Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy injured

Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi says I want to go in. He is my son. She stands out and cries.
Ridoy is taken home. Doctor says he is very injured. His life is in danger. Nevi says nothing can happen to my Ridoy. He says I will try my best. Nevi says to shan you and Asmita did all this. For this girl you killed you brother? Shan says this isn’t Asmita’s fault.

Nevi says Asmita he loved you. Why did you do this. Shan he trusted you so much. Nevi says you decided to go on honeymoon. Nevi says Shan you are a murderer. Asmta says he isn’t. Nevi says you destroyed a family. Women like you don’t deserve a family. Nurse comes and says his condition is worsening. Nevi runs up. Doctor checks him. Ridoy stops breathing. Everyone is dazed. Ridoy moves his hand. Doctor checks her. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Your mom and everyone is here for you. They all love you. Please open your eyes once. Ridoy opens eyes. Nevi says Ridoy.. My son. Don’t ever leave me please. Ravindra holds his hand.

Asmita comes in temple. Shan says what he did with you.. it must be very difficult for you. You still tried saving his life. Asmita says he loved you as a brother. He was an innocent guy. We have made him like this. Asmita says this happened to his because I married him. We did this to him. He is your brother. We can fix him.

Nevi says to asmita don’t stay in this house anymore. Go back were you came from. Shan says your son is home not in jail because asmita is a nice girl. he tried to force asmita. Nevi says this girl married him and went on honeymoon with him. Why did she marry him? I accepted her for ridoy and she did this? He tried to come close to his wife. Shan says disrespecting a woman isn’t acceptable. Nevi says she is respectable at all. My son loved her that’s why she is here. She has to leave this house right now. You two have ruined my life. Shan says we wont leave this. house. Until Ridoy is better I wont leave. He is my brother. Nevi says this girl wont live here. Doctor says she can’t leave. Ridoy started breathing because she was there. They run upstairs. Doctor says he is not in a good condition. If asmita is close he can be better. Ravindra says asmita has to stay here for ridoy.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. DannyComments

    Aaaaaaand she falls deeper into hot water!! I said this before at the beginning, this will not end well..Even if I was Ridoy? I would never forgive Asmita. You cannot lead someone on like that. You do NOT MARRY someone you are not in love with. Stupid serials be making a mockery of marriage!! I just want to see how all these ends..Will Ridoy be the bigger person? And move on? I doubt that.

  2. Is asmita a woman or a toy?? That writers are sharing her with the two brothers!! At a tym i used to adore asmita’s character but now I hate her. What a pathetic girl writers have made her! She was so brave and independent girl and now she has become a puppet of everyone’s hand. The show started off on a great note with very good chemistry of lead actors but now makers have ruined the whole show. I don’t even feel like reading the written updates. Really feeling sad for avinash mishra and vrushika Mehta,they do deserve a better show and story ☹unlike this crap.

  3. Yes,they are certainly making mockery of marriages….they can do and undo marriages whenever they feel like and it all looks so easy here…particularly undoing a marriage.It takes minimum a year for a divorce to come through legally but according to the pre cap that is not given here,Asmita and Shan have invented the easiest of all divorcing procedures..’ reverse saath pheras’..What a novel idea…I hope they won’t invent something that will reverse the ‘time’ itself…The only positive thing in tonight’s episode is the genuine guilt expressed by the leads for Ridoy becoming a villain …Some consolation and face saving for the leads who have almost lost their dignity and credibility….but Ridoy’s vegetative state and Asmita to be his nurse/ saviour not expected……By the way anyone ,any idea whether Asmita is still a police officer and getting her salary??? she never seems to wear the uniform and attend work….very disappointed with the writers for transforming a police officer into a typical sass bahu heroine…

  4. Asmita never keeps up to her promises. I am fedup with this serial.

  5. Heart wrenching. cold blooded Shamita. I hate them too too too much. Hate these devil vamps. Acting innocent. Y everytime Asmita & Shan took advantage of Ridoy’s trust&luv? By Shamita’s betrayel Ridoy turned 2 psycho. Y Asmita used R’s love twice 4 her own benefit. Want JUSTICE 4 RIDOY. HATE SHAMITA.SHAMITA MENTALLY KILLED RIDOY SEVERAL TIMES Y THESE DEVILS STAY THERE 2 SHOW THEIR FAKE LUV TOWARDS RIDOY?

