Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeti – the perfect DIL

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer thanks the girl for her support during the act. She also talks nicely to him. Rakesh interrupts their convo and holds his hand. Sameer tells him not to think he will hold his hand all the time. He takes leave from the girl. Aditya collides with Sameer on his way to the class. He tries to hide it that he is also a student here but a guy tells Aditya they will meet tomorrow. Sameer looks on curiously.

Sameer confronts Aditya on his way out. Is this why you told me not to join these classes? Aditya replies that he wants to become an actor though but Baba wont understand my dream. I have to hide it till the time something materialises. Sameer recalls Naina’s words. Aditya requests him not to tell anything to Baba. Gopal asks Sameer if he became an actor. Sameer says there is still time. Gopal tells him that this isn’t the right line. He asks his son to focus on working hard. You should get salary in your account by the end of the month. Sameer asks him to tell this to his son. He covers up saying that life only gives one chance to people. It never tries to hold your hand to offer you a second chance. Gopal says I did my bit. He leaves. Sameer assures Aditya that his secret is safe with him. Aditya shakes hands with him.

Voiceover – Sameer:
First step is very important in life. We don’t realise when or how we take the first step of friendship. That moment when Aditya addressed me as “Yaar” became that special moment. It reminded me of Munna and Pundit. It wasn’t based on lie but secret. This is the true meaning of friendship where all the halves come together.

Vanita’s words echo in Naina’s head. She tries to distract herself but in vain. Rakesh walks in saying Sameer is a liar and shameless. Naina asks him what Sameer did now. Rakesh says he made me flee from there. I wonder how to tell you. He has turned shameless! He was holding a girl in the acting class. This line is very weird! Naina is again thinking of Vanita. Rakesh says greed walks up to you here. You too would have felt the same if you were there. The girls are also very bold here. Hope we dint take any wrong step! Naina asks him to freshen up. I will think about it.

Voiceover – Naina:
I laugh at it when I think of it today! I came to Mumbai thinking I will have to leave behind my jealousy towards Sameer but I dint know that Papa will be two steps ahead of me. I kept teasing Sameer for years saying that Papa loves him more than me.

Preeti asks her MIL to have food. I know you are upset with me but don’t be upset with food. Shubham asks Preeti to give him this food in lunch tomorrow. He requests his mother to eat but she asks him to drop her to Pune. Preeti says I only asked you. I wont do it as you said no. Nirmala ji says it must be still stuck in your heart. Preeti politely declines. Nirmala ji does not buy it but Preeti reasons that even her mother used to say no to her over many things but my love was constant for her. You are also like MIL. I will always love and respect you. Don’t be upset. The house becomes quiet when you become silent. Shubham and his sister smile and try to convince their mother. Preeti tells her MIL that she made her favourite food. Nirmala ji ends up smiling.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The DIL’s back then used to follow the words of their families whereas the DIL’s today do as they please and their families accept it open heartedly. 1990’s was a time of change. It was taking time though. Preeti had to wait patiently. She dint let either the peace of the house or her dream break though!

Naina and Sameer are eating food quietly. Nayak Nahi Khalnayak Hoon Main plays in the background. Rakesh murmurs that they cannot trust anyone these days. Rakesh and Sameer hand over the utensils to each other silently. Rakesh is still irked with what happened today.

Shubham comes to kitchen to talk to Preeti. I know you aren’t happy as your wish dint come true. She tells him she isn’t hurt but he knows she is lying. My economics isn’t working. Don’t be sad. Preeti explains that she is happy as everyone else is happy. He is sad to see her dream breaking. She replies that they have to step back for others sometime. I will fulfil it if I get another chance. Shubham gives her a gift – chocolate. Preeti is glad to know that he bought chocolate especially for her. She hugs him. He shares that Mr. Patel gave it as it was his son’s birthday. Preeti offers to share but he tells her he got two. She hugs him sweetly.

Voiceover – Naina:
All the problems solve if you are sweet in your approach. Chocolate added up to this relation here. It was also showing an effect on me and Sameer.

Sameer throws something angrily. Naina and Sameer argue with each other. He is unhappy with the way Rakesh reacted. I wont go to the class if you have so much problem with it! She opens a chocolate. She feeds him a peace as he tries to say something again. You will never again say that you give up. You will always say that you will do it for the one you love. He says she doubts me. She asks him who said so. I trust you completely which is why I came all the way to Mumbai with you! This line is like this. One has to keep a check on their heart. Don’t think that I will ever doubt you! I only want you to succeed. He hugs her. It has relieved me immensely. I was so disturbed seeing you earlier. She says it is because you have a small heart. You got so jealous the day you saw Kartik hugging me? He tells her not to remind him of that day. You have a big heart which is why I love you. They chase each other sweetly around the room and share a big, warm hug. They hear Rakesh coughing. Sameer goes to tackle him. Naina tries to stop him but in vain.

Rakesh is coughing in his sleep. Sameer switches on the lights and calls Munna. He speaks to him loudly on the phone. I performed a romantic scene with a beautiful girl in the class today! I cannot believe it! Sir said there will be a kissing scene in the next class. Rakesh almost spits. Naina thinks he is talking too much now. Sameer speaks of suhaagraat scenes and more. Rakesh asks him to pack his bags and head home. he takes the phone and starts reprimanding Munna when Sameer shares that he dint call anyone. I was telling you that what we see isn’t always true. He brings Naina there. She tells Rakesh that their relation will never break. We will always be together. Sameer reassures Rakesh that he wont ever break the relation which his daughter has built with so much love. We were, are and will always be together! He goes inside. Naina also nods at his father.

Precap: Naina asks her Papa not to leave. He says I wont go without answering Sameer. I will slap him first and then go.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. why they have changed the characteristic of Naina and Preeti , in school days Naina was shown as responsible girl and Preeti was Bindas types, now they are showing Preeti more responsible.

    Marriage ka reverse impact 🙂 🙂

  2. Bas ab yahi hona Baki Tha. Now it will really interesting that how will Sameer convince and apologize to Rakesh.

  3. Today’s episode was really awesome. Loved the way Preeti tried to pacify her MIL and first time I liked Shubham cuz he was consoling his wife ?. Rakesh’s anger was justified even today people react same way like he did by watching how acting class works. Naina is really supporting wife that she is not showing her fear to Sameer by looking at Rakesh’s reaction. Next episode is scaring don’t know what had happened that Rakesh is so angry and want to slap Sameer ?? .

    1. @vidha gadkari uncle will bring a psychiatrist for rakesh sir, rakesh sir will come to know that sameer had made him mental in front of society , that is why he wanted to slap Sameer ,i have seen on YouTube channel ,

      and sameer would be having vada pav with his new friend aditya

      here is the link

      you will get your answer here

      and here is video link that shows that sameer and naina are taking care of rakesh sir because unke pair main chot lag gyi hai

      and unke ghar mai chat se pani tapak rha hai and naina ko purane ghar ki yaad aa rhi hai

  4. episode was really nice and funny , dining scene between Sameer and naina and rakesh sir was hilarious , romantic scenes between naina and sameer are also cute , i have a theory for tomorrow episode ,gadkari uncle will bring home a psychiatrist to treat rakesh sir brain locha , i think rakesh sir will come to know that sameer had made him mental case in front of society , that is why he says Sameer ko thappad mar ke jaunga ,

    and sameer will have a vada pav with chilli with his new friend aditya

    love to see preeti and shubham cute moments as well

    let see if my prediction goes correct

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