Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki is an inspector

Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pathan Baba says are you ready Puchki? She says don’t call me Puchki in front of everyone. Call me Asmita. He says you also call me Bara bheem not pathan baba.
The dance party starts. Ridhoy is there with his friends. A girl taunts him for his handicapped walk. He says I dont’ mind. He says for your information I am the tragedy king, you don’t even look like queens. You dont’ have the standard to win my heart. I might find my dream girl in this club. Ridhoy says why is Shan dada not picking phone. His friend says he might be with some girl. ridhoy says he isn’t like us. He is the kind of guy any girl would take to meet her parents. His friend says and you are the kind parents warn their girls about.

Puchki says 20 years, forget all that.

Pathna says you will always be Puchki for me. Puchki says I died the day I jumped and ran away from my past. Everything was left behind that day. My bari ma too. Chanda asked her to jump from the bridge. Pathan says you can never run away from past. Puchki says it becomes present if you take it with you. pathan says you have started work in Mumbai but roots are in Sona gachi. Don’t these ghunghro remind you of sona gachi? She says I don’t want to remember all day. I have wait, but how long will I keep reading old pages? She goes out. Pathan says the story wont change until it is completed.

Asmita comes in the club to dance. Ridhoy is there. Puchki dances on sab ki baratain ayen. Ridhoy loves her dance. Police raids the place. Everyone rushes from there. Inspector says we got to know there are drugs.. Ridhoy says where did that girl go? Inspector says what girl? Come with us. They arrest Ridhoy. Ridhoy says we are no in drugs. inspector says so what was happening here? Puchki is in police station. shan comes there for Ridhoy.

Shan is outside the police station. Puchki looks out. Puchki says why do I have that feeling? Why? Shan feels something too. He looks around.
Inspector says take all girls inside. Shan comes in. Ridhoy says dada I am here. He says see my dada is coming. Shan hugs Ridhoy. He says what is all this? They are my friends too. You have to get us out. But there is a girl too. You have to et her out too. SHan says which girl? Ridhoy says they took her to that side. Shan says I will check.
Puchki is with the female inspector. She takes off her jewelry dn dress and wears the inspector uniform. Pucki comes out. Everyone salutes her. sHe went there as an agent. All constables congratulate her for this mission. He says it was an under cover raid. The constable says pretending to be dance for this under cover raid was amazing. You dance well. Puchki says I danced because it was work. Don’t ever say that again.
Constable says there is a guy outside. He is saying we have to bail his brother or our jobs are in danger. Puchki says let me check.

Shan says to male inspector bail my brother. Male inspector says we arrested him for drugs. Shan says what proof do you have? There was nothing illegal there. We can’t wait for your madam anymore. I am taking my brother. I will see who can stop me. Shan says don’t worry I will do something. Puchki comes there. Shan’s face is on the other side. Puchki says excuse me..
Precap-Asmita wins high performance police award. She is transferred to Calcutta for mission Sonagachi. Puchki is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow… Puchki a police officer! I love this fact. I hadn’t imagined it because the initial promo showed grown up Puchki still in the bari where Shan comes and says he wont accept a girl from there… But i seriously love this twist! I just hope once the love story starts, the writers dont show Puchki as weak or forget that she has another job, like the other shows usually do

  2. Leisa s morris

    Damn I luv dis twist indeed, puchki will b goin under cover I presume. This should b interesting especially wen face to face with beauty and nevi. Even though we lost our main leading man im willing to bypass dis as im excited about puchki being a figure of authority and dealing with all those dat wronged her, her mom and chanda. Noshan isnt included he lost his respect for friend and mom and he doesnt deserve to b easily forgiven.

  3. zara hayat khan

    WWowww intresting

  4. Amazing!!!!! Glad they didn’t just have puchki a dancer at the bari. Glad she is a police inspector!!!!!!

  5. Oh good, I’m so happy that Puchki is a police officer and a hard working one too. I was afraid that she would have been at SONAGACHI all these years, unfortunately, this is where her past life would come back to haunt her seeing that she’s going to be posted back there… Initially, it had looked like that was how it was going to be from the past promotional scenes, thank the writers for changing the direction…

  6. Ruby_MarNy

    Loved the twist that Puchki is a police officer… Her next mission is at sonakachi…

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