Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy is hospital

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan says Ridoy open your eyes.. He isn’t breathing. Shan is in shock. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Nevi calls Ridoy. It’s a video call. Nevi says asmita what is shan doing there? Where is Ridoy? Shan takes the phone. He shows Ridoy. Nevi is dazed. she screams. Nevi says what happened to my son. SHan says he tried raping Asmita. Nevi says bring him here. I will kill you two if anything happens to him. Asmita calls an ambulance.

Ridoy is alive. they take him to hospital. Shan says to Asmita report to police. She says I am responsible for this. This isnn’t your fault. Shan says I didn’t kill Chanda ma. It happened like what happened today. Asmita says I don’t know why I said all that. I know you can never do all this. Shan hugs Asmita.

Beauty says for a girl one brother killed another. Nevi slaps her and says nothing would happen to my ridoy. He will come back home.
Everyone comes to hospital. Nevi is crying. ravindra says control yourself. Nevi slaps Shan. SHe says you are so disgusting. You tried killing him for this girl? I thought you would change but you can never change. I will kill you if anything happens to him. Shan says he tried raping asmita. NEvi says I dont want to hear anything. He was with his wife, what were you doing there. any man would get angry when he sees his wife with another man. NEvi says to asmita you are blood of those dirty streets. asmita says enough. You have no right to insult me like that.
Raivindra says Shan this happened because of Asmita. He is your brother. How could you do this to him.

Asmita comes home and cries in shower. She recalls Rdioy touching her. Asmita washes herself and cries. Shan comes home. He looks at asmita crying. Shan hugs her. Asmita says I want to be Puchki again. Why all this happened. Don’t leave me today. I want to live forever with you. Shan says your love keeps me going. He says let’s start the life from where we left it. Puchki and Shantanu. Neel comes home. He says Shan ridoy. Doctor said he wont live.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ok so nearly kill ridhoy (because we all know he’s not going to die) and make him not only obsessed but revengeful too and then unite…..nice move writer’s nice move i guess you all looking for some kind of leverage to make their unity short lived cause when ridhoy wakes all hell will break loose if nevi and beauty don’t start first and having a healthy strong relationship don’t work for Indian serials there must be complications…..*sigh oh well

  2. I truly disliked Asmita playing with both brothers emotions, she set out to prove Nivi’s high crime of destroying Arindham’s because of his betrayal by being the one behind his disappearance but what did she prove? To me, the only thing she achieved was separating two brothers. She didn’t catch Nivi red handed nor did she find Arindham. What a waste of a plot by the police…. Instead, every thing else happened under the sun except Asmita’s quest.. In the process of having lost her job and Shan physically kicking her out the house, Asmita reacted like the proverbial wounded lion, tiger or whatever…by playing on the volatile emotional unbalance of Ridhoy and now just like that she’s ready to forgive and forget and move on with Shan… As much as I don’t like Nivi, I don’t mind seeing Shan and Asmita see some hell from the mother and son… I might as well enjoy the drama since not much is enjoyed by supporting the good ones… Let the writers do the thinking out of this big mess and I’m going to enjoy seeing some ass getting kicked…

  3. good Ridoy is alive i hope when RIdoy find out her mom do sin will hate her and knew Shan and Asmita knew other each long time and ask forgive them change Ridoy’s heart accpet it! I blame Ridoy’s mother for separate Asmita and Shan when they young kids and Ridoy wont fell in love with Asmita.

  4. Exactly my thoughts Naz,whatever obsessive freak Ridoy may be,Asmita shouldn’t have used him for her own self interest …Getting ready to marry another guy just for personal vengeance is really cold blooded and not lady like……On top of it she is a police this what they teach in Indian Police academy to solve a case ..Anyways she seems to have completely forgotten about her true mission……and what to say about the unpredictable and fickle minded Shan….he doesn’t seem to know whether he loves Asmita or not….not long ago he was not against Ridoy and Asmita’s marriage ….now he is at logger heads with his brother….both Asmita and Shan have taken advantage of Ridoy’s infaturation and used him to exact retribution on each other….If we give Ridoy the tag of an antagonist ,in no way Shan and Asmita are better….And I don’t mind them getting a taste of their own medicine from Ridoy once he gets well and I am sure he will get well…Of course that doesn’t mean I am supporting Ridoy but from now on I won’t support our so called protagonists either …normally we feel bad to see the antagonists harassing the leads….But I am going to enjoy shan and Asmita getting a few kicks ….they have simply lost their credibility and I no longer see Puchki and Shantanu in these two….

    1. I agree with your thoughts 100%…the characters have lost all credibility in my opinion too.. I like how you said it that they both used Ridhoy to exact retribution on each other, that’s it right there!! I did say that Shan became a lost soul when he gave up his mother and Puchki for the Mazumdar name, his identity was lost, at some point in his life did he wonder if he had made a mistake by giving up these two precious ppl in his life, don’t think so! Now he’s thinking about that but it’s too late. You know, these writers have sick minds…they enjoyed playing with their characters.. Sigh, I’ve switched sides from this episode even though Ridhoy is bad, I don’t like how he was treated by his brother and Asmita… One more thing, Shan gives off impression that he’s a victim, plain truth is that he’s weak minded and enjoyed the wealth and status of the Mazumdar become someone in life..

  5. First time I felt happy when Nevi shouted at Shaan and Asmita. Ridhoy trusted and loved Shaan and Asmita but they both cheated on him. Naturally he will become a Physco. Atleast Asmita admitted that Ridhoy was a good person and because of them he became violent but Shaan wanted to go to the police station and complain. Funny thing is Ridhoy was so serious and they took him to Kolkatta hospital as if there were no hospitals in Mumbai.

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