Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishi kidnapped

Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishi says yay mama has red color in hair from Shan’s hand. No one can part them. Shikhawat says it was only an accident. Come Asmita I will clean it. He picks Asmita. Krishi says it isn’t cleaning. Nandani slaps Ashish and says you couldn’t even do it. I will kill you if you don’t kidnap her. He says I need one more chance only. I will do what you asked. Asmita says to Shan you hate me on one hand and then risk your life to save mine? What is this? Shan says if anything happens to you, what would I do? how can I let anything happen to you? My life mission is to hate you. This hatred keeps me alive. This is what I live for. Asmita leaves.

Krishi says where are mummy papa? I should see papa. He was injured. Ashish says Krishi please help me. My foot is injured. He is disguised as a woman. Krishi holds his hand and takes him to the door. He says my stuff is there. Ashish takes off his ghunghat. Krishi says baba.. He says yes I am here to take you away from here. He puts hand on her mouth and she faints. Ashish takes her from there. Nandani looks at Ashish and smiles. He takes Krishi from there. Krishi says this would be fun. No one can get her out of Sona gachi now.

Asmita cries and looks for Krishi everywhere. Asmita asks Moni? She says no. Nevi says she isn’t with me either. Asmita says Mr. Shikhawat she isn’t anywhere. Please, my daughter. She cries. Shan asks the guards. They say we haven’t seen her. Shan says how is that possible. Go look for her. Nandani says in heart keep looking for her you won’t find her. She must be in Sona gachi by now.

Scene 2
Ashish comes to Sona gachi. He says such a good kid. Papa brought you home Krishi. A storm rages on. Pandit ji in temple says God is mad at something wrong happening. Nandani says you have made your daughter like that. She doesn’t sit home. Asmita says don’t say a word about my daughter. Nandani says are you done with Shikhawat in one night only? Everything is clear. Tell everyone you don’t wanna marry him now. You must have hid her. She must come out and say I will leave this house if you marry Shikhawat. I want Shan papa. This is your disgusting master plan. Asmita says you are such a disgusting woman. If anything God forbid happens to Chahat.. Nandani says don’t dare to say a word against Chahat. Shan says Nandani is right. You are using a girl. Shikhawat says shut up you both. Asmita says my daughter is lost and you all care about your arguments?

Krishi is brought to Chanda. Ashish smirks. Chanda says this is your place like your mom. Sona gachi. Your mom got out but I won’t let you go out ever. Chanda gives Ashish his money.
The girls take Krishi to her room. Asmita ask watchman to check CCTV. Asmtia says that man.. He is wearing saree. this tattoo. I have seen it somewhere. Shikhwaat says where? Asmita says I can’t recall. Nandani says she is wasting time. Asmita says Ashish. He had this tattoo. He took Krishi.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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