Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Beauty comes to Shan’s house

Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki sees Shan picking so much stuff. Se says there are so many things in his house. She says let me help. He says mama asked me to bring all this up alone. Mama asked not to take help.
Nevi says to Ravindra our house is so dirty. Ravindra says you can get it cleaned. She says what about other stains he brought us? Ravindra says stop speaking against is. She says I care for this house. i want this house to be always dignified. I will go against anyone. Ravindra says what are you trying to say? She says Shan brought meat in this house. Ravindra says what? She says I am not lying. Puchki hears all this. She says I thought he is like us. He brought his dirt with him. He has brought fish in this house and impured this house. Moushmi says fish? What? Nevi says he should be eating

this in sona kachi.

Shan puts all the stuff in Nevi’s room.

Rana says what are you saying. she says I can’t be yours. Stop draeming abuot me. I will go out of this place soon. He says you are dreaming. They hate girls from here. I will marry you if you want. He says I will keep you as a queen. She says why would I marry a loser like you. Do what you are assigned too. Find Puchki. He says I killed her. She says bring her body then. Ravindra asks driver why did you get shan fish? He says Shan asked me to.

Nevi says sir you didn’t say anything. Ravindra says I gave him one chance. Nevi says glad you gave him a chance. Please don’t get me wrong. THink about what I said. He says please. She says we can teach him but can’t change his class. Ravindra says I will fill in class in his viens.
Puchki asks shan not to open the box. She says there is a fish in it. She says your mom was saying that to your dada. He says let me ask mama. She says don’t go. No one eats fish here. You can’t even talk about it here. Shan says then why mama asked me to bring one. Puchki says lets leave it in the pond. Puchki says you mom was talking ill about you in front of your dada. Shan shoves her out and says don’t dare saying a word against my mom. Pucki says we can leave the fish in the pond. Shan says I know what to do. Go from here.
Shan says why did ma did all this? No mama loves me.

Scene 2
Some guests come. Moushumi asks Puchki to bring glasses. Beauty says take my order too. Its beauty disguised as classy woman. Puchki is dazed to see her. Beauty says bring me juice. Beauty say go now. Puchki says beauty can’t know who I am. Now you see what I give you to drink.
Precap-Water falls on Puchki. Nevi sees her and gets to know that the kid is Puchki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plzz shw mai leap lao hm sbko mza nhi arha hai Manish ko jldi Is show Mai laye hm sb unka wait kr rhe hai

  2. Looks like the producers have postponed the leap indefinitely…they are starting new tracks like Beauty accessing the Mazumdar house with very high ambitions….And Puchki.she is really struggling in the guise of a boy …it is not that easy to change her voice and talk like a boy at her age……Surprisingly she is getting more screen space than Shan who is older and experienced enough to handle stress…And I am really disappointed with Nivi….she os becoming a typical ,cheap step mom….that ‘s what happens if you drag the story beyond reasonable limits….I don’t understand how all of this is going to contribute to the future story provided there is one ….we never know they will continue with the same team till the end…..

  3. Cathy

    Well that’s it for me…i won’t continue.

  4. Leisa s morris

    More crap!!!!! All d serials has lost their appeal seems like these writers do t know d meanin of entertainment smh.


    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz for good sake leap lao plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Bcoz we want leapppppppppppp

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