Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki and Shan in sona gachi

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan says you.. chanda says why did this boy woke up motherhood in me? I had to kill this motherhood to become thaku ma.
Puchki says I didn’t know it was your car. He says get out of my car. I know opportunist girls like you. I knew you were dancer but seeing you in sona gachi told me what kind of girl you are. You were recording to blackmail them and me? She says if I am bad for being there so were you. Because of people with small mentality like you, girls can’t move. Think before judging me. She leaves. She says don’t forget that you are from there too. we all know who you are. He gets out in anger. She leaves.

Chanda sees Shan and Puchki’s clothes. She cries. she says I feel so weak. I need you thaku ma. Se recalls what happened. Chanda says a lot of people come here every day. Why do I miss my shan so much today? Chanda sees thaku ma. Chanda says thaku ma help me please. I am so lost. No one knows what happened in last 20 years. Why I toook your place. I can’t keep this secret anymore. Please help me. Thaku ma says God is seeing you. Your life will get better. Your bruises will heal. shan and puchki will come back. Just wait. It was thaku ma’s imagination.

Some thugs come after Puchki. She runs and hides. The thug says we found you. Pucki says ut your game is over. She hits them.
Shan says how could I leave her on the road? I am so lost in anger. He goes back to look for her.
Ridhou calls Asmita. He hears that she is in trouble. The thugs grasp Puchki runs from there. Shan is looking for Puchki. He finds her earring. He says where is she.
Shan sees sona gachi thugs inside. They are looking for er. The thug says she is inside. It is cold storage. She will die inside of cld.
Precap-Shan comes in. He says Asmita are you okay. He hugs her. She says shantanu.. He says you are my Puchki?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Today’s episode was awesome… The way Asmita gave back to Shan was????
    I just love her guts????
    Shan deserves it…
    Asmita fights with the goons finally…
    So there is a reason for Chanda became Thakuma…
    Happy that Shan worried for leaving Asmita alone and went searching for her…
    Precap: I felt Asmita is dreaming that Shan recognised her… Waiting to see their hug tomorrow ???

  2. Good episode… See, Chanda became Thaku MA as a means of survival. She’s good at heart and if someone is that way, they will always be that way and it’s only in their personal space, you would see their true self. Thankful to the writers for not dragging the story so far, this is so appreciated. I’m liking the way Shan is concerned about Puchki, just like he used to … I also think Asmita is dreaming that Shan recognized her.. Also, now it’s revealed that there is something more about why Chanda became Thaku Ma, it could be that Beauty wanted to kill her mother so she went into hiding, I hope she’s alive to settle the score with nasty Beauty turned politician, how the heck she became a politician in the first place with all her baggage?? Loll…. Good apt profession because I don’t think that there’s any good politician in this world at all…they are all rotten in my opinion…just like Beauty..

  3. Lakshmi, my Divali passed wonderfully. Across here, diyas are lit up to the 3rd day after Divali. We don’t have pollution like what you mentioned so fireworks are a must.. I visited my friends but I also cooked meals just like them. Here it’s pure vegetarian food, how’s it across there? Is meat a dish in any parts of India on Divali day? So…after eating all those meethai, I have to hit the excerise button … I imagine you had a good time with Mumtaz’s visit but I know that you are sad about Radikha’s condition, no words of solace could help, it’s just that you have to accept some things that were supposed to happen, it’s not within your control, just pray for her that she improves as each day progresses..i hope that she gets treatment that would make her stronger than before both mentally, physically and emotionally.. ..

  4. Agree with you Naz,politicians are the real rotten lot…they want power not for the welfare of the country but for their own selfish ends…….I don’t know about other countries but here ,to be a politician ,having a criminal record is a must…So Beauty is where she belongs to…
    Loved the way Vrushika fought the goons….she is apt to play the character of Puchki,a true friend but a no nonsense girl and a brave police officer….After Paridhi Sharma who played Jodha in ,jodha Akbar, Vrushika is the one with whom I am really impressed….not exactly beautiful but very graceful and dignified……It was very harsh of her to remind Shantanu of his original roots in Sonagachi but he asked for it and so fully deserves her tongue lash…But I think he is still the same simple Shantanu of Puchki…. this rude and aristocratic facade is masking a quite likeable and sensitive guy….hope Asmita will succeed in bringing out his true personality….Even I thnk Asmita is just dreaming ….And Ridhoy…do you think he will turn into an antagonist once he comes to know that Asmita can not be his…..I think so because the love for a woman out weighs all other affections…
    Diwali went on very well….Mumtaz is not the one who allows you to be subdued…With her around ,it is jokes and laughter everywhere….,,In the evening ,both of us went to Radhika’s house to wish them….She is back home but not her normal self..the doctor says that we can not expect miracles in Psychiatric treatments….the recovery will be gradual …atleast a year…Anyways Mumtaz brought with her a huge bag of crackers ….by the time we finished with them ,it was mid night….Naz, here in South ,we don’t prepare non veg on festival days..but in some parts of India ,they eat meats for almost all festivals…the customs,language ,dressing style ,festivals ( except for major festivals) ,cuisine …Infact everything varies from state to state….but the beauty is we take pride in this diversity and love to be called ‘Indians’….best example of the principle,Unity in Diversity’…

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