Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan and Nandani’s engagement

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani is crying. Shan says are you okay? She says how can I be? My husband to be was with a girl all night. Everyone taunted me I can’t keep you tied. He says it was a mistake. She says promise me you wont do it again. Shan recalls his time with Asmita. He says I promise. Nandani hugs him. He thinks about Asmita hugging him. Shan says in heart why is asmita in my mind all the time. Nandani says in heart I know you can’t make any girl sad. I will use this good trait of yours.

Asmita is looking for moni. Thaku ma calls her and says if you want to see her alive come here. Asmita says please don’t harm her I am coming there. Asmita says please don’t harm her. She runs.
Asmita comes where thaku ma has kept moni. She is on a cradle above coal. Asmita

says please don’t do this. I beg you. Thaku says you played the game. Asmita says I am doing what you asked. Please leave moni. Thaku says ma says stop being innocent. I know how clever you were and are. The pain you all gave me made me more powerful. I asked you not to come between them. They are getting married at any cost. I told you if you come in between this moni will go back to sona gachi. Asmita says I agreed to everything. I won’t come between them ever. Thaku ma says why did you go after Shan in the jungle? Why did you spend the night with him? You thought no one would know? You thought you have all the mind? Asmita says I only went to save him. Please let Moni go. Thaku ma says if you try stopping the engagement I will ruin Moni’s life. Asmita says I will do what you ask. Please give me moni. Thaku ma says she will live with me. If you do anything I will take her back to sona gachi. Anything you do can ruin her life. Asmita says thaku ma please.. She shoves her and picks moni. Thaku ma leaves. Asmita cries. Asmita says no.. I won’t let her ruin Moni’s life. She won’t live there. She deserves a good life. I will save her. But I will save Shan too.

Scene 2
Nandani is getting ready. Thaku ma gives her locket. Nandani says finally I am getting engaged to shan. Thaku says a lot would happen today. Nandani hugs her and says I am so excited.
Shan recalls what he said to Moni in the jungle. Shan says why do I feel so weird. What’s happening. What should I do. I only think about her all the time. what’s happening. Should I tell everyone I don’t want this engagement or should I do this engagement with no love?

The function starts. Beauty says why are you upset asmita. Enjoy it. Dance and entertain everyone. If you were a dancer not policewoman you would make a lot of money. Asmita says don’t you ever get tired? Beauty says no I am thaku ma’s daughter. Moni is with thaku ma. Beauty wonders what’s going on.
Shan comes downstairs with Nandani. The song judaai plays. Asmita looks at him. Asmita swipes her tears. Everyone welcomes the couple. Thaku ma says to asmita you know you have to stay silent. Asmita says in heart I wont let Shan get engaged to that nandani.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Is everyone in dat family blind? Wst right does thaku maa have dat she has kept moni with her and noone is asking why she is not with her mother. As I said before dis track with thaku maa being against puchki cause she didnt check for her when she was told she had died us just ridiculous. As a child when u see dat someone is dead u dont expect to see dem alive again. Plus being hated and pried upon by d adults around is not an easy ting especially when u have no sayidea. So thaku maa is unjustified in her anger towards puchki

  2. Sometimes I really have to look at this series and laugh not because it’s good (which at some point it is) but just because it’s so dragged, repetitive, mediocre and confusing. Well, today’s episode wasn’t so bad so I’ll just watch and see what happens

    1. SHANKI

      YTG will eventually get better after this track I think ridoy will come back to take revenge on asmita and shan this will be really funny to see psycho ridoy back but I have a feeling that since shan is having memory loss ridoy will create more problems soon in their lives oh god when will they get married and live happily at least for a month to many twists in this show like one problem temporarily solved and then old one returns soon thaku will go and ridoy and nevi will come.
      I think shan’s memory will be back but then ridoy oooh god soo may more twists
      But this show is feeling so much better because for some time we don’t see that disgusting human being Nivideta

      precap: Shan remembers everything real puchki hugs him, Thaku maa and nandani shocked ridoy gets up and says Now I will take revenge and return to ruin your lives dada and asmita you will never be one.

      Maha episodic promo: Shan is about to fill nandani’s mang with sindoor, someone comes there and throws sindoor away it turns out to be Paramita!

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