Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina hurts her feet

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer says when I came to Ahmedabad and went to school, I dint like Naina in the first glance. I thought we were no match. I was a rich, handsome guy from English Medium background and Naina was from an ordinary girl from Hindi Medium background. Naina looks at Sameer. He sits down. I thought Naina was no good for me but after a while I realised that I dint deserve her. Mami ji is confused. Bobby whispers that I told you (Vishakha) not to daydream. Sameer holds Naina’s hand and brings her forward. I started liking her slowly. I also started liking a lot other things. He walks up to Rakesh. I might be the first SIL who had been slapped by her FIL. Those slaps were no less than some laddoo’s when it comes to Naina. Your every slap taught me great lessons of life. I thank you for all those lessons. Naina’s family smiles whereas Sameer’s family makes face. Sameer tells Tai ji and Tau ji that they gave him his first nickname. Thank you so much for that Bholuram. They too look affected. Sameer tells Arjun that he never knew how to lose but after losing out to him in cricket, he learnt to enjoy that too. He tells Bela he never ate Tinde in his life but he started liking them after hearing Preeti and Naina complain about it. We are together somehow because of your Tinde. Bela pats at his head emotionally. Anand is also touched. Sameer says Naina and I haven’t united if it Preeti wasn’t there. Thank you so much for supporting us. Preeti smiles. Sameer tells Anand that he is Naina’s shadow. You never left her or my side. Thank you so much. Anand hugs him. Naina smiles through her tears.

Vishakha shakes her head unhappily. Bobby too seems uninterested. Sameer tells them that just like them he too found this Frooti like thandai today. I promise you all that I will always stay with Naina. Rakesh and Tau ji look on. Sameer holds Naina’s hand. I promise to love you till my last breath just as much as I love you today. Naina makes him wear the ring. It is Sameer’s turn now. Mami ji tells Vishakha it wont fit. I saw it and told you it wont! Sameer also recalls the incident. He makes her wear he ring and it fits perfectly. Everyone claps for the couple. Naina and Sameer smile. Munna and Pundit hug Sameer and start dancing. Sameer does thumbs up at Naina. His family is still not happy. Rakesh and Tau ji are still looking at the couple.

Sameer returns home with his family. Mama ji tells Sameer that he insulted them nicely today. I haven’t been insulted like this before! Bobby tells them to wait and watch what happens in the wedding. Mami ji says I was so embarrassed. I just wanted to disappear.

Naina’s family comes home. Tai ji says this was why we say that relations should be joined in a similar caste. They dint do any ritual. Anand assures her that they will do it in evening. They have given the ring to Naina. Rakesh asks them if they did some favour by giving that diamond ring to Naina.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Till that day, Bruce Lee was my favourite actor but I started hating even his name after that day. I started hating even his name since then. I still beat Pundit for his flop idea every time this topic pops up!

Voiceover – Naina:
I am sure not even Laila had to hear so much taunts for loving Majnu as many as Naina had heard that day but in the end we won the match by last six played by Sameer.

Mama ji does Sameer’s aarti. You gave such a big lecture in front of your in-laws. That wasn’t an engagement but a big satsang. You deserve an aarti. Vishakha says I dint know my son has grown up so much that he was only thanking the strangers and saying bad things to his own family. Bobby says we are strangers. He has not thanked us even once for doing all this for him. Mami ji jokes that he wouldn’t do so. He dint bring that Frootli after all. Sameer retorts that it was his idea.

Bela wards off evil eyes off Naina. Sameer was so nice. I was touched. Tau ji says people do get impressed with the speeches given by politicians. Rakesha and Tai ji complains about their number of guests. Tau ji says even 6 people will go from our side as they have been speaking of the numbers. Preeti asks about herself, Arjun, and Pooja.

Vishakha taunts Sameer for becoming middle class by staying with Naina. She hasn’t changed but you surely have! Sameer tells them to hang him then. He stomps inside his room. Bobby says we will be insulted in the evening again. Be prepared. Mama ji confidently tells them to wait for the evening function. We will see what will happen.

Anand hugs Preeti. Naina and preeti have been together since childhood. They are shadows of each other. Naina will feel incomplete without Preeti. Plus, Arjun is her brother. Tau ji tries to object when Bela offers to stay back. Please let Preeti go though. Tau ji allows only Preeti to go. Arjun and Pooja will stay at home with Preeti. Rakesh warns them to keep their hands off food. Tai ji is taken aback. Naina and Preeti hide their smile. Tau ji heads home. Tai ji asks Bela to cook something. We wont stay hungry. Bela nods.

