but he walks away. Sameer tells his friends that he has planned something for Naina.

Naina and Preeti arrive now. Naina is curious to meet Sameer. There is a new boy / professor in college. Preeti gets flat on him. Sameer passes from there and asks everyone to meet in classroom. Naina takes Preeti with her and they go to classroom. Sameer welcomes Naina with flowers on red carpet. He says “Welcome Mrs. Maheshwari”. She walks to him. They hold each others hands and have eye lock. They feel like they are meeting after years. They can’t take eyes off each other.

Arjun is at his friend’s shop. He sees Juhi there. Juhi buys something without bargaining. Arjun’s friend says she must be very rich. Arjun says this is what is good about earning on your own. Earn and spend without informing anyone else.

Sameer and gang are in classroom. Sunaina and gang arrive and they don’t say a word. Pandit says how they will say anything. Principal comes there with new boy / professor. Preeti starts smiling. Principal introduces new professor Farzan Punawala to students. He will be directing play for their college. Principal then introduces Naina to him. He says so it was her who wrote him letters requesting him to direct play for their college. He praises her writing skills. She says as he’s come to their college, she is confident they will win play competition.

Female narrator says she didn’t know Professor Punawala will turn out to be so important for her in final year, just like how Shanti teacher was important to her in school.

Precap: Kartik prepares to be hero in the play. Other side, Sameer’s friends tell him who else is in college that qualify for hero’s role beside him. Naina says if he becomes hero, then her work will be double as she will have to be heroine then.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Loved the episode

  2. Hi guys!!!
    So Vishakha liked Naina but not for Sameer!!!
    And I don’t like the justification she gave…Sameer and Naina complement each other…And that is the beauty of their relationship…It is not necessary that the couple should have same nature…There should be love and trust which makes a relationship best…And I don’t think Naina gave answers with her smartness…
    And Sameer didn’t tell Naina that Vishakha rejected Naina for him…May be he doesn’t want to come in baba mode again 😂😂
    So Preeti found a teacher crush…How cute☺️
    And yes!!!The new teacher is really dashing…
    Let’s see what role will he play in Samaina life

  3. Guys, special applause to Vishakha and the makers – Mother of 90’s, what even today’s MIL will never accept the mistakes/underestimate their son in front of others(especially in front of DIL) but it was rightly shown that Vishakha understand the difference between them and ready to guage the strength and weakness of sameer and finally she decided that Naina is not the right choice for her son so in that way i accept her because she never considered her beauty,status and caste but she thinks in mother’s point of view for her son’s happiness.

    even today it is bitter truth that very few have started to accept that their betterhalves are smarter than them,…..but still long way to go…………………………

    Sameer feelings and the way he tried to convince his mother was too good and i never felt it is serial i am watching that natural and he scored 100% and even vishakha- she very much worried that his son shouldnot misunderstand her ( i feel she is also a practical mother with equal contribution of emotions)
    may be naina will also remains as other vishakha in sameer’s life – letz hope for the best……

    such twist and turns should required in a life which makes it interesting to watching what destiny plans for SAMAINA…..

    so now Drama episodes……………with MR.Poonawala…..and MUNDIT rocks again…….

  4. Omg what a cool mother vishaka is. First she gave a chance to Sameer and Naina’s relationship, without thinking of caste, status and whatever. Back I’m 90s when it was such a huge thing, especially in such conservative communities. Second, she analysed Naina and Sameer’s characters so we’ll, ofcourse she could go wrong but it’s okay. Third, she was so mature in handling it when Sameer implied that he’d never leave Naina, she said that it’s her opinion and asked Sameer to concentrate on studies. So cool. Instead of the regular Indian mother melodrama, the either her or me, the yeh din dekhne ke liye tujhe paida Kiya tha. So mature and dignified.

    So these people got holidays of 15 days for diwali? If I’m not wrong Sameer said 4-5 days. Anyway it was a sweet episode. Half of it was done by the time i started watching at 10.30.

    Can’t bear Sunaina and kartik anymore. What are they? Just friends or more? Who sits behind a guy on his bike like that if they’re just friends? And if they’re more, then why doesn’t Sunaina leave naina-sameers gang alone?I

    I wish Sameer told Naina about what his mother told him.

    Waiting for Swati to be back in the group. He’s so lonely and sad all the time. Her smile is gone, and she hardly gets anything to talk.

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