Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anita comes to Sona Kachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aru says never let sir or Moushumi know about this truth. He would never accept Shan if he gets to know. Shan calls chanda. He says how is my Puchki? Beauty says who is it?
Beauty says murli see if Puchki’s feet are working? He beats puchki with a belt. Puchki says enough. Shan says I need to meet my puchki but where?

Ravindra says to a girl how dare you. You know whose house is this? You brought girls from sona kachi here to dance? We can’t understand that kind of dirt.
Beauty calls Aru and says how are you? He says who are you? She says we are relatives. You are such a big name. He says never call again. Get lost.

Anita sees Shan. SHe says you are worried for pucki? You lied to because a son never lies to his mom. He hugs her and says sorry mama don’t be mad. She hugs him and says a mom can never be mad. You don’t ever have to name that place You know how angry sir gets. Shan says I promised both of my moms.

Aru says to Anita and Aru this is shan’s adoption file. It doesn’t have NOC or affidavit. Where are they? Moushumi says if everything was right you would have taken us. He says I want all documents okay. Aru says okay sir. Anita says to Aru what will we do now. Beauty calls him. She says who is it? He says office. She says why are you stressed? He says because of office.
Beauty calls aru and says I am outside your house. Aru tells anita that they are blackmailing him. He gets worried. Moushumi hears. Anita says is his mom blackmailing? Moushumi wonders wo is it.
Aru comes out and says what do you want? Beauty says you are such a big name why you adopted from sona kachi? There is no match. He says get out of here. Beauty says you don’t know what I am She says this guy is from sona kachi. Aru says get out of here. He gives her money adn says get out of here. Beauty says I know people like you are so scared for money Beauty says I need more money. Aru says U will give you more get out now. Anita wonders who is it. SHe says is that chanda? I have to do something.

Shan and anita are goin school. She says there is a debate competition. I am so nervous. She says my love is always with you. She hugs him and says all the best. Love you. Anita says I will have to talk to that chanda. Anita comes to sona kachi. She isn’t feeling well. She says I want to meet chanda. A girl says who that pari mehal chanda? Come I will take you there.
Anita says to Murli bring chanda. He says she is with customer. She can’t come out. We don’t buy pregnant women. SHe says but you blackmail right?
Anita peeks inside. Chanda is with aru. He says this blackmail should end now. I don’t want you in trouble. Chanda says you are doing so much for Shan. Thanks for doing all this. Aru caresses Chanda’s face. She hugs him. Anita is dazed.
Precap-Puchki comes to the idol making factory. Thakur ma says to you are so proud of your husband? Anita says Chanda’s illegitimate son is in our house. Thaku ma says ask your husband the truth. Arindam is Shan’s father.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I won’t blame Nivedita if she becomes indifferent to Shan now Or even hate him…no woman can tolerate infidelity from her husband with whom she is in love and has shared twelve years of married life…definitely .it is not Shan’s fault that his father has cheated on his legally wed wife with whom he claims to be in love …but Nivedita can not be faulted either if she starts hating the boy who will be a reminder of her husband’s extra marital affair with a pr*stitute and her own humiliation……My goodness,I don’t dare to imagine the mental agony of Nivedita….and I hate Arindam for doing this to her and Shantanu…Would he have brought the boy home had Nivedita conceived earlier….I don’t think so…..Anyways Shan ‘s position is unenviable……still I think Nivedita will be decent enough to not reveal her husband’s dirty secret to the family…but the most precious bond that Shan shares with his foster mother will be lost..

  2. I second Lakshmi Ji’s opinion. I wouldn’t blame Nivedita if she starts hating Shan now.

    BTW, did they really show Murli beating Puchki? I don’t watch YTG but follow it through WU. Please confirm, anyone.
    If that’s the case, then this show is doomed.

