Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Asmita falls in her own trap

Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita looks around for Mohit. Beauty sneaks to the room. Bua sees her going there. She hides. Bua says sheela what are you doing here? come with me. She takes her downstairs. Mohit screams for help. Asmita goes upstairs. Asmita looks for mohit. Ridoy comes upstairs. He tries to open the door. Ridoy opens the door. Mohit thinks it is Beauty. He hits ridoy’s head. Ridoy screams help.. Everyone comes upstairs. Shan starts beating Mohit. He says how dare you hit my brother. He says I am Paro’s boyfriend. She was going to marry me. Everyone is dazed. Shan says what.. Shan hold Ridoy. Beauty slaps him and says how dare you. What is your worth. Mohit says Paro tell everyone who am I. Shan says call doctor. Asmita calls doctor. Bua says to beauty truth will come in front of

everyone. Beauty says yeah you trust this waiter more than paro.

Asmita says to Mohit why did you hit Ridoy? he says ridoy came in front of me. Beauty sees them together. She says so this clever girl brought him here? Now she will see how I get her defamed.
Doctor check Ridoy and says he is better now. Nevi says he had to marry in four days. Shan says wedding can be delayed. Let me talk to that guy. Asmita says calm down Shan. First listen to his side of story. Shan hits Mohit. Mohit says to Asmita please ask him not to hit me. You called me here. asmita says why are you lyin? He says you called me here. You asked me to tell them I am Paro’s bf. asmita is dazed. Beauty smiles. Paro says how did you do this?
Beauty came to mohit and asked him for how much money he wanted. He said I love paro. She cant leave me. Beauty said I will get you married to paro but after she marries Shan and gets his money. Mohit agreed. Paro says you are so clever. Beauty says see what’s next.

Beauty says take this guy away from my eyes. He tried defaming my Paro. She says to asmita to stop shan and paro’s wedding you stooped so low? I told you all that she doesn’t want shan and asmita to get married.
Shan recalls Asmita came to him. He threw his frame and it hit Asmita’s forehead. He tried to clean it from napkin but it filled her hairline. Shan said go form here. He said I don’t want to answer anymore questions go from here. She said talk to me first. Paro isn’t right girl. I saw her with beauty. She is getting paro married to you for money. She would ruin your life. Shan said go from here. How do you make such stupid stories? What do you want? Go from here. Don’t make it more difficult. Think about me please.
shan says so asmita did all this.
No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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