Yeh Teri Galiyan 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki to be auctioned

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan screams Puchki. Chachu comes and sees Shan. He says save Puchki please. He takes him to car.
Kaka says to Chanda Puchki is nowhere. Chanda says where is she. My heart is sinking.

Shan wakes up in hospital. He says Puchki.. They took Puchki in that car. Mathundar says how do you know here?
Chanda says should I call Mathundar? Thaku ma slaps Chanda and says where is Puchki? I saw her last with you. I am not dead yet. Puchki is our future. If anything happens to her I wont leave you.
Shan tells Mathundar everything. Mathundar says you should have told me before. Nothing will happen to Puchki.

Shan and his uncle are on their way. He says my heart says Puchki is calling me. Shan says we didn’t check the basement. He says yes let’s go.

is locked in the basement. She says I have to do something. She tries to cut her hands’ ropes. It cuts. Puchki says how will the door open now? Puchki sees out from the window. She sees a large rod. She tries to open the door.

Shan says please drive fast. I can’t wait to see Puchki.
Beauty says welcome to the greatest auction of the city. Rana says see I told you I will get the best crowd. She says we have to sell them asap.. Specially that Puchki. Rana says she will be sold the highest. The auction starts. Beauty takes ghunghat off girl’s faces. She says now we have the best one. She brings in Puchki and takes off the ghunghat from her face. She says this girl is a bloom.. Take and decorate her in your vase. Be benevolent. Puchki says what is happening. Shan please come and save me.
Shan and Mathundar come to the place with police. Police surrounds the place. People are bidding on Puchki.
police goes in. Shan goes in with them as well. Shan looks for Puchki everywhere. Shan finds Puchki’s sandal. Police says no one is here. Let’s go.

Puchki screams let me get out of here. I don’t wanna stay here. Rana says we have to sell her asap.
Ravindra’s family comes to the party at the same hotel. Rana dances with a girl and performs. Puchki cuts her rope and comes to the party.

Shan says to Puchki Nevi ma doesn’t even look at me ever since she got to know I am from bari. I can’t leave all these people now. I have to convince her. Shan leaves. Puchki says listen to me. he walks. Beauty looks for Puchki.
Shan goes downstairs. Puchki falls. Vivaan and Meera hold her. Vivaan says where are you going in such a hurry? Meera says you shouldn’t run like that. Puchki says he is my best friend. Vivaan says you were about to fall but he didn’t come for you. Meera says then where is he? Shan says here I am. He says why are you shouting. If my family gets to know they will be really mad. I beg you please hide. Puchki says I wont hide. Vivaan says she is your friend. Shan says we are from Sona Kachi. My new family wont ever accept that. Beauty looks for Puchki in the party.

Meera says to it doesn’t matter where are you from. Shan says then why am I not allowed to say that I am from Sona kachi? Why can’t she be adopted? Because she is a girl. Vivann says you are have to raise this question in front of everyone. He says there is nothing wrong with you being from Sona Kachi. Moushumi hears. She says Shan is from Sona Kachi and so is his friend.
Moushumi comes on stage. She says something really wrong is happening in this house. There is some really impure here. Everyone is dazed. Ravindra says what are you saying. Moushumi says your grandson Shan and his friend are from sona kachi. Everyone is dazed. Everyone is dazed. Chanda holds her head. Ravindra stands up.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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