  6. I didn’t think i will ever say this… but nivedita is making more sense than either asmita/shan. Very valid questions. Why did Asmita marry Ridhoy AGAIN? Why did she agree to go to honeymoon? It had nothing to do with Asmita wanting to spend time with Ridhoy, rather just antagonizing Shan. Ridhoy might be an obsessive psycho, but first Shan and then Asmita repeatedly led him on, gave him false assurances, and then expected him to simply forget everything and move on. In the beginning, Shan repeatedly promised that he would make sure Asmita marries Ridhoy, forced Asmita to be there on wedding day, and even carried the unconscious girl during the rounds. He never once tried to make him understand that it is wrong to disregard the girl’s wishes like this. Asmita thought that she is Shan’s wife now, even signed the legal papers but not once tried to clarify anything to Ridhoy because ‘(now completely forgotten) mission.’ The scene where Ridhoy gets angry at Asmita for forgetting his birthday and then lying about it was over dramatic, but a toned down version would have been very valid. Ridhoy was expecting a happy, honest married life with Asmita where they gradually would get to know each other, but Asmita just gave him the cold shoulder everytime… Ridhoy then began questioning that something was going on between Asmita/Shan and Asmita would act so offended by those accusations… Talk about gas-lighting. As if Ridhoy was wrong in calling a spade a spade. Then, one day Shan suddenly starts claiming that Asmita is his. Now, even if Ridhoy was not a psycho, how will a person feel if one day his elder brother starts claiming his wife for his own? This even when everyone still thinks Paro is Shan’s wife…. And after all this, Asmita decides to call Ridhoy and proposes him for marriage again. Now she is all, i want to start afresh, i still dont love you but i want to marry you. And Rishoy again proclaims that he does not care and is ready to restart. Asmita, in her anger at shan, marries Ridhoy (with incomplete rituals), feigns as willing to follow every ritual and even consents to going on honeymoon. At this point her feeling “i think something wrong is going to happen” was beyond stupid. Ridhoy already tried molesting her once. Did she expect she will stay as Ridhoy’s roommate forever? One thing after another, and a little prodding by Nevi, and Ridhoy is almost dead.
    Whose fault is it?
    Absolutely Ridhoy and Nivedita are at fault, but the major blame lie on Shan and Asmita. Shan knew from months that she is Puchki and still feigned ignorance and indifference, apparently to please his adopted mother/brother, but really because he was a weak spineless man, too ashamed to acknowledge his own origins or even his real mother. And now, after using Ridhoy emotionally in every which way, Shan and Asmita want to start a ‘new life’. Asmita suddenly has this eureka moment that Shan must be innocent after all, now she wants him. Shan, innocent? He was no victim. For years he had best of education, healthy environment and open to modern ideas in a foreign land. He was away from Nevi’s influence. But not once did he grow up or formed opinions of his own. He still went on spouting garbage about ‘dirty streets’. It was not just Nevi’s love that he wanted, but also the prestige of the Majumdar name. I swear, the only ‘positive’ thing out of this mess is now the ‘Majumdar name’ will surely be damaged beyond repair. I imagine the society always taking the family name now with a snigger.

  7. I don’t believe I’m saying this…I HATE Asmita, even more than Shan right now.. As things happened, Ridhoy is looking better than this pathetic couple.. He genuinely loved Asmita and forgive her sad life as a child born in the gutter and now she has proved that she’s from sonagachi, use men for benefits and then discard them like broken toys… There’s no redemption with these two characters unless Ridhoy forgives them and I know he won’t, don’t blame him, I’m with him in teaching Asmita and Shan a good lesson.. No amount of soul searching and acceptance of blame would absolve them from their crime and I see it as one. Lakshmi, the head officer who worked on the failed sting operation requested her to hand over all her stuff from her post as a police officer until further notice, I can’t remember if she is on paid leave, to me it looks like she is no longer one now…i think she dances more than do work when she was a police… I also agree that Nivi hits hard and accurately with her words, she’s proving to be more credible than Shan and Asmita since days now… She’s speaking correctly… Kinda feel like Asmita and Shan are the antagonists right now…

  8. Dhara u said it. Thanku 4 these valid points. 100% true. I feel relieved 2 see such a sensible comment. Well done

  9. Actually I started underestimate girls when i saw ytg comments bcz they only want ‘jodi romance chemistry.. But sensible women also here who understand human&humanity atleast with some ethics. Only heartless ppl can supp selfish Shaan

  10. I agree with Dhara. Shaan neither want Nevi nor Chanda. He want a surname&position. He never cared for Ridoy if not he w’d clear to Ridoy about Asmita . Shaan love shaan. Thats it. Asmita is beyond compare for finding a case she can even propose&marry Arindam os even her unknown father. For Asmita marriage is the ultimate solution

  11. Sonagachi women are not two faced. Most of them r compelled to the… They never played with anyone’s feelings. They want food. But ASMITA LOWER THAN SONAGACHI WOMEN. Acting innocent and victim. She used Ridoy as a toy , took advantage of his trust and luv. She married 2 bros playing hide&seek with 1 and throwing another into hell by saying regard me as ur sis. She agreed 2 go 4 HM with R. What did she expect? Ridoy should marry as she says Ridoy should divorce as she says. She used Ridoy as a pet. Even dogs get more consideration than ridoy

  12. Right on track. Now the writers cue the memory loss track…. Or even the mentally regressive track?! Generic, regurgitated rubbish! ? These writers are so lazy that i can almost already see rhidoy’s convenient memory loss, or child-like mental regression ? This serial has no essence anymore. I hope they don’t give it a kaala teeka twist, where shan becomes in kaali’s place , giving up his love for his sibling… Hereby rewarding their psychotic obsession. And neither ever really has a chance of happiness ?

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