Naina pulls Preeti in their room and swirls her. I am so excited! I cannot believe that I am engaged. She steps on the almirah to take out the sandals gifted by Sameer but ends up hurting herself. She does not let Preeti tell anyone. Preeti is concerned as she is unable to move. How will you wear the high heeled sandals? Naina insists upon wearing them. She picks the sandals. Preeti loves it. Naina shares that Sameer had gifted them to her for today. I will wear them in evening. He will be happy. Preeti teases her for taking care of Jija Ji’s choices so much. They share a hug.

It is evening. Sameer’s family welcomes their guests. Mami ji points at Sameer. I cannot understand him at all! He wore such a beautiful suit in that cheap morning function and wearing such an ordinary kurta pajama for our grand function! Vishakha remarks that this is Sameer’s problem. He does not know the difference between right and wrong.

Munna and Pundit point out that they must be talking about him.

Mama ji says he is looking so strange. Bobby says in the morning it looked as if a lotus was growing out of the mud and now it is mud is coming out of lotus.

Sameer asks his friends if the kurta pajama is looking weird. They boost him up saying that heroes look good even in underpants. They enter inside happily. Naina enters with her family. Mama ji tells Bobby that his special guests are here. Bobby agrees sarcastically. Naina touches everyone’s feet.

Mama ji asks baout the less number of guests. Rakesh retorts that it was their order after all. Vishakha sends them inside with the waiter as they are waiting for some special guests. Anand assures them that they will go inside on their own. Mama ji tells the waiter to look after Naina’s family especially her father really well. Naina and her family head inside. Naina is limping a little. Preeti asks her if she is fine. Naina nods. They look at the preps. Bela compliments the preps. Tai ji wonders if the preps are for engagement or if they are to insult them big time again.

Voiceover – Naina:
That day Papa, Tau ji and Tai ji were looking like some bombs. They could explode anytime. My eyes were only searching for Sameer. I was on cloud nine. I dint know that the higher you are, the bigger the hurt is when you fall!

Precap: Naina gives a small performance for Vishakha.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The beginning of today’s episode was epic!!☺️ Sameers speech made me teary. But I was a bit surprised when Nainas family said Arjun could not go to the 2nd ceremony, Naina had no expression or feeling. I know Arjun is new, but that is only the actor, the character is old and previously it was shown Her and her brother have a very strong bond, so I was expecting her to say something.

  2. see i told you sameer sub sambhal lega ,

    i have a doubt .if anyone would clear for me ,i will be more than thankfull ,
    how did heel sandal end up at top of the cupboard , if it was given to naina to wear in evening function , i understand makers want to make naina hurt her leg , but the logic didn’t work out ,

    mamaji and mamiji will make naina dance for the guests to show how beautiful naina dance ,

    it is clear from mamaji saying ,”wo to shaam ko hi pta chalega ”

    plus I want to mention one more thing
    i saw a video on YouTube channel ” saas bahu saazish ” which is run by ” Abp News ”
    that sameer will run short of money for marriage and new home for naina and him
    and seen standing in front of bank ,it is clear from sameer face that he has not sufficient balance in his account for marriage and new home

    sameer in frustration tear the check and goes with munna and pandit , chachaji is also in bank
    , meanwhile come outside he sees a teared check and naina too sees it

    1. Sameer gave her earlier may be ,they didn’t show it,he does gives her gifts

      1. i think you are right sweta ? lovely episode though, loved when sameer took side of naina ,so that she doesn’t feel humilated ?perfect husband

  3. Looks like Mamaji is the biggest devil in the show.. never imagined his down to earth type character would take such u-turn

    1. Right Bakwas Mama Ji’s character has taken a drastic change. Today’s episode was really nice and when Sameer’s voiceover was saying that “Aaj bhi pundit mujhse maar khata h frootili ka sada hua idea Dene ke liye” ??.
      Same here Memi Naina should have reacted a bit as Arjun was not coming on second ceremony but her reaction was only there for Preeti. Sameer was looking so good in the kurta pajma and it was looking good with the green saree and according to me suit would not been complimented it so well. Somewhere I felt that maybe Vishakha is melting slowly slowly and if it is happening then it should happen as soon as possible.
      Tarun I have watched that update and it seems like maybe Bobby & mama ji has challenged Sameer to do wedding and buy a new house for him and Naina on his own without anyone else. That’s why he was outside bank. And if it is like that then it’s both bad as well as good.
      ~ Good because then he may understand that engagement is done and now he should wait for wedding. As he has not even completed his graduation.
      ~ And Bad because Mama Ji is there to just take care of Sameer all the will (business, house, money, car, property & etc) is on Sameer’s name he has no right on those. One more thing all the show off done by Mama Ji and Mami Ji is also wrong because all things belongs to Sameer they are just living there with all the luxury and leisure.

