Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Tai ji sees Juhi and Arjun together

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela and Anand look after their guests. Naina brings a smile on Bela’s face and dances on Mai ni Mai song. Rinki plays guitar and all the guests swing to the tune. All the girls join Naina in the dance. Bela hugs her as the song comes to an end.

Mama ji asks his wife about the librarian. He isn’t coming tomorrow right? What’s his name? Mami tells him. Mama ji announces that Naina’s father Rakesh Agarwal wont come tomorrow or in any other function. It will make our functions better. Mami asks him how he knows it. Mama ji says I know everything. Nothing can be hidden from me. It wasn’t going to be hidden for too long anyways. Mami ji asks him how the wedding will happen when the father of the bride wont be available. Mama ji calls it better as there will be no fuss now. It isn’t a small thing. Father isn’t allowed in his own daughter’s wedding. Mami ji says I am sure Naina’s Chacha would have thought it wont matter if he comes or not. He will not be spending a penny in the wedding anyways. The guests laugh. Sameer and his friends feel bad. They resume the game. Sameer recalls his convo with Anand on phone.

A lady asks Bela why she called them here if they wanted to disrespect them. Bela apologizes to them. Anand offers to go and bring milk. They overhear the guests talking about the difference between a father and a Chacha. He would have scolded everyone but would have gotten everything arranged. Anand and Bela feel bad.

Voiceover – Naina:
People can forget small issues but the mehendi was due the next day. A father was very much important in his daughter’s wedding / mehendi back in those times!

Beena is having trouble looking after all the guests herself. Tau ji tells Arjun to take some mattresses upstairs. Let me know if you need more. Arjun nods and leaves. Beena complains to her husband about the hard work she has done in a day. Tau ji tells her that Anand will come very soon. The next function will happen in Sameer’s house. There will be questions. Guests would want to know why the father of the bride dint come. Anand will come sooner or later. Rakesh is in our hands. He wont budge.

Sameer calls on the landline. Bela picks the call. She recalls her convo with Vishakha. The wedding is only 2 days away. You should not talk to each other till then. You have to adhere by the limits. Sameer is confused. Bela says I wont be able to explain anything to you after what your mother said. I am just telling you to not to talk on phone with Naina till the time you both get married. She ends the call as Phula Bua calls her. Sameer is confused. Munna and Pundit come upstairs looking for Sameer. Sameer is worried if Rakesh ji will come tomorrow or not. His friends reason that Rakesh ji is very stubborn. No one can make him understand.

Juhi wishes Happy Birthday to Arjun at midnight and asks him to cut the cake. It is a tradition in foreign. He tells her it does not happen in Ahmedabad but she tells him that entire India will start this tradition very soon. Beena was passing by and stops to look at them. Arjun asks Juhi who told him about his birthday. She points at his ID in her hand. They get busy talking. Beena makes a shocked face.

Voiceover – Naina:
Weddings bring tensions and romance too. My wedding brought lots of tension and a romance was also budding. Nowadays the guests stay outside while in those days the guests used to stay together in one big house or your house. The situation was worth a watch!

Guests are complaining / requesting for something or other every now and then. Mehendi girl asks Naina if she should write Sameer in Hindi or English. Rinki jokes that he looks just like Salman Khan. Write that. Naina declines. Preeti and Naina discuss about it cutely. Preeti concludes that she will get Salman Khan written on her hand. You write Sameer. Naina asks her what Sameer will like. Preeti suggests calling Sameer. Naina points out that the phone is far from where she is sitting. Preeti offers to call Sameer and ask him. I will then tell you loudly. Naina replies that everyone will know this way. Preeti understands her point. Naina tells her an idea in her ear. Preeti teases her on her idea. Only a love struck girl can think of it.

Sameer says a hello to Naina filled with love. Preeti passes on the message to Pooja who passes it onto Swati. It goes further from Swati, Rinki and Kamya to Naina. Sameer next says I love you to her. Preeti cutely says I love you too to him. He reminds her to pass it to Naina. Preeti sweetly does so. Sameer’s next message – Sameer wants a! Naina passes on her reply to him – do you want a slap? Preeti asks Sameer what he is asking for. He tells her to ask her sister.

Voiceover – Naina:
I believe mobile phones shouldn’t have existed today or this exchange would have never happened.

Naina asks her question through her friends – should she write S in Hindi or English. Sameer chooses S in Hindi. The design chosen by Sameer is a heart wherein S needs to be written.

Voiceover – Naina:
Everyone asks Salman Khan only one question today – when he will marry! If I had gotten the mehendi of his name that day then I would have been the first girl to get it done.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was also no less than Salman Khan. Naina was bound to get a mehendi with the initial S only.

Precap: Kamya and Rinki dance on Didi tera dewar deewana song.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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