Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishaka dislikes Naina on their first meeting

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Naina to sit. Naina gets nervous. Sameer gives her water. Naina drinks full glass. Sameer asks shall I give more? Naina finishes it too. Sameer asks shall I give more? Naina forwards the glass. Vishaka asks are you fine? Naina says ji mummy. She drinks more water and tells that she is a bit nervous. Vishaka asks her to relax. She asks Sameer to get cold drinks and sweets. Naina gets up and says she will bring. Vishaka says how did you know that kitchen is on that side? Naina says she thought. Vishaka says I will bring and goes. Naina tells Sameer that she will go and asks him to see her hands, says it is shaking. Sameer asks her to relax. Vishaka brings cold drink and sweets. Naina finishes it too. Vishaka signs Sameer to go out. He didn’t understand.

Vishaka asks him to go out for sometime. Sameer says I will sit here. Vishaka says it is bad manners to hear two ladies talking. Sameer asks her not to ask difficult questions. Vishaka says it will be known after result comes. Sameer looks at Naina and goes. Naina gets more nervous. Her voiceover tells that her condition was like that a small rabbit was thrown infront of a tiger, then I thought this is the only chance and I shall answer to all her questions without any worries.

Juhi comes to Arjun and asks about others. Arjun tells that they have went out. He turns his face as his shirt button is broken. Juhi says she will stitch it. Arjun’s hand starts shaking. Juhi asks are you alright and asks why you are shaking. Arjun says nothing. She says she needs to go to society function.

Vishaka tells Naina that they have made much food today and asks her not to worry, she will not eat it. She tells that there is a difference between love and attraction and asks what happened to you? Naina says love and he also loves me. Vishaka asks how much you know him? Naina says his nature is good, and he understands others well. Vishaka says his anger? Naina says I know, he fights on small issues, but right things. Vishaka says do you think that he is more good looking than you and have high status than you, and asks do you think if any beautiful girl comes in his life, you would have thought about this. Naina says I believe myself and Sameer. Vishaka says I like your confidence. Naina says I love Sameer from my heart. She says if I had loved him from my mind, then might have thought about all this, but I love him from my heart. Vishaka says do you know that he wants to become Baba. Naina says she wanted to break her relation from Sameer as she couldn’t go against her family. Vishaka is shocked and recalls Sameer’s words that he can’t live without her. Naina asks are you thinking something. Vishaka says I feel that my son will be lost. She says Sameer said that you were after you to become his friend and says if he had refused you then….

Naina says this can’t happen, as I trust myself, whatever I decide will fulfill. Vishaka says what if he had refused you. Naina says she don’t like failures and says she would have tried until she succeed. Vishaka recalls Sameer telling that he doesn’t want to try when he knows the result is failure. Vishaka asks if your family refused for the alliance then…Naina says Chacha ji is my friend, mentor etc and says he is very happy with our relation. Vishaka asks who told your Chacha? Naina says I….She says Chacha ji got an idea about us, when he asked me, I told him everything. Vishaka says strange, you didn’t feel scared to tell him. Naina says I would have scared if I had done anything wrong. Vishaka says your Chacha ji didn’t say anything, although knowing that it is impossible to have relation between Maheshwari and Agarwals. Naina says he knows and says he saw our love and not this difference. Vishaka says you shall go home and do puja. Naina says yes, and touches her feet. Vishaka says its ok and calls Sameer. Sameer says I will drop you. Naina says no. She says she will go and tells Vishaka that she was scared when she came, but felt good meeting her. She touches her feet and leaves.

Taya ji tells Tai ji that she shall not lower Naina and Preeti and praise Juhi infront of Bela. Tai ji says she praise Juhi so that Bela don’t taunt me uselessly. Anand comes to bela and says if you look so much beautiful then the mirror will break. Bela says you looks so loving to me. He says you didn’t ask what did I bring for you. Bela says this sindoor is my gift and says you had brought tape recorder for us. Anand says it is for everyone and gives her walkman. She gets happy and says she wants Naina and Preeti to get husband like him. He says CA. She says no, loving husband like you. Taya ji and Tai ji do puja with Pralay and others. Naina and Preeti sit behind them. Sameer and his family do puja at his house. Sameer is tensed. Naina says even today, I remember that Diwali and I was thinking if Sameer’s mummy liked me or not? Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was thinking of their exam result. Naina’s voiceover tells that even today it is not less than a exam when you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents.

