Yeh Teri Galiyan 4th September 2019 Written Episode Update: asmita sees Krishi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 4th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says where is my daughter? Shikhawat says they won’t tell us like this. The foster dad says go from here. There is no one here. He shoves asmita. shikhawat holds her. Shikhawat says how dare you. He slaps him. He beats the man and says how dare you touch asmita. Asmita says leave him pelase.
Chahat tells nandani how she hit the girl at school. Nandani says you did right. Krishi is hidden under the table. She ties Chahat’s shoes. Chaht’s spoon falls. she picks it but doesn’t see krishi. Nandani stands up and falls. Nevi and Moni laugh. Nevi says you want to touch my feet? She wants to get up but falls again. Everyone laughs. Nandani says moni must have done this. I will teach her a lesson. she leaves.

Shikhawat says I am asking you the last time, where is the girl. Asmit says please tell me where is my daughter. I am dying to meet her since 6 years. Please tell me. She cries. You are a mother. You know the pain. I couldn’t even see her. Please tell me. Shikhawat says he ahs to tell us. He hits them. The woman says I will tell you. We have your daughter but she isn’t home right now. Her name is Krishi. Asmita says krishi.. he mans ays shut up. Shikhawat says you shut up. She says this man sold her to people in sona gachi. Asmita is shocked. Asmita falls in shock. Shikhawat holds her. Asmita hits the man and says how dare you give my daughter to those animals. She sees the money there. Asmita says for this you sold a 6 year old? God will never pardon you. the woman says we can still save her. they couldn’t find her. We can save her if she if found by us. Asmita says Shikhawat please let’s go. Asmita says please save my daughter God. I have to find her.

Scene 2
Shan is asleep in his room. Krishi comes there. She takes off his shoes. Krishi ties the bracelet on his hand. she says thank you good papa. This is my hank you gift. I wish I get a papa like you. She kisses him and leaves. shan is drunk and asleep. Shan wakes up and sees the bracelet in his wrist. He is shocked.

Asmita and Shikhawat ask people if they have seen krishi. There’s no luck. Shikhawat says where is she. What does your intuition say asmita?
Krishi comes on road. She sees Ganesh visarjan. Krishi dances there. Asmita’s car drives past. She couldn’t see krishi. Asmita sees her face and says stop the car. She runs towards Krishi. Asmita says Krishi. Krishi stops. Asmita runs to her. She falls. Krishi disappears. Asmita is shocked. Asmita looks around for Krishi. She is nowhere. The thugs are taking Krishi. Asmita runs after her. They lock her in a van.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShivangiShivanya

    So Asmita and Shikawat is sweating blood finding Krishi and Shaan is busy consuming alcohol… Sir made a big mistake bringing the guy into the house. How shameful! Writers trying to make Shaan great father clearly is not working.
    Mr Shikhawat character is superb ? ? ? ? ? he values Asmita and deep in his heart, he loves her too and the best part is that he knows to value the Gem who came into his life… love u Mr. Shikawat?
    Just bring in new designers to give him a younger look as his Indian suit is not suiting him
    Shaan must go to Sonagachi, he has great interest to drink and sleep with women ? ? ? ?

  2. Leisa, I don’t know if you will read this comment, just to find out what the heck is going on with Zeetv Caribbean?? Have you noticed that YTG has not been aired for this week so far on local cable listings? Just like that,!!! Poof!!! YTG has not been shown since Monday ,how can they just do that? If you have any info please share with me…

  3. Mr. Shikhawat will not help asmita to save her daughter. I don’t believe mr. Shikhawat but he is not a good man and he is supporting with nandini before 6 years mr. Shikhawat and nandini has plan and join hand to separate shamita

  4. I agree with you ShivangiShivani.. Shan has proved himself to be a product of sonagachi, Asmita has tried to uplift herself in life only with the help from Pathan baba and he’s disappeared from the serial like magic on minute he is around Asmita and the next, he jumped ship and was helping Shan, doesn’t seem like he made an impact of good values in Shan’s case coz he’s become someone none of us can recognize we just don’t understand how he could hate Asmita so much…of course we know of mixed up misconceptions concerning the debacle at the hospital and I know I’m over analyzing here but you’d think that both of them would want to give their supposedly dead baby a proper cremation or burial, but no instead all they did was lay the blame game instead of doing what is logical to do after hearing that your child was pronounced dead!! Have to really wonder what is indeed wrong with writers logic, looks like they write what the heck they want, forgetting that intelligent people also watching their handiwork. Also, I like Shikawat’s character too, for the time being until they turn him psycho too, nobody is left unscathed by these writing teams, good people get nothing good in life, all the bad ones are forgiven without asking for it, they reap the best storylines and garner the most screen spaces. Such is this convoluted entertainment mentality!! So, back to Shikawat, I saw him in SSLK and ISA and I loved visiting characters until writers made him a tad psycho in the latter but I still love his acting though… How I wish Asmita could end up with him but we know that not going to happen, they going to turn his caring affection into convoluted love soon… If he remains like King’s character in KKB, that will be wonderful!!

  5. Look at how Nivi’s criminal past life has been forgiven…now she’s repenting and the same thing I’m talking about, the bad people always gets forgiveness without asking for it!! Nandini is a character like Nisha from WAS…would never be happy and doesn’t want anyone else to be happy too…i dislike her daughter, disgusting upbringing of a child, one day I hope she’s on the receiving end of her daughter’s nasty attitude. I’d love to see Nivi punished, maybe it’s best that her granddaughter is born from a mother from sonagachi…cannot forget how she punished Shan and Asmita for coming from there…karma has been given to her, she just doesn’t know that yet… Mouni is a wonderful child, like her lots… Love the bonding between the two cousins..after all, their fathers loved each other immensely too…lesson for Nivi there!!

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