Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nandani tries to kill Asmita’s child

Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan runs to Asmita. He says Puchki open your eyes. Please listen to me. This can’t happen. He asks people for lift. Shan says Puchki.. He cries. Shan puts her on a cart and rushes to the hospital. Shan runs to Asmita. He says Puchki open your eyes. Please listen to me. This can’t happen. He asks people for lift. Shan says Puchki.. He cries. Shan puts her on a cart and rushes to the hospital. Asmita is taken into an emergency. Shan waits outside. The doctor says she is critical. Arrange blood. Shan rushes out.
Asmita’s surgery is being done. The doctor says we have to start the surgery. Doctor says please sign the papers. We can either save you or your child. Asmita says please save my child. She signs the papers.

Shan comes with blood. Shan is worried. He stands outside. Shan sees pooja being done there. A kid says this is ball gopal’s birthday. Come do arti with us. Nurse says Asmita signed these papers. It says save Asmita not the baby. She says Asmita said save her life. Shan says she isn’t selfish like that. Shan is in shock.
Shan sits there and cries. Shan says asmita can never do that. She isn’t selfish like that. Please save my child.

Asmita is being operated. Nandani looks at shan and says I didn’t have another way. You have to be parted from her. Nurse smiles at Nandani. Nandani says asmita should be alive and that kid should be dead. Nurse says okay. The nurse is taking wrong meds inside. She looks at Shan. She stops. Doctors save Asmita’s child. Shan says nothing can happen to my child on this day.
The nurse comes out. Shan says is asmita okay? She says sorry. We couldn’t save your chikd. Your wife is fine. we had to save her. It was her wish. Shan is shocked. Shan cries. He says how could you do this asmita. we lost our child. He sits down and cries. Shan says why did you do this. I will never forgive you and never see your face. You’re dead for me.

The nurse brings baby to another nurse. She says nandani will kill her. take her away from here. I had to save her. I couldn’t kill this baby. THe other nurse takes asmita’s baby. She collides with shan. Shan holds the baby. He looks at her and cries. Shan says can’t you be careful. What if she fell. She takes the baby and leaves.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. DannyComments

    Let me get this straight, Shan sleeps with another woman to save his wife, Wife gets hit by a car and rather than actually choose to save wife like how other reasonable husbands should, he gets mad at her for allegedly choosing to save her life instead? Oh wow! And we are back to Asmita the unfortunate soul, not only losing her Husband, but child too..and coming out of surgery to meet a husband who claimed earlier on to do anything for her, hating her so much to the extent that he doesn’t want to see her face? Oh dear Lord I have a headache!!!

  2. I think Ridhoy is more faithful to Asmita than Shaan. Now the little girl who is coming back on the show will bring back this show and increase the TRP. Asmita and Shaan both say they love each other so much then why don’t they trust each other. Due to some misunderstanding they break up.

    1. I agree I actually wanted her to be with Ridley at a point in time shan is unreliable and took long to stand up for their relationship and the first chance he got he ruined it totally under the disguise of saving the relationship

  3. Hari096

    They so much as morally killed Shaan’s character, he would have never done this to his Puckhi! Agreed, his monologue about hating Puchki makes no sense. Maybe its because he felt he had no choice but to do something so vile for the sake of his child and he feels Asmita just killed it (though its a terrible misunderstanding). If Shaan had told Asmita about Nandini’s conditions and had Asmita told Shaan she was going to take the blame for him, this whole situation could have been prevented. Agreed, they STILL don’t trust each other which is so SAD considering everything they have been through. What was the point of their wedding vows then?! Every character has made mistakes, some more than others; the writers better show a good redemption track!

  4. The writers are a joke. This show needs to come to an end.

  5. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

    Shaan, really who are you to do this you flipping cunt.. you f**k another woman and try to justify yourself saying why not f**k her? and what is with the justifying? I didn’t know she was planning a pregnancy? Does that mean oh I shouldn’t maybe have gone too close to her, but still f**king her makes it right? then you expect Asmita to live with u, to save your child and sacrifice (Which she did) so you can have 2 babies and live happily with Nandini??Wa Wa the cunt saying Asmita is dead for me and when actually the screenwriters have murdered the Shantanu character completely leaving no hope of redeeming himself????.. the main problems happen is because of the cunt’s trust issues! Like the cunt who claims to love his Puchki before soo much trusts the god damn nurse over his love?.. You know usually they show the woman drug the men and make them believe that they slept with them when they actually didn’t and the do so much for forgiveness when they didn’t do anything bad! Here tho it’s so disgusting the cunt Shaan f**ks then almost slaps Asmita trying to justify his sin. Wa Wa! Along with killing Shaan’s character they also lost the true message of the show that no matter, if you were birth of sonagachi, doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.. I guess Shaan the cunt proved he’s “Songachi ka Shantanu” which means he had no reason to fight with Nivedita! The evil demon Nivi’s turned out to always be right about Shaan! Where is that Beauty and Moushmi not taunting Shaan, why? I don’t think Shamita will ever reunite and don’t think I want them to reunite!

  6. Director has really killed the show. So now all the love Shan has for Asmita, he does not want to see her face. What he likes seeing this cruel face of Nandini. It is the whole fault of Nandini if the situation is like this. No recording of what these cruel people says. Where is Arindum, Khan Chacha who was responsible for Shan’s club. Serial finish. But what I dont like people hating Shan and Asmita Characters than hating the Director’s foolish continuation.

  7. These series starts off brilliantly then it becomes a question of trp’s and airtimes and I am sure monies as well,
    Every serial I have watched thus far has the same issues!!!

    I have stopped watching KumKum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya and recently Guddan tumse na ho payega.

    Its very sad that these damn stupid producers/writers have no morals whatsoever!!

    A huge thank you to the people writing these updates, that is how I have been following these stories.
    And it is great fun (most of the time) interacting with all of you – Danny watch that headache, while I take my blood pressure meds. LOL

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