Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pundit comes to Mumbai

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina and Sameer do each other’s facial. He poses cutely for her as she clicks his photo. He applies some of it on her face too and she chases him cutely for revenge.

Rakesh says youngsters don’t have patience. I could hear my Principal scolding me in school. Sameer says Bakshi was scolding her for no reason. Rakesh does not mind. Naina says I dint leave the job in a huff. I had realised that Bakshi wont let me progress. He would sell m stories as his own. I have understood that I can sell my own stories on my own. I will share it with famous writers. Rakesh asks her how it will help. She reasons that she will earn money if her story is accepted. Sameer is excited thinking of the prospects.

Voiceover – Naina:
Mumbai was a dream for so many people and I was dreaming to become a writer! There were so many producers who were open to new scripts. I had seen one such name in a list and it was like shooting an arrow in the dark to contact her! I did it with faith. You will soon know who it was!

Aruna Irani serves stale food to her writers. They complain but she reasons that the food items are just like their idea. Come back with something good or don’t come again! They leave. Naina calls Aruna ji. Naina goes quiet realising it is indeed Aruna ji and does not believe her. Aruna ji cajoles her to speak. Naina requests her to make her talk to Aruna ji. Aruna ji pretends to pass on the phone to herself and modulates her tone. Naina gets super excited to hear her voice. I am your very big fan. I have seen your every movie! Aruna ji asks her to come to the point. Naina shares that she is a writer. I have to tell you a story. Aruna ji asks her if she likes chipa, samosas and cold drinks. Naina agrees. Aruna ji says I will give phone to my Secretary who will guide you further. She talks to her as Geeta (her pretended secretary) and invites her over to her office day after tomorrow at 5 pm. She ends the call. I wonder what she will do now. Everyone thinks they are storywriter. They should actually come up with something!

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is unbelievable right? Such a thing cannot happen nowadays! Back then there were few managers and even fewer secretaries. It was much simpler back then.

Naina and Preeti run towards each other. They are equally excited to share good news with each other. Vanita decides that Anita will go first. Naina tells them about her phone call and meeting with Aruna ji. Sejal offers to accompany her. They sing her song and groove. Vanita reminds them that they are in the middle of their society. It is Preeti’s turn. She shares that there is an old acquaintance of the family and they are discussing Tanvi’s alliance with the family. It is Pundit. Naina gets excited. Preeti tells her that she found out that Pundit is also looking for a bride so I proposed his name.

Rakesh is talking to someone about Pundit. Sameer overhears him. He isn’t a dumb guy. He has opened the first supermarket in Ahmedabad! Naina also seconds Sameer. Rakesh says I cannot believe that such a fool has progressed so much. Naina peps up Sameer. Your best friend is coming. He rues that their house is very small. She assures him it wont be like that. He asks her if she wrote a story for Aruna ji. She tells him that they will write it together like they did during his audition. He smiles. She tells him to smile like this always. They share a hug.

Naina and Sameer spend the entire night preparing a story for Aruna ji. There are papers scattered all over the room. They fall asleep while brainstorming.

Next morning, Pundit comes to Naina’s society with Sameer. Preeti shouts at him from upstairs. Dance once the alliance is fixed! Pundit agrees. I am dancing because I met my best friend. I will celebrate the alliance! Naina asks him to come up. Pundit asks Sameer for the ladder. Do you remember how we used to climb up the ladder earlier so you could meet Bhabhi ji? Naina teases him by taking Rakesh’s name. He tells her not to scare him. She asks him to come upstairs. He agrees.

Shubham asks Preeti if she is sure Pundit is the right guy for Tanvi. Preeti says you haven’t seen anything yet. Pundit used to make the entire Ahmedabad to his tunes. Shubham thinks Pundit might agree to marry Tanvi. Preeti also speaks positively about it. Tanvi comes there wearing a mask but Preeti tells her to remove it.

Pundit dances in Naina’s house as well and asks Naina for tea. She goes to make it. Sameer and Pundit catch up on old times. Pundit asks about Rakesh. Is he still troubling you? Rakesh says I am still here. Pundit asks him

Voiceover – Naina:
Old shoe, paper boats, etc. are the things that remind us of a childhood but what can be better than an old friend? Munna dint come but it was enough that one of our friend was here! He brought our fun side back again.

Nirmala ji is so excited that she wants to do the Roka today itself. We will also get Tanvi married within 3-4 months. Shubham speaks of economics but his mother isn’t bothered about the expenditure. I will spend no less than 10 lacs. He panics. Preeti requests her MIL to speak slowly or Shubham’s economics will go for a toss. Everyone smiles. Gauri brings Gujarati sweets for Munna. I have put Sejal to work. She shows a necklace for Tanvi. Nirmala ji is touched. She gives credit to Preeti for the alliance. I want Preeti to ready Tanvi and look after her every need. Preeti nods. Tanvi looks tensed. Preeti tells her not to be worried. Pundit will keep you really happy. I guarantee you. Tanvi nods but is still worried. Preeti notices it too.

Pundit gives gifts to Rakesh, Naina and Sameer. He teases Rakesh saying that he brought a Safari Suit for him but it turns out to be a tshirt. He laughs. Rakesh tells him to grow up. We have taken your guarantee. When will your parents come? Pundit says they will come later on to discuss about dowry. Rakesh says it wont work till the time I am here. I wont spare you otherwise! Pundit replies that he refused to demand anything. I told him they are welcome to stay in Ahmedabad. Rakesh asks them how the wedding can happen without parents. Sameer reminds him that Pundit and Munna had arranged their wedding. Now we will arrange his wedding.

Precap: Pundit is mesmerised seeing Tanvi. His hand shakes while sipping tea. Pundit and Tanvi have come downstairs for a chat. Naina and Sameer play Taiyyab Alli song loudly for them to freak them out. Tanvi and Pundit look around in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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