Sameer comes to the room. Vishaka comes and asks why didn’t you have sweets. Sameer says you didn’t tell if you likes her or not. He says she pretends to be mature, but she is jhalli. Naina says she is not Jhalli and says I am your mum and can’t take wrong decisions. She says after meeting her, I felt she is not right for you. Sameer is shocked.

Naina calls Sameer and asks if she passed or failed. Sameer looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is wrong with you Naina? Why are you so arrogant? There were so many ways in which Naina could have taken the conversation well. Especially since she’s mature for her age. But today was kind of stupid.
    Love vs attraction: Naina could have justified why love and why not attraction, but she just said she loves Sameer and he loves her. Nothing else.
    When vishakapatnam asked her if Sameer will get a better looking and high status girl, she could have easily told yes he might, he’s beeter looking than Naina and of high status. But what is required is love and respect. Only a good face and money won’t buy Sameer happiness, a nice girl will. Instead, what was that? I know he’d never look at anyone else, I loved from heart. I know it’s the 90s but still, such illogical answers.
    And when vishakha asked what she would do if Sameer didn’t say yes to her, all that Naina said was I’d not fail. Like seriously? Is Sameer an exma that you want to top? What kind of answer is that? All these days I’ve only heard Naina saying Naina Agarwal ne haarna nahi seekha. But really? Is it only Naina’s success? She was only good at studies and captaingiri. She was meak. Tried to be mahaan and satya ki murthy. Not once was she good at other things. Only after Sameer coming into her life did she learn to be confident. She danced for the first time because of him. She won the elections because of him. He always supported her. If it was not for Sameer, she would have been a padhaku girl with zero social relationships.
    And when did she tell chahchaji about Sameer? She’s behaving as if one day she thought I love Sameer, I’ll stand by him, and I’ll tell everything to chahchaji. If chachaji hadn’t found out the letter, he would have never gotten to know about them. If Sameer hadn’t confronted chahchaji that day after College, chahchaji would not have gotten to know how much Sameer loves Naina. If chachaji didn’t ask Sameer to meet him and Naina at the temple, Naina would have still been single and both of them heartbroken. What dating thing has she done here? What for is she taking credit?

    I’m sorry, I love Naina Sameer. But now I’m just feeling Naina has changed a lot. It’s always about her, her family, her exams, her elections, her heartbreak, her engagement, her broken engagement, her reputation, her dandiya, her enjoyment. Sameer has become her shadow. When most of the time, he’s doing more work than her but she’s getting the credit.

    1. *daring thing

  2. And what was wrong with vishakha today? It felt like she was prejudcied. Who asks such questions to a girl who’s already so tensed. See you think she’s less than your son, fine. Every mother loves her child the most, her child is the best, but thats how you talk? So serious and belittling but being nice? That was so unlike vishakha. When she is broad minded enough to talk to her son’s girlfriend, she should be broad minded enough to talk to her impartially and without any prejudice.

    I know it’ll eventually be nice, she’ll accept. But what I don’t like is this meeting turned out to be an unknown clashes of ego, superiority complex, prejudice, overconfidence, and bias. It’s supposed to be a sweet conversation, it’s their first. It could have been done a lot better.

  3. U r right sunshine naina is selfish many times naina ke life me sameer ki importance family to chodo swati ke baat bhi aati hai bas lecture dene me aage hai uske rules family ke liye kuch aur baki sab ke liye alag hain naina is character shoemaker me kahin na kahin selfish ladki ka bana Diya hai no khud we jyada achha kisi ko nahi samajhati hai

  4. Swara23

    Hey guys i’m new here
    watching yudkbh since it started
    falling in love wid this superb show
    It didn’t turn out to be as gud as it could have been
    but loved sameer as he gave water to naina nd helped her to calm down

  5. Great Sunshine, height of stupidity…..of Naina …. Makers need to work more on Naina’s character……completely lost the way it is portrayed in early days……..

    Conversation between Vishakha and Naina….somehow i feel that Vishakha was more worried about sameer’s future( true mother’s feel), the question she raised even acceptable sunshine as mother of two kids i can understand her feeling but the answer received from Naina ( really disappointing ) none of the one expressed the true love of Sameer so vishakha lost the hope on her….

    even i can’t feel her love against Sameer and as she is taking sameer for granted….in all accasions .
    I really feel that Randeep’s acting is more matured and very well portrayed in the serial and Naina is left behind…..

    I really feel the deep love of sameer when he disclose his relationship with Naina to Vishakha but Naina fail to do it.Even Sameer is much worried to know to result compared to Naina( i feel she seems to be happy compared to sameer). I am not shocked to hear the Vishakha’s decision since naina’s response ( over confident and acting) make her to take such step against their relationship.It never hurts me and i want Naina to know this result and she should start realize her fault.

