Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer to land in trouble

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina calling Sameer’s neighbor. She tells that he didn’t come till now. Naina says it is STD call and tells that she will call later. She wishes that STD calls shall get cheaper. Her voiceover tells that her 20th century wish is fulfilled in 21st century. Sameer’s friends take him to video library and buys adult cassette. Sameer doesn’t like it. One of them calls him kid. Other asks him to wait there. Naina thinks Sameer must have come from school by now and calls him. Sameer comes just them. His friend gives receiver to Sameer. Naina asks why did he come late from school and asks if there was any special class. Sameer asks if she is angry. Naina says it is gone. He asks about her studies. Naina says it is good. She asks if he is staying with his family nicely. He says yes. Naina asks him to watch Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi, film. Sameer says I can’t watch as Dadi don’t like anyone to watch film. Naina says she will watch and tell him.

Naina tells Swati that Sameer will be happy to meet Munna and Pandit. Swati asks her to go to Delhi. Naina wishes if this could happen.

Shanti teacher helps Lochan sir. Lochan sir tells poetry. Shanti teacher tells that she assigned his name for the cultural event. He tells her poetry. Shanti teacher says love poetry. Rakesh hears them and thinks they are having an affair.

Naina tells Swati that she is worried for Munna and Pandit, as they went alone. Swati says even she is worried. Swati sees letter with Naina and asks her. Naina says she will write many letters for him. Teachers make fun of Rakesh. Rakesh says Shanti teacher have deep friendship and says they are having an affair. Teachers say you shall be ashamed of your thinking. Rakesh says you don’t know for whom they write. Other teacher says you are doing this as Shanti didn’t chose you for cultural program.

Deepika comes home and tells Sameer that she went with Vishaka and bought balloons. Vishaka comes there and asks Keshav to give lemon water to him. Sameer’s friends call him and tells that they are coming to his house to watch video, and provokes him to agree. Sameer agrees. Dadi hears on other receiver and smirks. Bela gets Casette and VCR on rent. Tai ji scolds her and tells that Naina and Preeti will do tandav on your head. She scolds bela and asks her to respect elders. She leaves. Naina shows the cassette to Bela. Bela says then what is the Casette which Tai ji took. Preeti says it is of Pooja’s marriage cassette. They play Casette.

Munna and Pandit come to Sameer’s house. Sameer gets happy. Munna slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The episode was alright samaina talks were good..worried to see dadi and her antics hope sameer will get out of it..excited for the precap..munna rocked hope next week gives us some positive track..fingers crossed

  2. Lokesh

    Amazing episodes, except Sameer parts, so Rakesh makes a joke on himself, love bonding btw Swati and Naina,waiting for mundit Monday, and poor taiji got cassette.

  3. Sameer will definitely get into trouble if he will be in the company of these guys. I am also worried forundit. If they would fight again who would stop them…. They should be friends again. Btw conversation between samaina was fab. How easily Preeti fooled Tai ji it was so funny to see. Let’s hope for the best. Good night.

  4. Today episode is okk..but precap is super .true friend only show him right path….

  5. Sameer is being influenced by bad company, and now I hope Munna and Pandit make him see some sense. Only Mundit or Naina can help Sameer now.
    The precap was amazing?? finally something positive to look forward to?

  6. Pehle, sab Tamil commentors को “Happy Tamil New Year”. This was an alright episode. Samaina talks were good. But uski friends. I hate them a lot. I would like to watch Sameer all the time. But nowadays, I pray that Sameer aur uski dhost screen par nayi aao. Missing old Sameer a lot. Liked the precap. Hope so mundit will bring him in to right path. Hope so it doesn’t become a problem between the friends waiting for Mondays episode.. .

    1. Lokesh

      Well I m from Bihar, but wish u a happy new year.

  7. Sameer couldn’t talk to naina in normal way,his guilty consciousness is pricking him it’s clearly visible in his face, atlast he started to realize that he’s doing wrong things,poor naina don’t know sameer’s situation, n precap this is what I was expecting for this whole week, mundit will definitely teach him a good lesson n also inform to naina about sameer’s habits, on hearing this naina will definitely go to delhi to see sameer…….. N don’t know y they make such precap only during weekends, they’re not allowing fans to be free without thinking about what would happen, when n how will precap happen….. all these goes through my mind during weekends n even wished to have YUDKBH on weekends too…… But waiting for monday eagerly to see the way how mundit will handle this situation n teach sameer a good lesson……. Happy weekend guys, soon our YUDKBH will regain its charm….

