Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan and Puchki meet

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi calls Ridhoy and says I was so worried for you. You could just have texted. Ridhoy says I am learning from the best. I will learn. Nevi says talk on point. He says I am not coming to Calcutta ever. Like brother doesn’t come. Shan is dazed. Nevi says how can you say that? Ridhoy says if he doesn’t come I wont come either. Nevi says listen.. Ridhoy says if you want me to come you have to convince your elder son to come with me. Talk to him. Shan takes the phone. Nevi says send my son back I want him here in Calcutta. Shan says you wont. You will get your birthday gift. Ridhoy hugs him and says you are coming wit me. I am very happy.

Puchki is leaving for calcutta. Pathna baba hugs her. She says don’t worry about me.
Shan is at the airport too. Puchki

says why do I feel weird. Shan walks past her but she doesn’t see him. A guy collides with Puchki and says sorry. Her duppatta gets stuck. He says let me stay tied. If you come close that would be great. Puchki is wearing headphones. sHe says were you saying something? He says nothing. She pulls her dupatta. The man and his friend say wow what a hot girl. Lets time pass with her. Puchki’s bag falls. The guy takes her pictures from the back. He is about to touch her. SHan holds his hand. Shan shoves and hits them. Puchki is dazed. Shan picks them and beats them. Shan says can’t you use all these efforts in empowering them instead of doing all this. if you ever annoy a girl like this I will not leave you. My name is Shan Maxumdar. His back is towards puchki. She is dazed. Puchki runs after him and hugs him. she is dreaming all this. Shan has left. She couldn’t see his face.
Inspector thanks Shan. They arrest the men.

Puchki says he is right there in front of me. I want to meet him. I want to hug them. But I can’t move my feet. Please give me power to meet him.
Ridhoy says beat someone again for women safety? Who is the girl? Shan says i don’t know. Ridhoy says should we talk to her? Shna says I dont’ meet any random girl. And so wont you. Remember what our class. we can’t talk to any girl whose class and status is unknown. This doesn’t suit Mazumdar. Ridhou says I am not asking to marry her. We can just meet. Shan says we only meet people who match our status. We have to maintain our class. puchki is hearing all this. Ridhoy says are you allergic to girls or some other issue? Shan says shut up.

Ridhoy sees Pucki. He says remember me? I never thought I would meet you here. Please listen.. Puchki doesn’t answer. He says where did you go? You dance really well. Shan looks at her. Shan says you asked me to help this dancer? Puchki says what is your problem? What do you think you are? If you don’t like a dancer then stay away from us. Shan says girls like you objectify themselves. Puchki says you should come out of disgusting thoughts and you would know how far the world has gone. Shan says world is at the same place. women use short cuts and use their body to earn. Puchki says shame on people like you. You are business class. Big seats and small thoughts. Thank God we have a partition between business class and general class. I hope we never meet again. She leaves.

Scene 2
Nevi says this is enough. Jamai says Sir has announced that Shan will take his business forward. Shan is our pride. She is in our board of directors now. Nevi says shut up. Sir has given him so much. Jamai says he has all the powers. Ridhoy will be number 2. Nevi says I would never let that happen.

Shan recalls the promise Nevi took from him. Ridhoy is in line. Nevi calls Shan. Nevi says are you daring to come to calcutta? Remember the promise? Shan says I cried all these years for your voice. Nevi says answer what I am asking. are you coming back? You will see my dead face to welcome you. Shan says mama please don’t say that. She says that’s what you are doing to me. nevi says say no to Ridhoy. Your mom chanda has died and Puchki doesn’t live here either. Don’t come here. You will see me dead as well. Choice is yours.
Precap-Puchki comes to bari. She sees shan’s childhood saying nothing has changed. Neither bari nor our friendship. Shan comes to Calcutta too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So ,Shan is a totally changed man now,Ofcourse there were hints of that before the leap itself but never imagined this sort of transformation….a boy who had to be forced by his mother to leave Sonagachi now repulses the very word itself….And I don’t understand his fascination with his foster mother Nivi who has never been kind to him….I am just trying to understand his psychology..Why does he crave for mother’s love from this unkind lady nivedita who is a typical step mother wheres as he hates his biological mother ,Chanda who is no more it because of her status as the daughter in law of wealthy Mazumdar family or because he was given way for adoption and separated from Chanda when he was just nine….Anyway what a disappointment for Puchki …after twenty long years she meets him and recognises him by pure providence but he is totally unrecognisable….she is so devastated by this personality transformation that she wishes not to meet him again in her life time….I would love to see Shan ‘s reaction when he comes to know that Asmita is not a dancer but a police officer and she is none other than the brave Puchki….best example that you don’t require riches to come up in life…

