Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Navideta falls from stairs

Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

SCene 1
Aru says please listen Navideta. She says go to your Sona kachi gf. Moushmi comes and says sona kachi? Aru says this is our personal matter. He closes the door.
Aru says the situation was worse. You didn’t have a baby and was depressed all the time. My friends made me drink and sent me to that woman. I never went there again after that night. Navi says how will you feel if I tell you this baby isn’t yours? So why should I? You don’t deserve to be pardoned. He says please listen. She says don’t dare coming after me. Leave me alone.

Chanda says this beauty doesn’t have any shame. she isn’t your daughter. Who will keep Shann now. Because of your daughter my son’s life is ruined. Beauty says my mom will save me every time. thaku ma slaps her. She says I feel ashamed to call you my daughter. THaku ma faints. She can’t breathe. Thaku ma says I am sorry chanda. Chanda says bring water someone.

Shan comes home. He says mama I won. See my trophy. You said i shouldn’t be scared. see I won. What happened mama? He hugs her. Navi shoves him and says stay away from me. Navi walks. Shan says mama what happened? shan sees his broken trophy in tears. He goes to his room.
Beauty is on her way with aru’s brother. She says I miss my friend. i dont’ wanna eat without him. She says my house is here. He drops her. She says you will have to walk. He says in heart this place isn’t for you. I will take you from Puchki. You don’t deserve to be here.

Thaku ma says I am sorry on beauty’s behalf. She is really bad. Chnda says don’t say that. take care of your health. Beauty says this time I will take my revenge. I wont leave anyone. Thakur ma’s condition worsens again.
Navi is packing her bag. Shan says mama are you going somewhere? You are the best mom. Navi doesn’t answer him. He says mama.. You are always so nice to me. what happened? She says stop it. He says mama please stop. Navi steps on their photo. He says mama hit me but don’t be mad at me. Please tell me what is wrong. Why are you going? Navi walks on stairs. shan sits in her feet. He says mama I wont let you go. she says move from my way. He says mama I will do what you ask. She slips from stairs. Shan screams. Moushmi and Aru come. Aru says how did this happen. They call ambulance.

Navi is taken to hospital. Shan and Aru are worried for her. Puchki is in same hospital with chanda and thaku ma.

Precap-Beauty locks Puchki in a cage and says you will only go out of it when you are sold. Puchki screams and falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Simply wow!!! When your wife is depressed, the best way to handle the situation is to sleep with another woman!!! A horrible portrayal of friendship where instead of giving some good advice some so called literate & cultured people let their friend destroy his marriage.

    Feeling really bad for Shan.

    Puchki & Beauty’s out of the world drama continues. 🙁 The writer should seriously refrain from this story arc & move to the actual scenario faced by such ill-fated kids/women.

    Atiba, can’t thank you enough for daily uploading the WU. But please, take your time & use correct names & dialogues. It’s really confusing how you give the characters different names.

  2. Nivedita should n’t have vented out her anger ,hurt and frustration on Shantanu….But saying is easier than doing…Nivedita ,though a lovely lady and very affectionate ,is after all human and a woman….Still we could see her feeling bad while responding rudely or indifferently to Shantanu’s affection ….Hope she will survive the fall….the precap shows what a callous person this old man is ….he wants his heir to be saved ,not Nivedita..
    Coming to Chanda ,,I don’t know whether I like her or not….she is not that selfless…I agree that every mother wants the best for her child…..but not at the expense of another mother’s hopes…I remember her getting disturbed on coming to know about Nivedita’s pregnancy from Pathan..And the way she looked at Arpita in the hospital when she begged Arindam to adopt Puchki instead , as she is a girl…..this character is not as straight forward as it is portrayed to be.. …
    Arindam’s younger brother seems to be the only guy in the family with a golden heart ….the tears in his eyes at the plight of the women in Sonakachi says it all…let us see how he will help Puchki to come of this dark place…I appreciate Thaku maa for her impartiality ,sense of justice and business ethics….if not for her,Puchki would have been sold by her terrible daughter ,Beauty…But ,after Thaku MA ,what will happen to Puchki ….Will Chanda be able to save her from Beauty’s clutches with her new found courage and determination….

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