Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Bakshi presents Naina’s idea to the channel

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopal tells Rakesh he has only one dream now – to see his son turn into a big star! I want to see his name on the big screen. Aditya cries and hugs his Baba. Sameer is emotional too. Gopal calms his son. Will you save some for the public or not? Aditya smiles through his tears. Gopal asks him to come home. I have to read paper too. He goes. Aditya hugs Sameer and Rakesh one by one. Thank you, uncle. Rakesh blesses him. Aditya leaves. Sameer notices Rakesh walk away teary eyed.

Bakshi is telling Naina’s story to his senior on phone. Naina overhears him talking as she stands at the door.

Voiceover – Naina:
I had heard that people copy in exams but this cheating was something different. I was thinking that you meet tricky people in life sometimes and you have to become like them to handle them. I called Vanita as she was experienced.

Naina calls Vanita and tells her everything (in mute). He could have appreciated the idea in front of everyone but he is presenting this idea before the channel as his own. Vanita tells her to be glad thinking she has the quality of being a good writer. He has just stolen one idea. Your brain is still with you. You will write new stories. Naina smiles. Why dint I think like this? Vanita replies that it is because she does not have her brain. Naina suggests her to become a writer too but Vanita denies. I am a secretary and I am happy with it. They end the call. Naina is shocked to see Sameer there. She even avoids looking him in the eye. He shares that Gadkari uncle is taking Aditya home. She is worried that his audition might not happen if someone sees him with her. He tells her that he has already got the call. She gives him the script and gives him a seat. Bakshi tells Naina to develop her story idea further and pen it down. It wasn’t that good but you should develop it. She nods. Sameer complains about the numerous scripts she has handed him but she tells him to read all of them. Bakshi tells Naina to keep the script on his table by tomorrow and leaves. She agrees. Sameer asks Naina to come for a small celebration dinner. She tells him to go ahead. I will join you. He tells her to come soon and calls her Mrs. Maheshwari. Naina steps out of the office avoiding everyone’s eyes. Sameer follows her cutely.

Naina and Sameer come to a restaurant. She notices him counting his money with a tensed face. She finds out that he has Rs. 200 and checks her wallet too. She has Rs. 150. He smiles saying that it is enough. They place the order. She orders one roti saying that sharing strengthens the bond. Sameer smiles hearing it. They even eat from the same plate. They order one dessert. By now, the waiter repeats Naina’s dialogue himself. They all smile.

Next day, Aditya and Sameer are at Naina’s office for their audition. Naina meets Sameer. She tells him that no one here knows that they are husband and wife. They shouldn’t know or you wont be able to give audition! He shows her the script. It is different than what you had said. She edits it with his inputs. He says I cannot believe how you turned into a writer.

Voiceover – Naina:
In our story, there was a man behind the successful woman and a woman behind a successful man. We always stand by each other’s side strongly to help the other achieve what they want! That day we made a special, different kind of professional Jodi!

Naina gives the paper to Sameer. He asks her if she will come to wish her luck before the audition. She nods.

Naina gives the new script to her colleague to give to everyone. Sharon is handing Sameer his script. He tells her that he already has a good script. She tells him to take the script which is for everyone. We will decide which one is right / better. Bakshi questions Naina about the script. She shares that the given lines weren’t matching the main script. If we give the same lines to everyone then there will be no basis to judge them. Aditya and Sameer discuss Naina’s condition. Bakshi continues to reprimand Naina. Who did you ask before changing the script? Do you know the script better than me? She apologizes to him. I will give the old script to everyone. He does not want her to confuse them anymore. Just work with what you have. Sameer is about to go meet Naina when a girl asks him if he is ready for audition. He agrees. Naina wishes him luck mentally. He gives audition and then walks away. Aditya looks on.

Naina asks Sameer about his audition. He says how it will go. You dint wish me good luck. Maybe they dint like my acting. It was just an audition! She says it is important that you get the role. Sameer asks her how much time it will take. She shrugs. I will find out. Naina asks Sameer to go or someone might see them. He assures that no one here will find out that she is his wife. She says problems surface without saying or doing anything here. I don’t want anything to go wrong now. We will talk in evening. Bakshi has overheard everything. The girl taking auditions asks him about the auditions. He tells her something in mute.

Channel’s senior and entire team watches the auditions together. Naina waits with bated breath. Senior asks Bakshi if this is all. Bakshi nods but Naina points out that he missed seeing a few of them.

Precap: Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks her husband is star material. He is 0. You will double cross me for him? Naina glares at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. toofan aane se pehle ka warm up episode tha ye , awesome and wonderful

  2. This Bakshi is evil he removed Sameer’s clip because he is Naina’s husband like why? Arrogant kahi ka ?.
    Episode was okay okay now I know why Naina will quit her job and it’s a slap on that Bakshi’s face. Naina is talented and will become a great writer

    1. @vidha no 1 more episode to go before resigning ,i think it will come on Friday maybe or Monday and sameer will help naina resign from her post ,full mazza aane wala hai , Sameer ka school or college wala gussa dekhne ko milega here i am sharing you the video of resigning of naina

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