Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Devika saves Krishi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika sits next to Krishi and says I hope Krishi gets well soon so everyone is relaxed. Nevi says Akira why aren’t you asleep? She says what’s happening in this house isn’t right. We can take care of Krishi. Why is Devika here? nevi says Krishi needs Devika. She handled her tonight. Please don’t sleep. Don’t take the stress. Akira says in the heart before Devika makes a place in Shan’s life I have to do something.

Krishi says I miss you mama, please come back. Devika comes to Krishi’s room and leaves a hot chocolate. Krishi says did you make papa eat last night? Devika says yes. I made your favorite breakfast. Get fresh. I forgot to turn off the gas. I am coming. Krishi goes to the restroom. Akira sees Asmita’s photo an says Krishi has this photo only. I will burn it. Krishi would think Devika did it. She burns Asmita’s photos and leaves. Krishi comes back and sits on her bad. She sees fire. Krishi screams fire. Krishi sees Asmita’s photo burning. She tries to pick it. The bed is burning.

Devika comes in and says Krishi are you okay? Stay there. How did this happen? Krishi says my photo. Devika picks the photo and gives it to her. Devika says stay there. Krishi screams. Shan comes there and extinguishes the fire. He picks Devika. Krishi says auntie are you okay? Shan hugs Krishi and says are you okay? She says I am fine but Devika auntie. Akira says you did this right? You came here only. Krishi says she saved me. She didn’t do anything. She also saved my mama’s photo. This photo would be completely burned. She hugs Devik and says thanks a lot. Krishi sees Devika’s hand burned. She says papa her hand burned while saving me and my photo. Shan says come with me. He takes Devika to his room.

Shan washes Devika’s hand. Shan says your burned your hand stop crying. Devika says I saw concern in your eyes. That’s why these tears. No one ever showed concerned or sympathy. She cleans her wound. Devika smiles. Nevi says apply this medicine. Shan says sit. He applies the cream on her burn. Krishi says mama, everything would be fine. Everyone is shocked. Krishi says I mean auntie. You’re brave. Krishi kisses her face and says everything would be fine. Nevi says you’re no less than Krishi’s mother. A mother could do this only. Krishi coughs. Devika and Shan pat her back together. Nevi says Krishi, come with me. I will give you the medicine. Shan and Devika are alone in the room. Shan says thank you for what you did. Devika says don’t say that. You look cute when you’re scolding. Shan leaves. Devika says I love you Shan in heart. Devika says we would be together soon.

Scene 2
Nevi asks Krishi how do you feel? She says good. Nevi says there’s something I want to talk to you about. Devika risked her life to save you and your photo. Do you like her? Krishi says she looks like mama. I can’t be mad at her. I didn’t like her first then I realized papa brought her. Nevi says I feel like your mama sent Devika to your and your papa’s life. She looks like her. Her heart is the same. She loves your papa. Your mama sent her. I wanted to part Shan and Asmita. No power on earth could part them. She sent Devika to your life then. Krishi says can she be my mama? Nevi says yes. Only you can convince your papa. I will get a daughter, you will get a mother and Shan, a life partner. Krishi says you’re right. Devika auntie can take mama’s place. I have to convince papa.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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