Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina saves the day

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sejal asks Vanita why she ended the dinner. Shubham says he still had to eat food worth Rs. 5 more. Vanita asks Rakesh, Nirmala ji and Preeti about Sameer and Naina but no one has any clue about them. Vanita plays her responsibility card. I am the secretary after all. Everyone is here except them! Gopal says they must have gone home. Vanita denies. I checked at home but it is locked. They went outside. Rakesh questions her how she is so sure. Vanita says guard saw them leaving. Everyone asks her what she wants. She insists that everyone should know the truth. Maan reasons that everyone is free to do as they please. Vanita says I don’t have a problem with that. I only want to know the truth. Rakesh says one must trust people some day. You cannot doubt everyone all the time! Vanita asks him to prove it to her tonight to win her trust. They step outside to find Sameer and Naina. Gopal coughs because of cigarette’s smell. Jatin hides next to a random guy sleeping there. Aditya shoos his friends away.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Vanita marched with her parade. The scene was filmy. Hero and heroine were crazy in love but there were people who were chasing us all around! No one knew what this charade was all about yet we all had to save ourselves one way or the other! We lovebirds were simply clueless about what was going on around us! Time will tell what will happen to us.

The society members see Naina and Sameer together. They have parted from their hug sometime back but everyone looks down at them. Vanita gets a chance to taunt them yet again. Everyone else also taunts Rakesh for not raising his daughter well. Naina starts crying. She starts arguing with Sameer. Why did you come after me? The harder I try to hide my pain, the more you trouble me! What should I say now? Jatin tells her to speak clearly. Pain reduces when you share it with others. Vanita corrects that truth should be shared. She asks Naina to tell them the truth. Naina says even I missed my husband when I saw everyone with their spouses. Vanita points out that she was enjoying inside but Naina denies. I was trying to hide my pain inside. Haven’t you heard of the song – Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe ho? Sameer takes the cue. She called Ameer to tell him that she was missing him. Do you know what he said in reply? Naina says he told me to forget him. Rakesh also starts acting. I wont spare him! He hugs her while doing drama. Nirmala ji whispers that they are sending Sameer to acting classes in vain. Naina and Rakesh are enough to teach him acting. Preeti tells her to be quiet.

Vanita asks Naina why she had to come to this secluded place. Sameer points at the medicines on the floor. It is Rakesh’s medicines! Rakesh plays along. How did they come here? Sameer says they are your sleeping pills. Rakesh nods. Naina says I thought I will be able to live without Ameer but I don’t want to live. Preeti holds her. I am with you. Don’t say such things. Shivani takes their side too. Even the guard turns emotional. Gopal asks him why he came here. Guard lies that he was on secret (cigarette) mission. Jatin tells him to focus on Naina. Sejal also feels bad that Naina’s husband divorced her over a call. We are with you! Naina says I wanted my husband by my side. What will I do with you guys? Sameer says this is the reason why I chased her till here. Naina cries again. You should have let me die. I wouldn’t have been embarrassed in front of so many people otherwise! Gopal’s wife comforts her. We are with you. Gopal seconds his wife. He is unhappy with Vanita for doubting everyone. Nirmala ji, Jatin also support Naina. Gopal tells Naina it is a sin to commit suicide. You should have thought of your father before taking such a step! Naina apologizes to Rakesh. I will never think of something like this again. Please forgive me. Jatin advises her to talk to them before thinking of any such thing. We are like one big family. Preeti says everyone is with you in this hour of need. Rakesh, Naina and Sameer look at each other stealthily.

At home, Sameer tells Naina it was good that she could handle the situation today or we would have been thrown outside. Naina says I was scared too. Rakesh is irked with another lie adding up in their list. End this book of lies! He pens it down in his book. Remember this lie well.

Naina tells Sameer not to pay heed to Papa’s words. Sameer says he is right. It seems like a burden. It is difficult to live a life where everyone doubts you. She reminds him that they lied to their entire family earlier for their love. We dint feel bad back then. We are determined! He says it was a different thing back then. People look down on us here. She says we will face it together. We have to make sure no one gets hurt because of our lie. I don’t think we will have to lie again because of what happened. They smile sweetly at each other.

Voiceover – Naina:
We smiled in relief after so many days. We had a hope to fulfil our dreams. We thought no one could break it but you know how life is! We had a roof on our heads that day but tomorrow?

Next morning, Sameer hugs Naina from behind while she is cooking. She asks him why he is so happy. He says I am taking such a big step in life for the first time. It is my first day for acting class. I need sweet. She feeds him sweetened curd. Put your heart into it. He replies that his heart is right here. Rakesh reminds him that they have to go today only. They are surprised to find out that Rakesh will be accompanying Sameer to his class. Sameer is reluctant but Rakesh wants to see how they will utilise the money. Sameer insists he is not a kid but Rakesh reminds him that he is one for him.

Voiceover – Naina:
Relationships change over time. Sameer and Papa used to fight since long but their fights had changed over time.

Precap: Sameer is asked to become upfront if he has to learn acting. Rakesh closes his eyes seeing Sameer dance closely with a girl.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Really nice episode. I totally agree with Nirmala Ji that Sameer doesn’t require any acting classes Rakesh and Naina willtea h him well ????. The precap was quite real but I think it gonna create a scene between Sameer and Rakesh.
    Jatin and Aditya’s face were worth watching they were so scared I was expecting society members to catch jatin so that for some minutes Vanita could stay quiet die to her husband’s doing.

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