Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki hired by Nevi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki si dazed looking at Beauty. Puchki recalls her childhood. She says how did all this happen? Puchki comes putside mazumdar house. She recalls coming there to meet Puchki. She says I got the right chance to enter this house. I have to get my work done. This will be the first step of the mission. Puchki comes there for interview. She recalls hiding under that dining table. She recalls what Nevi said. Nevi says you have five minutes to prove that you are best for this job. Convince me in five minutes. Your time starts now. Puchki says best people don’t need to convince. you should regret if I don’t get this job. Because i will get another. Nevi says I like your confidence. She gives her file to Nevi. Nevi says hope you are from a good family. She recalls Nevi cursing

sona gachi. she says our club is the elitist of Calcutta. Very rich people come here. You have to teach them how to dance. She says dance is an art. It has no class. She says I heard the club is in name of some Shan. Who will i report you or Shan sir? Nevi says shan doesn’t live in India. You will respond me until my son takeovers. puchki says who shan? She says no Ridhoy. Puchki leaves.

Ridhoy trips and falls on Puchki. She holds his hand. He looks at her and smiles. He says oh my God. You came to my house. When I see you I recall poetry. She leaves. He says listen.. My day got better. Puchki picks her papers. He says I cant’ believe this. Puchki says yes you are lucky. Other girls come for interview. He says we already have another candidate. You are all deservin. You can apply for other posts in our company. One of them kisses on his cheek and says thank you.
Ridhoy says you got the job smile at least. What is your name? nevi says her name is Asmita. She is from Mumbai. Ridhoy says she is an amazing dance. She was in the club where.. Nevi says where there was a raid. Ridhoy says let me decide. I would have selected her too. Nevi says your job is confirmed. Ridhoy says yes. Puchki shakes hand with them and leaves.

Scene 2
Shan is in office. He says our new models will be sent from Calcutta to London. A girl says why not Mumbai’s. He says our models are over exposed. The girls of Calcutta are more cultural. They go with our brand. Ridhoy calls Shan and says I want to tell you something. Shan says you are on bike and video calling. He says I want to tell you I am being responsible. She is here. the girl who won my heart. She is here. Shan says that airport one? he says yes. Shan says no. She is a problem. Ridhoy says no she is amazing. Puchki is crossing the road. Ridhoy says asmita me rodhoy.. Shan sees a car coming towards her. She jumps. Ridhou falls from the bike. Shna screams. Puchki runs towards him. He is injured and fainted. Puchki calls ambulance. She says ridhoy please open eyes. Shan screams talk to me. Are you okay. Puchki picks the phone and says he has fainted. shan says it is because of you. You distracted him. I will kill you if something happens to him. Take him to best hospital and text me details I am coming to Calcutta. Puchki takes ridhoy to hospital. She texts the details to Shan. Shan goes to airport and says get me the flight. Do anything. Puchki says will I be able to face him?
Puchki comes to Bari. She meets shan there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Loved Puchki and Nevi’s meet and the way Puchki answered Nevi… Asmita has joined as a dance teacher to near Mazumdhar… Feeling bad for Ridhoy for meeting accident… But that only makes Shan to go Kolkata… But I don’t like the way Shan blamed Puchki which most heroes do in other shows…

  2. And I feel bad for Ridhoy for his feelings for Puchki because he is going to be disappointed…..It is obvious that Puchki has nothing but sisterly affection for Ridhoy …if I remember right .she was the one who suggested his name to Shan during the name keeping ceremony….It will be a sad moment for Ridhoy when he comes to know who is Puchki and she can not be his…I hope the love for his brother will help him get over this disappointment..

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