Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina resigns from her job

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Senior asks Bakshi to call the selected candidates but Naina points out that he missed seeing a few of them. Sharon reasons that Sir will only see the auditions which have been shortlisted by Bakshi Sir. Bakshi shows Sameer’s audition calling it a funny one. Naina says this one was taken for the role of protagonist. Bakshi says his acting is too funny. He seems like a side actor. His senior speaks otherwise. His looks and acting is quite good. I think he is suitable for the role of one of the friends of hero. Bakshi has no option but to shrug. I will finalise more options. The meeting is over. Everyone leaves. Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks her husband is star material. He is 0. You will double cross me for him? Naina glares at him. You dint show him Sameer’s audition intentionally! Why are you taking out your anger on him? Bakshi replies that Sameer’s acting is such that everyone was laughing on him. Keep this audition like a comedy film to entertain yourself. He walks away in a huff.

The ladies are walking in the garden. They are discussing about their family. Preeti also joins them. She shares that a family came to see Tanvi. They again complained about her complexion. Vanita says such things wont matter in future.

Voiceover – Naina:
Vanita had an insight for everything. She said something similar back then. Girls aren’t judged today the way they were judged back then! Today they have a whole sky to spread their wings!

Naina comes home with a heavy heart. She calls out to her Papa and Sameer. Hearing no response she thinks that Sameer isn’t home but Aditya, Rakesh and Sameer come there holding plates of food and cold drinks. They jump with Naina. She asks them why they are celebrating. Aditya says you will share good news about our audition. Rakesh asks her to tell them. Naina lies that it will be checked and analysed tonight. It does not happen overnight. Rakesh says I could check so many papers in a day. What to do about this food now? Aditya says we will eat and sits down next to him. Naina excuses herself. Sameer is certain Naina is hiding something from them.

Sameer refuses to eat without Naina. She tells him that she is tired. He asks her many times but she does not react / share much. He holds her sweetly. I dint get the role right? She tries to ignore his question but he makes her spill the truth. He tells her to write his script in future. They feed pastry to each other. Naina tells him that she is sure he will bag a role soon. He assures her that he will try his best always. Rest now. You spent the entire day in office! You don’t need to cook. She too promises to be by his side always. He tells her to focus on her job. Tum Kya Mile Jaan-e-jaan plays in the background as they share the pastry and some cute moments together.

Next morning, Naina comes to Bakshi’s cabin. He asks for notes of last meeting. She replies that she dint write any. He asks for the reason. She says you took the notepad as you cannot understand my Hindi. He taunts her on her tantrums. I guess you need an assistant. I can be your assistant. She apologizes to him but he tells her to focus on work instead of getting her husband here for audition! She offers to write it for him. He tells her to narrate it but she does not recall anything. He keeps taunting her over Sameer. She tells him not to bring Sameer between all this again and again. He asks her if he cannot use his name in the conversation when she can bring him here for audition! Your husband and your writing are worst! She walks out of his room wiping her tears. She meets Sameer in the corridor. He understands her pain well. Did Bakshi misbehave with you on the audition day as well? She tries to avert the topic but he wants to confront Bakshi right away. She tells him to focus on his dream or he might not get even one chance in the industry if anything goes wrong. He reasons that nothing is greater than her for him and takes her with him.

Bakshi is speaking to someone on phone. Sameer disconnects Bakshi’s call. Bakshi asks him to leave quietly or he will throw him out of office. Sameer tells him not to speak about dignity. You have to earn it. Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks Sameer will get the role by coming here. Remember it well that people like you need us and not vice versa! Naina replies that they don’t need his help. Sameer will get a role on the basis of his acting. Sameer says you think Naina does not write well. We can hold a competition right away where both Naina and you will write a story on the spot! It will prove who is right. Naina sits down to write. Sameer asks Bakshi if he is too stunned to react. Bakshi asks them what they want to prove. Sameer says to show that nothing matters. She asks Naina to write down everything that she thinks about Bakshi on the resignation paper. Naina writes that Bakshi takes advantage of his juniors. He asks for story ideas, calls it rubbishes, shows the junior down and then sells the story to his seniors calling it his own. I too want to grow but not by pulling anyone down! Bakshi glares at Sameer. Sameer gives him the letter. I don’t care if you don’t like my acting but we are glad that Naina isn’t working with someone like you! All the staff members have gathered outside Bakshi’s cabin Naina and Sameer turn to go when Bakshi threatens them. I know the entire industry. I will see who will give you work! Naina says we trust our talent more than your contacts. We will get work basis our hard work and talent.

Voiceover – Naina:
A small, brave step can pull you out of your problem if you trust yourself and do not want to lose your self respect. Sameer and I were feeling relaxed as we were no longer with Bakshi but there was something to worry about – how will we run the house now?

Staff members look at Naina and Sameer as they walk out of Bakshi’s cabin. Everyone claps for them. Naina and Sameer hold hands.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Our life may be going through a rough patch but we had decided not to give up at any cost!

Sameer dips Naina’s feet in hot water. She looks at him sweetly.

Precap: Naina spplies something on Sameer’s face and clicks his photo. He makes her sit down and leans closer sweetly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. bole to macha dia dono ne , so happy , naina asking kya ho rha hai was like she was in school accent ,tum kya mile jane jaan song was last played when sameer had come to naina house to see her for rista and naina bringing coffee , and serious drum role song was last played on when naina were filling college form and sees Sameer and runs behind him ,there is a auto about to hit naina and sameer saves naina , and one tone is associated with dadi introduction episode and one tone is associated with sameer during pooja didi shaadi aur holding kartik collar , sameer ne kya dialogue delivery di by God , awesome episode

  2. its becoming flimy and boring day by day.

    1. @megho what do you expect then ?? stop complaining, you must be proud it shows youth problems ,

  3. @tarun aap to sabko daat dete ho , please tell me your age

    1. @ashi i am of 25 yeast of age

    2. @ashi i am 25 years old

  4. I am the silent reader here daily I read the comments ,though I watch it on tv. I really I feel happy when someone complains and there comes Tarun to clear it . Really the episodes are good and the show is fantastic .Everything goes at it’s pace nothing to hurry. I enjoy this show a lot.

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