    Initially i feel that Naina was nervous so she was not in position to answer her well but even after she gained the confident and start communicating with Vishakha,it went total flop…………….not went well as excepted even i have hope with Naina like Sameer which ruined the entire episode……

    feel like most excepted movie make a great flop……………………

    1. i i think here you cant compare Sameer saying about Naina to his mom to Naina saying about how much she loves Sameer to his mom, theres a clear difference,Naina and Vishaka is meeting for the 1st time to Vishaka ,how can she open up so much,thats not possible thats not possible still , she did say a multiple times,

      1. I agreed with you, Swetaji. Lots of people is comparing the meetings between Sameer – Chachaji / Naina – Vishakha. There are lots of differences between these meeting. Firstly, Sameer knows Chacha before. Secondly about the situation when Sameer met Chacha. It was the period when Naina refused the love proposal from Sameer for the sake of her families happiness. He was in an angry mood & the next day when Chachaji requires to meet Sameer, he was in a full swag mood to reply Chacha for any questions.

        However, in Naina’s case, her meeting with Visaka was the first one. She doesn’t knows anything about Visakhas nature. It was obvious for a girl to be nervous to meet her future mother -in – law first time without knowledge of her family. If we recall before the meeting, Sameer told her just to convince her mother that she loves Sameer a lot. May be, this is the reason that in a nervous mode, she just remember that thing only & concentrate her answers to be her confession about love with Sameer. I agreed that some of her answers are questionable for a mother who may think after marriage, Naina may control her son likewise..

        Meanwhile, I believe that Vishakha was unwillingly ready to meet Naina & that’s why she asked such type of tricky questions which I think neither a girl expected from her boyfriend’s mother.

  6. Excepting to hear from Deb and Ashu………………………

  7. I used to admire Naina’s character in school time but I don’t know what’s wrong with this days.
    I don’t like the way she speek to Sameer when sameer wanted to buy oil for muscles she said tuje muscle ki nahi akkal ki jarurat hai. Very irrespectful language. All I can say she became proud, she thinks sameer family is not important for since her chachaji said yes. I am getting irritated from her character.

    1. I don’t think that it is wrong to talk like that if you see that your loved one is willing to buy such type of oil for just strengthen his muscle. Anyone can tell to use your brain for any betterness inspite of believing such type of materials.

  8. May be makers had shown this meeting like this to make Naina realized that the love is about two individuals it cant be one sided and she cant ignore Sameer’s side. He also has family , Naina thinks that Sameer will do anything to be with her but Vishakha might be doing all this to make Naina understand that Sameer is also important which is not wrong as a mother.

    1. Really when did Naina say or mean Sameer can do any thing for her,and she took him for granted , except for break up phase ,she regretted it ,yes leace that a side post coming together,she has every time told Sameer he has been her strength,and she is able to stay strong only because of Sameer

  9. exactly P even i feel that Naina cannot take sameer for granted and makers definitely need to work on her characterization. Whenever i watched the Prior episodes especially School days i felt that there is much difference between School Naina and GS College Naina( she doesnot have any feelings for anyone) she was portrayed as selfish girl nowdays……

    sometimes i feel that Swati feelings are very true and just because of Naina they depart from each other and Naina always play with others feelings….

    Munna and Pandit are the real good friends and have unconditional love for sameer than Naina…..

    Even Naina doesnot have a true feel for Preethi…..too

  10. ok what did she do to be labelled as selfish,that even swati in everyone’s eyes is good but not Nina,means did Nina backstab any one ,or did she cheat any one or when did she take Sameer for granted except the break up phase as all are complaning post school phase she has become arrogant

    1. I also not able to understand that why everyone is telling that Naina is selfish girl or backstabbing person.

  11. Hi everyone, Thank you Devi for a mention of my name.
    Naina’s character has been dumbed down by the makers. Why? I have no idea. I did not watch the serial. I came online just to comment. The track is not of my liking. So I shall go back to it, if and when I read your favourable comments. Right now the negativity of Vishaka is irking me. There are better ways to show your dislike. Naina, should be portrayed as her usual naive person rather than cryptic vague answers she gave as per your comments.
    So guys, its the script writers and their dialogue which needs improvement. Actors role is to act those dialogue. I give up on this serial, just when it seems to do well they bring about a change to make people lose their interest. Keep commenting guys. I regularly read your comments inspite of busyness in our lives.
    Devi and Ashu great writing. Did not see comments from our usual commentators . Good to RV, Sunshine and Devi. You guys are doing an excellent job. Take care, till we see something postive.

