Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer has a doubt on Swati

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer tells Pandit he has doubt on Swati. Pandit says that’s not possible. Other side, Sunaina introduces Swati to her gang saying she’s on their side now. Kartik says it’s good she finally opened her eyes. Pandit tells Sameer to talk to Munna, but Naina and other girls come there. Sameer recalls Naina saying there is nothing wrong in holding her hand. He grabs her hand under the table. Naina says she’s very hungry so he leaves her hand, but he feeds her samosa instead. Sunaina and gang provoke Swati against Naina and gang. They tell her to make sure Naina and her gang don’t find out she’s on Sunaina’s side now. They ask her to tell them what Naina plans, so they can always stay ahead of them.

Seniors call both gangs to know who is more

intelligent and capable between Naina and Sunaina. Seniors ask easy questions to Sunaina and difficult questions to Naina. Naina complains, but seniors ignore. Sameer asks them to be fair. After questions round, it’s task round. Seniors ask Sunaina to show them how to walk on ramp with her friend. Sunaina does it beautifully. Seniors then tell Naina her task is to make 3 level pyramid with her friends by standing on each other. Sameer was going to argue, but Naina stops him. Naina and her friends try to do the task, but they fall down. Seniors say Naina can’t handle her friends and is standing in election to take care of entire college. Sameer gets furious, but Munna and Pandit control him.

Female narrator says unintentionally seniors said the truth. Her friendship with Swati had shaken up. But she knew how to come back after falling even that time and in present time as well.

JBR gathers everyone to inform tomorrow Naina and Sunaina will tell students why they should vote for them. They will give 3 agendas that they will do after becoming GS. One agenda must be related to girls only. JBR also informs exams are postponed as papers are leaked. Students celebrate.

Rakesh comes home and asks for water saying he’s too tired. Taiji taunts that he came in car and still acting like came walking whole Ahmedabad. Phone rings, so Chachiji goes to pick up phone. Rakesh complains that he asked for water, but phone is more important than him. He asks Arjun to get it. It was Puja’s husband’s call. He tells Chachiji about Puja having a son. Everyone is very happy. They want to visit Puja, but no car is available. Taiji says they can go in Rakesh’s car. Rakesh says his car has broken down. Taiji asks why he is lying. She saw him taking car in morning only. If he can’t afford petrol, then why not just sell it. Rakesh says yes he sold it. Chachaji asks why he sold it. Rakesh says he needed money so sold it. Arjun recalls neighbor suggesting Rakesh to sell car to bribe cricket selectors.

Naina and her friends are thinking of agendas for tomorrow. Some students post Michael Jackson poster on wall. Sameer shows doing moon walk to everyone. Everyone is impressed. Munna says even he can do that. Kartik and his friends come and challenge Munna. Munna attempts it and they laugh saying when he doesn’t know English, he should not dance on English songs. Munna says it’s his parents fault, they sent him to Hindi school. Kamya’s friend also agrees that real impression comes by speaking English.

Male narrator says that incident gave him some idea which later turned out very interesting and entertaining.

Precap: Naina and Sameer are outside. Naina is sitting on a bench. Sameer proposes her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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