      1. Right vidha after delhi episode ,vishaka sends sameer back to Ahmedabad , and says maine Gandhinagar wale mama se baat kar li hai ,ab se wo tere saath rahenge ,when nanu dies ,in one episode there is a mention of all his property to sameer ,but sameer is underage ,so after 21 he will be legally right full owner of factory, business .
        so technically mamaji and mamiji enjoying luxurious life in sameer home

      2. vidha please watch ” india forums” channel on YouTube ,There is new video of ashi title ” whats on my phone with ashi singh ”

        there she tells she have over 3936 photo in her phone , please do watch ,

        there is another segment on same YouTube channel “what is in my bag with ashi singh ”
        both of the videos are great , please do watch

  4. seeing one of the olv,i dont think mama mami is after Sameer’s property ,they want to break Samaina’s relation at any cost ,so they are not giving any thing to Sameer,they think by doing this either Sameer will brreak his engagement as he need to do hard work or Naina as he has no money , but both Samaina will prove them wrong

  5. One doubt! If the ring was of smaller size ,how it fitted Naina?

    1. the ring was not of smaller size ,it was perfect , because naina ne size dia tha aur naina kabhi galti nai kar sakti ring ka size dene main ,if you look at the angle it appears to be smaller , that why it fitted perfectly over ring finger upto more than middle way

  6. The character of naina is getting selfish now. When she was about to get married to sharad, she couldn’t bear the bad attitude of him towards her and chachaji and she took a stand. Now Sameer’s family is doing the same thing, continuosly with naina’s entire family members, she is quiet. Now this is like simply you guys are stretching the serial 🙁

    You guys are reflecting that sameer is a rich guy and she loves him, so there is no problem if her family gets hurt. Now where is her love and respect for chachaji has gone?

    1. Naina’s character is not getting selfish Nupur I agree that she was not bearing Sharad’s bad attitude towards her family and there were two reasons for it, First was that she always loved Sameer she never wanted to get married to anyone it was here elders who were forcing her to do so cuz Sameer was showing his interest towards Naina and Secondly Sharad was never thinking about Naina or her wishes he mein, mein or mein. Here Sameer is taking stand for Naina’s family again and again and always try to make Naina and her family comfortable. He is balancing the things with his good behavior. As shown in this episode his speech made everyone happy and speechless.

    2. Maheshwari are doing it deliberately ,so that Aggaarwal ‘s break this marriage,if this breaks what will Aggarwal do to Naina,get her married to any Tom ,dick and Harry,that would be good,and what is Sameer’s fault in this,now Chachaji and Samaina is tolerating ,so that atleast they can get married to each other

      1. So right Shweta if anyone of them will break the marriage immediately Naina will be forced to get married any boy of Aggrawal khandan or villager boy so that they don’t demand for dowry and just marry their girl Naina.

      2. @sweta when i told the video is on screen? ,i just told the video of sameer and naina celebrating makar sakranti is released ,i didn’t mention any on screen or off screen , sorry for not mentioning of screen ,i just wrote video has been released ,btw did you like ofscreen bond of naina and sameer , do comment please

    3. U r right her behavior is annoying now

  7. Don’t know why yesterday’s episode written update is not uploaded yet but I have seen an update in which Sameer is asking for his money from Mama Ji and he denies to give and then Naina arrives and says that Sameer apni mehnat se kamayega humari Shaadi aur Ghar ke liye paise. As he has decided to shift with Naina in another house reason can be his family’s behavior with naina and her family link is here enjoy

    1. vidha sameer and naina celebrating makar sakranti video and flying kites have been released on YouTube channel ” daily manorajan ” has been uploaded ,go check it out ,i think the person who post daily updates must be on vacation or sick ,that why 11 th January updates

      loved the precap ,naina says ye to trailer tha

      naina can wink perfect with both eyes ,if you notice in some episodes she winks with left eye ,and in some with right ,

      i think vishakha heart is melting towards naina
      when naina says ” main sameer ki khushi ke lie kuch bi kar sakti hun ”

      when sameer ask naina why is she walking slow ,she tells nothing to sameer ,then sameer suggest he could lift her in his arms ,naina jokes ,”tum mujhe godi main utha loge ” ,sameer says ” haan kyun ” and comes to lift naina ,naina tells ” ok ok tum kuch bi kar sakte ho ”

      at that i was laughing like hell ,

      sameer also wink at her while “chadawe ki rasam going on ”

      naina dance was so nice ,if you agree vidha please reply

      1. tarun, Samaina celebrating makar sankranti is an ofscreen video ,not onscreein

  8. @sweta when i told the video is on screen? ,i just told the video of sameer and naina celebrating makar sakranti is released ,i didn’t mention any on screen or off screen , sorry for not mentioning of screen ,i just wrote video has been released ,btw did you like ofscreen bond of naina and sameer , do comment please

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