Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Dandiya night with a twist

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer, Munna and Pundit lie to Principal Ma’am that Mata Rani came in Munna’s dream. She was unhappy over the fact that Navratra function got cancelled this time. She was very angry. She will curse us. Principal Ma’am gulps down water. I don’t believe in all this. Sameer says Phoolchand also dint use to believe. She asks him about Phoolchand. They cook up a story wherein Phoolchand too dint use to believe in such stories. He passed away next day. Did you feed milk to Ganesha idol? She shakes her head. They insist that this is why things are going wrong. Naina is such a nice girl. She dint do anything wrong intentionally. Mata Rani made her do it. They cook up more such stories. Peon comes to tell Principal Ma’am that Mata Rani is crying. They all rush outside to see.


Ma’am is unable to understand as to how idol can cry. Munna, Pundit and Sameer keep giving lame excuses. Their friends second them. Sameer adds that science without religion is blind. JBR suggests holding another exercise. Let’s organize Navratri function in college. If Mata Rani stops crying then we will understand the logic. Naina smiles. Munna, Pundit and the peon request Principal Ma’am to say yes.

(Background – Naina):
Till today, no one could understand how the story of Ganesha idol drinking milk spread everywhere. Similarly, we too were smart in spreading rumours. No one can till date figure out how Mata Rani started crying suddenly. Finding out the truth was difficult than breaking any nuclear treaty!

Sameer asks everyone to go. He stops by to apologize / converse to Mata Rani. Naina stops to hear him. Sameer says I want Naina to win because she is right. Naina adds that Sameer did everything for her. I don’t know if he is right or wrong; if he will be punished or not. I request you to share the result equally with both of us. Forgive him please. I promise not to repeat such a lie ever again. Sameer looks at her sweetly. I cannot make this promise though. He smiles. Naina looks at him cutely.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for Principal Ma’am to step out. They debate over what would be her latest decision on the matter. Sameer is positive Mata Rani will hear their prayers.

Mami ji asks Poonam how the film was. Poonam shares that it was amazing. Devang ji took me to great restaurant. She yawns. Mami ji asks her if she hasn’t slept well. Poonam denies. we came late and were tired. We slept directly. She goes back to her room to sleep. Mami ji thinks of what to do to make her wish come true.

Priyam and Mitali are telling each other to keep their movie a secret when Kartik and Sunaina enter. Priyam and Mitali go quiet. Sunaina asks them if JBR was asking about them. Mitali is about to tell but then covers up saying that no one found out that you both went to see the movie. Kartik smiles. Did you click any pictures? Priyam and Mitali shake their heads. Kartik is sure they will get some chances soon.

Mama ji tells his wife that his share prices have rocketed. Mami ji keeps the cup angrily. He understands she is irked and asks her about it. Mama ji thinks she is angry as she hasn’t gone out for shopping since many days. Your mood will become better. She shares that she is upset with him for booking late evening show. They got so tired that they slept without doing anything. He is about to tell another idea but she already has a plan in her mind. There will be Dandiya functions everywhere due to Navratri. I will send them there. Mama ji loves her idea.

Munna and Pundit are playing dhols. Sunaina and her gang mock them. Seems like they are still in deep shock. They are disturbed by the tension of challenge. Sameer says we make people mad. Munna hands over his dhol to Kartik. He next happily announces that there is a twist in the drama. Enemy is going to be sad a-nd crib. GS Naina will tell the rest. He takes the dhol from Kartik. Naina announces that VJN will celebrate Dandiya this year too. Her friends start cheering for her. Sunaina and her friends are in disbelief. Naina and her friends do a happy dance around them. Sunaina walks away from there followed by her friends but Naina and her friends follow them.

Munna plays dhol near Kartik who scolds him for it. Principal Ma’am asks Munna about the commotion. Sunaina and Kartik question her on her decision. She reminds Kartik to mind his tone. Your relative might be trustee here but you cannot talk to me like this. Kartik says sorry to her. Principal Ma’am ends up saying that she does not wish to upset Mata Rani so they will hold the Dandiya function like every year. Kartik is confused while Naina and her friends smile. Kartik asks for details but she does not answer any further. We will still hold Dandiya function like every year. Girls will play Dandiya in music room while guys will play Dandiya on terrace. Everyone’s smile disappears.

(Background – Sameer):
Friends, enemies got united that day for Dandiya. Things would have been so different if students were chasing Principal for studies just the way they were following principal for Dandiya that day! I am sure every student of our college would have been at the top posts in our country today then.

Everyone is requesting Principal Ma’am to listen to them. Pundit taunts her to organize Jagran instead. She agrees but all students request her to not change the rule. Principal stays put. I am not taking any risk after what happened before MLA yesterday. Girls and boys cannot walk holding hands or closer anymore. Students switch their places (in girls and boys category). Principal tells everyone to remember this rule. You wont forget the punishment if I see any girl and boy together. They all give in. Everyone comes back to their original place as soon as she leaves. She returns so they go back to the previous positions. Principal tells Naina to make sure the rule is followed strictly.

(Background – Naina):
Rules were too much back in those days for lovers. There were a few places in college where lovers could still meet though. Principal cut everyone’s wings. Do you think the lovers of VJN could enjoy some time together or now?

Precap: Principal is dancing in her rom. Munna and Pundit are hiding behind the sofa and watching her. Naina and Sameer are also in a separate room. Sameer dances around her cutely.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. good episode, Finally prinicipal mam accepted for Dandiya with a condition…..
    Karthik and Sunaina team is always behind them for a photo
    letz wait and watch how SAMAINA overcome all this obstacles….. awating for next week episodes…..

    My prediction:

    i believe only after the Dandiya function, Naina will form the Girls Sport team then how Swati united with them…. and dance with Munna….
    or she will save them from the photo problem and unite with them or wat….. suspense…. good that Maker ….still in form….as before
    i also note that Prinicipal madam dance at her office and Samundit hide there and see what she is doing so they may request her to give permission for girls and boys dance to gether in dandiya….

    Sameer will present that pendant only after their music room romantic dance……

    Karthik team will somehow manage and take the Samaina’s picture….

  2. Akanksha Singh

    Really fond of this serial.
    I’m able to relive my childhood.
    But they’ve done a little goofup.
    Currently storyline is in 1993 and the incident of Ganpati drinking milk took place in 1995.
    Sometimes it does happen when we want to potray all the major incidents of history.

    1. I agree. I clearly remember that incident of ganpati bappa drinking milk happened in 1995 but at least they are showing correctly what happened in that period of time.

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