Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina sees Sameer in market, Tai ji gets furious

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer seeing Naina in the market drinking his mangola which he kept there and thinks of Dadi’s words that whoever loves him dies. He walks away. His voiceover tells that he did a foolish act to go away from here. Shop owner comes there and gives her mangola, but she says she already drank it. Munna and Pandit buy clothes and think they will look like Akshay Kumar. Sameer collides with them, sees their face and hides before they could see him. They see girl there and asks her to be careful while walking. Naina comes there and asks what they are doing here. Munna and Pandit tell her that they bought clothes for themselves and will look like Akshay kumar. Munna says if I get Akshay’s role then what will happen to him. Pandit laughs. Sameer smiles. Naina says Tai ji is waiting for her. Mami and Bhabhi are seeing saree in the shop. Mami shows tantrums and asks shop keeper to show costly saree. Bela also comes there and likes a saree.. Mami taunts her. Bela says she needs cheap saree. Mami taunts her and buys costly saree.
Sameer goes to the shop. Naina thinks of Sameer and thinks he will look good in this color. She imagines him wearing the same shirt and dances with him. Sajan Sajan plays.

Preeti asks her to come inside. They check the dress. Naina says we can’t buy this. Preeti says it is backless dress and asks her to try it. She sends Naina to try it. Preeti goes to check other stuff. Naina wears backless top. Her voiceover tells that it was krantikari thing to wear backless top in that era. Naina calls Preeti and sees Sameer in the shop. Sameer also sees her. Naina smiles and gets teary eyes. She runs out of shop wearing backless top. Shop keeper thinks where is she going with the stolen top. Bela runs out of shop. Naina runs after Sameer, but he don’t stop. Many people there and sees her.

Tai ji shouts Naina, takes her home and slaps her hard. Bela asks her to leave her and says it is a mistake. Tai ji says it is a crime to walk with bareback and says you are also responsible. She says I asked you to keep an eye on girls and says people joked in the market. Preeti says it was my fault, I asked her to wear this. Tai ji says if she does such things then she will run away from home. Bela asks Tai ji to have water. Tai ji asks her to give her poison and says I was in that age too, but never did such things. Bela asks her to calm down and asks Naina to touch Tai ji’s feet and change her clothes. Tai ji stops her and says she wants Anand to come. She asks Naina why did she run out of shop, following whom? Bela scolds Naina and Preeti and says she will get simple clothes for them. Tai ji says no need and asks her to return the top worn by Naina. Door bell rings. Bela asks her to let her change her clothes. Taya ji asks her to open the door. Bela request Tai ji. Tai ji asks Naina to open the door.

Preeti brings scarf and covers her back. Naina opens the door. Taya ji and Anand come inside. They ask what happened, and sit to have water. Anand asks if anything happened? Tai ji says your niece got her respect ruined and was walking with half bare back. She asks Naina to show her back. Anand asks if this is right? Naina is silent. Taya ji says this is right. He asks about Rakesh. Bela asks him to forgive Naina. Naina promises that she will not do such mistake again and asks him not to tell Rakesh. Taya ji says don’t know what will happen after College reopens. Bela says she will not do anything. Taya ji asks her not to fly high and says he will get her married on her 18th birthday. Naina is sad and thinks why did Sameer run away seeing her. She recalls running behind him.

Munna and Pandit come to meet Sameer in his house, but Mami tells that Sameer stays in Delhi with Vishaka.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lokesh

    Okay okay.

  2. Ya, okay okay type episode. Full of drama ?.
    This mami’s character is bad or good.

  3. Guys, a new update. Finally naina will catch Sameer. Sameer will save naina from a auto rickshaw dashing her. Then he will tell the truth to mundit. Naina and Preethi will hear hiding behind a rickshaw. Now it’ll be interesting to see naina’s next move.

  4. Wow loved it samaina bottle romance was a treat to watch at least he saw her..naina’s dream sequence samundit collide and naina convo was very good idea think mundit help samaina back on track fingers crossed..can’t wait for samaina meet..and sam saving naina ???

  5. Episode was not bad…
    Mangola scene was so romantic? to see after long time… Naina’s Dream always fabulous….
    Feeling bad for Sameer… Y u do this??? Poor Naina…. Taiji-Full Drama…
    Precap- Finger Crossed? and I Am Sured,Mundit will help for Samaina’s Reunion…
    Waiting for Upcoming Episodes…

  6. Hi Tayiji character is fine bcz concern about the children especially female. That’s good .now a days freedom in …but in marriage ….parents are holding one thread….they have to note all background .family etc …..bcz children’s life…..

  7. Mami’s character ?she bought dresses for sameer in between she bought a dress for her also …Very strict with her bahu …..artificial……wait and watch
    Deb lokesh sai. San. and others enjoy the weekend……

  8. Episode was fine.
    The bottle romance and Naina’s dream was❤.
    I think that Taiji’s anger is justified. Also, now I’m having doubts about Mami ji’s character.
    I don’t think Samaina will reunite soon because in their latest interview during the scene where Sameer saves Naina, they kind of dropped a hint about the upcoming story

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