  8. Sameer is being influenced by his bad company, hopefully Munna and Pandit bring him back to his senses. Only Naina or Mundit can help Sameer now
    The precap was amazing? the trio’s joyous expressions were awww? finally something good to look forward to.

  9. Munna munna munna luv u.I know u r hurt but plzz make Sameer understand to shun those cheap things n can’t forget sameer’s cold response on phone to naina.pahle kaise martay the naina ki ek call ko aur Ab to bahut aage nikal gaye ho na.Mard Jo ban gaye ho.Sameer tumne aaj meri bachi kuchi umeed b tod di.I hate u Sameer I hate u a lot.Maaf Karna naina but it seems to b over now.Sameer k naye shauk dekho gi to marrrrr Jao gi.I m deeply hurt today.Seems dadi behind it but Sameer tum bache to nahi ho na.Now I don’t deserve to be naina’s beloved. I hate u i hate u.

  10. Hi guys Sai thank you so much for wishes and i would like to convey my Tamil new year wishes to all.Abt today’s episode -Sameer’s portion getting worst day by day and even he is not worried or try to get away from his bad assumption (percap)is different munna slaps sameer for some silly reason since sameer will never expose things in front of his friend and also heared that soon sameer will get arrested because of his bad company

  11. Nowdays this serial especially Sameer losing his charm and support.

  12. Deb hasn’t commented yet

  13. Thanks Hasan for a quick update !
    I was impressed with all your reviews. Tx Van for thinking of me. I guess my updates done on the phone are not being uploaded (why?) unsure. It stalls and then dies.
    Thanks San, Van, Sai Anu AB, Sindhuja (1st one today beat Lokesh, he is usually the first one to comment), Sheikh Feroz, Devi and Lokesh.
    Loved reading your reviews and comments. Mahi, GHVpriya and others missing. 23-28 comments per episode would be good – each one gives what they loved, what they would love to be introduced and what they anticipate would be wonderful.
    Did you realise the track is being changed? Do you think it is because of viewers comments?
    Where is these episodes leading – Sameer’s bad company – and their acts? Why this Delhi track has been brought in – does not make sense to me. sweet episodes now turned boring.
    Perhaps on reflection the makers want to give a message to the audience
    Kids need to be channelled appropriately with love and purpose. Not doing so can lead them to wrong pathways Inspite of them being good by character. maybe/may be not ?
    Good company is essential – and so are good friends………
    • What I would love to see now that they have brought this track:
    • Vishaka – extra vigilant on Dadi’s moves
    • Deepika – siding Sameer bhaiyya – tells overheard things between dadi and Keshav
    • Sameer – knowingly acts with his ‘bad’ friends but has a motive to overturn dadi’s plan
    • Sameer takes mundit and Amrita’s help to do so – (he used to plan things with them for Bela, Rakesh and Naina’s happiness) so he will do so for Visakha’s happiness and make dadi look bad in Somani’s eyes.
    • Rohan and Deepika look up to Sameer. Sameer leads the way.
    PS Guys watch Ashi’s videos, her ranking is falling falling………… Randeep’s ranking is rising……. at least he is not engaged in studying in real life. We need to ensure these young actors who are doing a tremendous job should be recognized. Ashi is writing exams and studying in real life too……working full time, giving wonderful performance. She should be encouraged.
    Television Celebrity Ranking
    • Current: 32
    • Last Week: 31
    • Peak: 10 (20 February 2018)

    What then? What do the viewers want to see?
    1. Samaina’s love blossoming?
    2. Mundit and Sameer’s friendship
    3. What else?

    1. Hai deb its good to read your comments everything what you said is what viewers wanted to see n to our surprise delhi track is going to end soon so samaina will be together as usual n yeah aashi is busy in her studies so she can’t do any videos or anything that might be the reason….. It’s alright dr according to fandom aashi tops the first place

  14. the talk between naina and sameer was okayish. the way he sounded so low is because he is somehow gulity for the wrong company that he has got into. good job munna for giving sameer that slap cause he deserves it no matter what and i am hoping that naina and both munna and pandit make this new sameer into old sameer who was nice and sweet and adorable. love samaina

  15. Are u serious that Delhi track is going to end soon.Is this true

    1. Yes rohan(rohit chandel) n amrita instagram account they shared a last day shooting pic n captioned it as last day shoot of delhi track gonna miss it……. So delhi track is gonna end soon not so soon but after two ir three weeks

  16. How can Delhi track end? Sameers family is in Delhi. Does not make sense. Why introduce that track at all. What was the point?

    1. Don’t know deb this is the news that’s been rolling on all forums, Twitter, insta……. n by which all are happy…… There must be some reason to it….

  17. Pata nahi kya horaha hai

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