    1. Lakshmi, I also don’t understand the fascination Shan has towards his stepmother, it’s not logical to me. He can’t be that naive, that inhuman to not feel the rejection from her for all the years he spent in her company. The other thing is, how could his heart be so untouched that the mother whom he loved and lived with prior to his adoption, couldn’t guarantee herself a degree of emphaty from his heart…that’s not understandable. Just like you, I can’t understand his psychology but you know what, in most of the serials we’ve watched, we’ve had the misfortune to have male leads be so beyond help, that analyzing them always proved to be a challenge. We tried with Raja then the writers did their best to make us hate him, then came Abhimanyu who ended up fooling us with his twin, Vivaan was next but he was damaged beyond words and finally we have Shan to decipher, writers sure have made him into an enigma now, and here we are trying to understand his psychology… Our minds could never rest at all… It’s expected though that Shan would have clashes with Puchki and now that she sees his transformation, this must come as a blow to her that finding the Shan she grew up with is not the same person she is seeing today, this is going to be a monumentous task for her.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Naz same with me no child would turn so drastically against a mother who raised him with luv and care towards a woman her barely knows and who clearly doesnt care for him. No mother who luvs her child would wish for dem to b away from her yet nevi sent him far away and made him promise never to come back. Even now with ridhoy saying he wont go back without shan shes still threatening to kill herself if he comes home. Really is dis wst shan really believes is luv if so im very sorry for him indeed.

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    I like ShaNita meet in today’s episode… When Ridhoy asked him have he met someone where his heart suddenly felt strange, Shan recalls seeing the girl whose duppata fell on his car… I thought he didn’t see her but he saw her… Then, he walked and turns casually again he saw the girl at the airport… I thought both of them will meet at Kolkata only… It’s good they have met… Shan is too bad talking bad about dancers, giving importance for status… Poor Puchki heart is completely shattered…

  3. this is the same old story line the Zee TV always puts out. Going forward every tom Dick and Harry will try to keep Shan and Puchki apart just like in KKB, KB and Keelerein Rich Boy Poor girl. The Backgrounds the leads are different but the story line soon will become the same.

  4. You are right Naz,most of the male leads in Zee serials are difficult to analyse as they have a few darker shades in their characters making ….except for Sahil and Prem ….yes, prem had certain weak points but like Sahil,prem was a darling….their feelings are so clear that it is like they wear their hearts on their sleeves..Infact there were times when Vedika looked like a riddle wrapped in a mystery to me..I hope she now knows what she wants stops hurting Sahil in the name of some sacrifice or the other….Coming back to our enigmatic heroes like Raja ,Vivaan ,Abhimanyu ( Ofcourse I loved his meanness also) ,to some extent Kabir ,and now Shan ,do you think that the writers are intentionally giving their male leads a few negative traits as they think that they make them attractive…I only hope that in case of Shan they don’t go overboard like they did with Vivaan and destroy the character itself…. And I wonder where is Arindam nowadays….after the leap we have n’t come across him….
    Naz,I wanted to thank Cathy and searched for her on I sA and AKAJS forums but couldn’t find her….pl convey my thanks to her….Regarding Bashar Momin ,I knew you would like it…starting from the script ,actors ,direction ….everything almost perfect….Better you start with Khanni in the week ends or when you have loads of free time ….like Bashar ,once you start with it ,you would like finish it off in one go….it is so irresistible….And I would love to hear your views on the main characters Khanni and Mir Haadi….After watching this serial I differed from Cathy’s opinion that Khanni did the right thing by not forgiving Mir Haadi… Just ask Cathy if she is watching anything else….right now I need some such quality stuff to de stress myself….

  5. i love how different Puhcki is turning out from the promos… i thought once she meets shan, she will try to meet him again or try to convince him like she used to when she was a child. But she has grown up so much. She recognized her childhood friend, but when she realized how much he has changed and how degrading his views have become regarding class and status, She not only gave him a proper reply, she also wished that she never meets him again. She is even relieved that Shan didn’t recognize her… strong, honest female leads are so hard to come by, (and i dont refer to those who are loud or fight for no reason) that i am willing to watch this show for Puchki only.
    i am liking the actor for shan as well… but he seems to have none of the character growth that Puchki had. all the money and status has gone to his head and he is still pining for Nivedita. Having grown up, he still doesnt realize the true face of his adoptive mother, or the sacrifice of his biological mother. He still doesn’t realize the hardship of such places or the clutches of poverty. and how hard it is to live in such place or come out of it. hope the growth comes realistically along with the love story…

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