Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer seeks help from School Principal

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer comes downstairs with his friends. They make him sit for his mehendi ceremony. Vishakha stops the mehendi girls from applying mehendi and offers to do it herself. Munna sits down to do it but she does not let him. Sameer tries to say something but she tells him to be quiet or she will beat him. Munna teases Sameer. Vishakha asks someone to play the music. It is my son’s mehendi after all. Le Jayenge Dilwale Dulhaniya Song plays in the background as Vishakha applies mehendi on Sameer’s hand. She shares that he loved getting henna on his hands in childhood. You used to say that you will get henna on your hands in every single wedding that you will go to. Your Nanu used to tell you to marry early so he can see it too. They get emotional. Sameer apologizes to her. You came to the wedding even after whatever happened. The wedding would have been incomplete without you. He requests her to write N in Hindi. She does as told. Times may change and the society will also change but some chapters of life will always be incomplete without your parents. Mami ji and Mama ji look on unhappily. Sameer replies that Naina’s chapter is also incomplete. Rakesh Sir isn’t coming to the wedding. Naina’s Chacha ji has broken his ties with Tau ji and Tai ji. Naina’s Chacha ji loves me just like Nanu. He will be sad not seeing his brother in the wedding. I will feel equally bad seeing him sad in the wedding as much as Naina will. It was my mistake to get “Late” printed in front of Rakesh Sir’s name. Vishakha laughs a little. Shall I give you an idea to call him in the sangeet? He nods happily. She tells him the idea (in mute). A mother has to also know about the house where her son is getting married. Sameer smiles.

Kamya and Rinki dance on Didi tera dewar deewana song. All the guests are having a ball seeing their performance. Other girls join them too.

Voiceover – Naina:
Mehendi happened nicely. We were waiting for the sangeet ceremony which was due in the evening. I was still hopeful about Papa coming to the function.

Vishakha asks Sameer how the mehendi is. He calls it perfect.

Sameer calls his School’s Principal. Principal Sir says a shayari. Sameer asks for a gift from him. Principal Sir jokes that he hasn’t changed at all. Sameer corrects himself. I need a favour. Principal Sir gets confused.

Guests ask Beena why Anand hasn’t come to pick them till now. We are ready since half an hour. A few ladies watch them from downstairs and tell Beena ji to give in. Let’s go to the wedding together. Beena ji stays put. They see a car coming downstairs. Beena ji gets hopeful thinking that Anand will be inside but it turns out to be false. The neighbours leave in the car. Other guests are curious to go too. We have kept the shagun ready. Beena taunts them on saving some cash. She makes an angry face and heads inside.

Sameer requests Principal Sir to try once. Principal Sir heads towards the stairs but then backs off out of fear. Sameer tells him to atleast try once. You are Principal Sir after all. Principal Sir turns back in fear yet again but Sameer requests him to try once for his best student (Naina). He even touches his feet and folds his hands before him. Principal Sir heads upstairs.

Preeti is getting ready. Pooja asks about her sandals. Preeti tells her. Phula Bua reprimands the relatives to hurry up. Rinki asks her and Preeti how she is looking. They compliment her. Rinki goes to check on Naina. Bela helps everyone. Rinki announces that Naina is here. Naina steps forward wearing a lehenga (same dress that Madhuri had worn in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun). They compliment her. Bela puts a black teeka on her to save her from evil eyes. I understand your pain but we have to sometimes smile for no reason. You are looking dull without a smile. Naina smiles for her sake. Phula Bua asks Bela if Anand spoke to Rakesh. Is he coming? Bela looks sadly at Naina.

Naina and her family come to Sameer’s house. They look at the decor in awe. Munna and Pundit greet the bride and her family. They also touch Naina’s feet. Pundit gets mesmerised seeing Rinki. Preeti shares that she is her sister. Phula Bua asks about the family of the groom. Munna and Pundit share that they have shouldered every responsibility of the wedding. Sameer’s mother, Bobby, Mama ji and Mami ji join them just then. The atmosphere gets tensed. They greet Naina’s family with folded hands. Naina seeks their blessings. Anand congratulates them individually. Mama ji welcomes them sweetly. Bela introduces Phula Bua to them. Mami ji gets excited hearing that Phula Bua is from Mumbai. Mama ji interrupts her. We can leave something for later.

Voiceover – Naina:
Naina smiles recalling the lines of the song – Dekho Maine Dekha Hai Ye Ik Sapna, Phoolon Ke Sheher Mein Ho Ghar Apna. That day I could realise that Sameer dint use to just sing those songs. He meant it and made it happen that day!

Anand compliments the arrangements. Mama ji says it will be as your SIL has used our Kaku Sa’s money to good use. We used to be taught to earn first and then use money. Things have changed. Naina’s family gets quiet. Bela ask about Sameer. Mami ji taunts them indirectly that Sameer never does anything without asking or telling them. Bobby says he will come but where is Sameer’s FIL. Mama ji asks them about Rakesh as well. They are silent. It means Rakesh Sir wont come. Bobby nods. Seems like he isn’t over the bitterness yet. Mami ji says not everyone is like us. Let it be. Look at us. Do we feel upset? The only concern here is what if someone asks us about the father of the bride. What will we tell them? Bobby suggests deciding upon one reason. We will stay on the same page then. Mami ji laughs.

Precap: The Sangeet Ceremony is on in full swing. Principal Sir tells Sameer to thank him when Rakesh Sir will agree. Sameer is positive about it. They leave. Rakesh sees them together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. I think this lehenga is of Shaadi only. I don’t think it is not as good as her saari. Ones she will get fully ready she will look as adorable as on other looks. Just wait and watch.
    It can be of Tilak aslo but chances are really less as in our side Girls don’t take part in Tilak ceremony. In tilak only bridesmaids are there specially Bride’s father and brother. So it will interesting to watch Arjun taking part in function as he was not there even in Sangeet Videos so finger crossed.

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