    I know it’s kind of odd to speak ill about a show which hasn’t completed even one month. But for some reason I feel they are going overboard with Beauty’s attitude with ShanKi. It’s the ultimate formula – showing the FL/ML going through hell for absolutely no reason while the harsh reality is taking backseat.

    Childhood friendship blossoming into love is amazing but it’s not mandatory. But torturing a 5years old while her 10years old friend is on phone – that is the limit of sadism & over dramatization of an innocent bond. It’s destroying the innocence of friendship & forcefully paving the way for future romance.

    If not anything else, the leap should happen soon as it’s unbearable to even think about child actors getting exposed to such scenes.

    1. Niharika they r showing a beautiful bond between kids with a v bold story in backdrop still they r maintaining the innocence and decency hats off to the makers for that

  3. Oh my goodness…. While we were suspicious of Arindham being Shan’s biological father, the proof is here as we read, the bigger picture however is that Nivideta is the one to suffer the most from her husband’s betrayal. Shan is innocent in the grand scheme of the issue but he’ll always be the tangible reminder that he’s the product of Arindham’s affair with a pr*stitute and Nivideta is human and her subsequent reactions after this episode is justifiable because no woman wants to be in a position like this,whether it’s by design or mistake… it’s shameful downright shameful. As with Puchki… Lakshmi, you said in your previous comment that this child is too young to be doing such intense scenes, like the one where Arpita was cremated and today Niharika hinted the same thing and I agree 100% that some scenes are too detailed in portrayal and could have been underplayed but subtly understood without being shown. Personally, I don’t know if this adorable little girl understands what she’s been doing as per the script but I wouldn’t have wanted my child to do such intense scenes, it’s concerning. Kudos to her however for marvelous depictions, expressions and dialogue delivery but her body language is that of an innocent child, not rehearsed nor staged…hers is pure innocence. I’ll miss her dearly when the leap occurs, she would have been better used in another less intense script, where we would have been able to see her for much longer than is required here and her talent would have shone till she grows up and change before our eyes. Concerning Shan, my heart is pained for his plight and from now on whatever he has to bear being the son of a pr*stitute, it’ll shape his character, his thoughts, his way of expressing and hiding his emotions and his relationship with his dear dear Puchki… Lakshmi, in Kaleerein, we both tried analyzing Vivaan’s character based on the little we knew of his childhood but here we have enough material to use to see how Shan’s metamorphosis will eventually impact on his life as a whole and the people who would be in his life and his ability to handle relationships in time to come…

  4. This story is so sad. Puchki was destined to a life of prostitution before she was even born. She is five years old and has already been through so much and lost so much! You can’t get sadder than that. I cringe when I think of human trafficking and children being sold as s*x slaves etc.

  5. Sam, I am not saying they are being indecent. It’s just, these same situations or dialogues like – torturing the FL to get back at the ML or doing a drama of Radha-Krishna who symbolize eternal lovers – I would appreciate if they hadn’t introduced these things & rather focused on their childhood.

    I think if they had rather focused on ShanKi’s query like they showed in the very beginning what does PAAP mean or why they face hostility outside Sonakachi that would highlight the theme more.

    As for friendship, children adapt to changes quicker than adults. I am not saying they forget people along the way but when you are introduced in a new environment & get occupied with newer things & responsibilities, you hardly get time to remember your long lost friends. I am telling this from my own experience & not on assumption.
    So, Shan still holding on to Puchki does seem a bit unrealistic. Plus these are just kids. An adult like Beauty torturing them for God knows what reason doesn’t necessarily bring out the truth of such place. It’s in fact forced as in reality the owner of a brothel wouldn’t give a damn about a particular kid.
    When Puchki will grow up, she is bound to face rejection from outside world. But Beauty’s character is of a typical vamp.

    From the promo itself we knew it’s about two people who were friend once & then got separated. I do love the bond between ShanKi. But these situations which are mainly faced by FL & ML of all other shows – make you think that they are trying too hard to make the audience sympathize with the kids who will ultimately become lovers. That I find disturbing.

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