Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy dies

Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says Ridoy what you did is so wrong. Ridoy says were you alone with Shan? Asmita says you don’t trust me. How can I even be close to you. I am going. Ridoy holds her and says leave this bag. He shoves her. Ridoy says I am sorry. Your ankle is sprained. He says you hurt me the same way. You can’t go away from me. He tries to come close to Asmita. Asmita says stop it. He says I will make you my wife. You give me sleeping pills so I can’t come near you? She says your mom gave them. Ridoy says I will come close to you. You can’t stop me. Asmita says Ridoy stop it. She slaps him. Ridoy pulls her dupatta. He holds her mouth and says you were fooling me and cheating one me? You came to me and asked me to marry yu.

Ridoy shoves Asmtia on bed. Asmita says leave me. This is a sin. He throws her dupatta away. Ridoy get on Asmita. She shoves him and runs. Ridoy comes after her. He says I love you. We will be one tonight. asmita says I will call police. He says I will tell them you are cheating on me with him. Asmita shoves him and they both fall in pool. He tries to come close, Asmita slaps him. He says you can’t go away from me. ASmita runs. Asmita picks a rod and says don’t come near me. He says you can’t stop me. He takes the rod form her and shoves her against the wall. Shan comes and shoves Ridoy. Shan hits Ridoy. He says you are an animal. You can’t be my brother. RIdoy says you never considered me your brother. You are from those dirty streets. You can’t come between us. Shan says hit me if you can. Ridoy hits him with rod. Shan hids Ridoy.
Asmita sits down crying. ridoy hits his head and pulls asmita. Shan gets up and hits him.

Ridoy says I wont leave you. Asmita says ridoy please stop. Shan hits ridoy. He falls from the roof. Asmita says he will die lets go. They runs downstairs. Ridoy is dead. Shan says Ridoy listen.. RIdoy.. He is dead. Shan is in shock.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    Nah ..he’s not both are about to go through hell..Ridoy is going to torment you both alot ..Stupid writers!!!πŸ˜’

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Writers and show makers think we are stupid… Ek secene pool me and near pool and durse hi secene me roof pr… Hadd hai dikhane ki bhi….

  3. Iam only happy of the fact that we won’t have to bear that psychotic lover ridhoy anymore 😌. No doubt now court and ridhoy murder case will be focused more 😏shan might go to jail and for the next few years writer will keep going with the same boring story πŸ™„ another maverick track by the stupid writers.. let’s see what happens next. At least now they should show shamita standing by e.o side. Enough of this revenge taking drama show us a strong, independent and sensible shamita 😌

  4. Poor Ridhoy I feel very sorry for him. Asmita played with his feelings. Asked him to marry her, then agreed to go for honeymoon with him and then saying no to him and telling him he is doing wrong with her.

    1. Of course Ridhoy won’t be dead… That’s the drama of zee serials, so Ridhoy will be back, just like how it happens as well and he’ll wreck some havoc in Shan and Asmita’s relationship and life… So predictable!!

  5. Leisa s morris

    Sooooo dey fall in pool from room but end up on roofwhere ridhoy falls ok. Hmmm nevi, guess u didnt c dis when u plot to destroy asmita and shan did u. Convincing ur crazy ass son dat asmita give him slping pills but not seeing how far his craziness will go hmmm . And isnt it just like these writers to have ridhoy shoot shan but no witness, then for shan to b in critical condition only to become well enough to go fight ridhoy and kill him hmmm smh

    1. Lmao smh

  6. Stupid show. They think that viewers are fool. If you want to see the show u must remove ur brain and watch.

  7. looking forward for shan asmita babies making their way into their life no ridoy can threaten them once they are for each other we want ashmita back in her sherni avtaar and shann in his macho man attire who cares for that loser ridoy

  8. I don’t know what the heck is wrong while posting comments, since a week ago, my comments end up as replies to other viewers contributions …. Sorry Anamika, for the intrusion.

  9. Ridoy won’t die that easy unless there is some other antagonist already in wait to take his place and harass the lead couple…without an antagonist ,our shows can not run…Coming to the sequence of events that led to Ridoy’s so called death ,they certainly defy logic but we can not look for logic in our shows….The attempt to rape Asmita,…..what was Asmita actually expecting from Ridoy when she accepted to marry him …that he would be a gentleman and Saint ….Anyways Shan and Asmita’s characters have lost their charm…yes,According to the clarification given by Vinothini In her previous comment ,Asmita’s second marriage was left incomplete at the intervention of Shan…But there is no denying the fact that she wanted to marry Ridoy just to get back at Shan and actually went ahead with the marriage rituals ….If not for the timely intervention of Shan and the elusive invisible ink used on the marriage certificates for signatures,she would have been Ridoy’s legally wedded wife ….is n’t it real stupidity on Asmita’s part to marry a psycho just to teach a lesson to Shan…. and the ugly consequences are here to be seen….

  10. Ridoy should not die, he must know how is his mother a cruel lady who has killed Chanda Maa and also hides his dad in such a poor state although someone who is very rich. He must know his mum is more physo than him. Story is becoming not good these days. The only thing I watch is the JODI, Shamita is above compare and their roles as lovers are so true to watch not fake like other serials.

    1. I agree with Sasha in my mind i hope when RIdoy find out her mom do sin will hate her and knew Shan and Asmita knew other each long time and ask forgive them change Ridoy’s heart accpet it! I blame Ridoy’s mother for separate Asmita and Shan when they young kids and Ridoy wont fell in love with Asmita.

  11. Is Ridoy Asmita’s toy?

  12. I hate Shaan&Amita two selfish devils. Plz writers take revenge from Asmita 4 using Ridoy. I dont understand y ppl support Asmita who asked to ridoy 2 marry her and played with his feelings. She is not lesser than a vamp.

  13. I agree with your comment. I too hate Asmita now.

  14. Nevis’s HUSBAND CHEATED ON HER. She became bitter knowing the truth.
    She is taking revenge because of Shaan’s and Ridoy cheating father.
    These Innocent kids get caught up by adult’s stupid actions.
    Ashmita led Ridoy along for her personal benefit.
    Nevi knew there was fire around Ashmita, Ridoy and Shan and she threw more kerosene
    to lit the flames of hatred.

  15. I say you guys love each other. Nobody cares about you why don’t you just go to another place and live peacefully. It’s like your wanting to stay around such people. Writers, please make some good storyline for these characters.

  16. I hope Ridoy change his heart when he met his dad.

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