  12. Thanks Deb. Yes I want to see something positive. This is the only serial I watch. And now that it’s finally coming on time, I wait for this serial. Hope things go sweet. I know they will, but it’s just that such a big memory didn’t turn out to be sweet for Naina or vishakha.

  13. No Sweta. None of us mean Naina is selfish in a bad way. It’s just that she’s taking everyone for granted. Especially her naina agarwal ne haarna nahi seeka. While to be honest, she’s not putting in much effort into college these days. For elections, Sameer helped her for posters, lost votes. For dandiya night, Sameer helped her. If you see that way, she’s become much more successful only after Sameer came into her life. Yet she feels she’s always been perfect and a winne

    1. Tthats the thing elections are not done single handedly ,its always in goup or campaigns are done ,even in real elections not the person who is contestng the elections,does the posters or campaiigning ,only the speech and agenda’s are done by the actual person ,which she has done herself.

      1. Yes. Then why does she go on telling Naina Agarwal ne kabhi haarna nahi seekha? What did she do about the fresher’s?she gave up immediately. And with that little preparation she wanted to win. It’s okay, she doesn’t have to be the best way be everything. As people we are flawed, why not accepted that? Shes obsessed with winning. She was someone who’d give her best but be prepared for the worst. And what did she do for the dandiya? Sameer organized it all. She just got ready and came and blamed Sameer that he got them locekd. She behaves like she’s so professional, no hug or kissing or talking in college, what had happened to her when she was giving speech to welcome Kumar Sanu? It was so awkward, not at all relevant. Where did her professionalism go here?

        Sweta, we all love Naina. We love Sameer. We love yudkbh. Certain tracks were amazing. Like the lost votes, like Sameer saving Naina’s honour, the friends plan to trap kartik. But the answers Naina gave today, they were stupid. She’s so obsessed with winning. Now vishaka asked her what would she have done had Sameer rejected her. What did she say? She’d do something to make sure he accepts her. Is that what someone should say? I’m sorry but that’s obsessive stalker behavior.

        And how confidently she told off that she told chahchaji about the relationship. Did she add the story? As if she was so courageous to go and tell him on his face that she loves Sameer. She kept Sameer on hold till chahchaji said yes.

        And don’t get me started on the jumping off the building when Munna objectted to their patch up. That’s just blackmail.

        What im not likign about Naina is that she has double standards. She want’s to win everything. She wants to romance when she wants, but when Sameer wants, she acts like police. She breaking up is right, but when Sameer broke up, she did everything to get him back. Isn’t this one sided?

        I loved her character in school. Now idk what’s happening to her.

  14. Hi everyone…
    I watched yesterday’s episode now due to busy schedule…And after watching I immediately came here to comment about and feeling really happy to see a flood of comments…keep it up guys…
    And thanks Devi and Deb for appreciating my comments… Sunshine..good going…👍👍
    About the episode…
    Seriously I was very eager to see what will happen during Naina-Vishakha meeting…But feeling really disappointed..😣…It was not like we all expected…
    Vishakha’s behavior-It was more like a rapid fire game by her…She knew that Naina is very nervous still she was firing such serious questions on her…Taken into account that she is worried for her son’s future…she can be forgiven for her behavior…She is not so cool like Nanu…And I think she didn’t like that people consider Naina better than Sameer in terms of intelligence (as happened in market)
    Coming to Naina…After such serious rapid fire questions by Vishakha we expected that Naina will use her smartness( for which she is always praised for) but it was just opposite…She was looking really dumb…😑…I can’t understand what character Makers want to potray through Naina??? Actually Naina can’t be called Selfish but yes she is overconfident…
    She also cares for Sameer but family comes first in her preference list and then Sameer…In contrast for Sameer it is only and only Naina-From first till last…And I have no doubt that even if Vishakha denies from their relationship he will rather go against his Mom than breaking up with Naina…
    And where was Satya ki Devi Naina yesterday?? She lied two times…
    First didn’t tell Vishakha that she has come to meet Sameer earlier there…
    And second was more disappointing one…When did she told about Sameer to Chachaji?It was Sameer who told Chachaji about their relationship…😏(May be she was not aware of the college confrontation of Sameer-Chachaji… it’s ok but when Chachaji invited Sameer to meet him at Temple it was first Sameer to tell him that they love each other and then finally Naina spoke…)
    There are many things to be still opened for Vishakha…
    Hoping for good things in future 🤞

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