Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shantanu returns home from temple and is upset over Puchki not coming to meet him there. The servant gets his favorite rosogulla that he had purchased.

At Majumdar Bungalow, Puchki is disguised as boy and is waiting to get away so that she can meet her boro. Soon Puchki and shantanu meet.. they are thrilled n rejoice for few moments. They have a few seconds of fun. He asks about every one at bari.. he is heart broken to learn Choti maa had gone to heavens. He weeps for her n feels guilty.

At bari, Beauty tells thakuma how puchki had danced so well and earned lots of money.. without doing any flash trade. Thakuma is pleased. Soon hell breaks lose as they discover Puchki had not returned. It was a dwarf man in puchki’s clothes.

At Majumdar bungalow, Puchki and Shaan have fun filled moments in his room. He shares his toys and pakode with her. Puchki is still the same naughty cute self n shaan loves her.

Nivedita comes and is surprised to see Puchki got left behind as her companions had left. She asks Shaan if he knew her. Shaan remembers the warnings of Pathan chahca and his foster dad. He denies knowing Puchki. Puchki is shocked. Nivedita takes Puchki by arm to prepare to send her back.

After Puchki leaves the room, she is heart broken that her Shaan refused to recognize her. Shaan too is heart broken and feels sad that he had to do this.. he had become selfish. He weeps for puchki.

At bari, Beauty blames the dwarf for missing Puchki.. but thakuma reminds Beauty that Puchki was Beauty’s responsibility. She could not blame the dwarf. How would she manage the bari? Chanda asks them to worry for Puchki who might be lost in this city somewhere.

At Majumdar bungalow, Nivedita gets friends with the cute puchki and feels sorry as she learns she was an orphan. She soon realizes Puchki knew Shaan very well. Nivedita asks driver to drop Puchki to Sonagachi.

She then confronts Shaan that she realized Shan and Puchki knew eachother well. She asks him to reveal how he knew this girl from sonagachi.. what was his relationship with her. Why did he lie to her that he did not know this girl? Shaan is so tensed about revealing about his past, he faints. Nivedita feels concerned about him.

Precap: Same as yesterday: Nivedita confirms from her husband Arindam that Shaan had been brought from Sonagachi. She wants to send him back to the Badnaam galiyan. Arindam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

  1. Thanks for the update Sutapasima ….The truth is out and we know that Nivedita will want her husband to leave Shan from where he was brought…but what will be Arindam’s response…Ofcourse he won’t oblise ,that much is for sure….but how will he convince his wife …will he tell the truth behind his birth ? Ofcourse we are only assuming that Shan is Arindam’s illegitimate son…may be there is some other reason….Anyways ,waiting for the upcoming episodes…

  2. Ty.po error ….Oblige…


    Thanks for the update…….. aaj toh sab ki naam written update par sahi likha hai…. once again thanks to SUTAPASIMA

  4. thanks for updates
    i am loving it

  5. I smiled watching Shan pacing up and down waiting for Puchki…even though these are young children, it nevertheless reminds me of having to wait to see the one you love and becoming increasingly agitated and flustered when they don’t show up or late in showing up…cute scene. It’s a love between these two but they don’t recognize it’s symptoms… Now that this news is privy to Nivedita and she wants Arindham to return Shan to Sona Kachi, assuming what we think, concerning Shan’s paternity, then it’s going to be hell if Arindham is really Shan’s father…I’m really waiting to hear if Arindham is or isn’t… Thanks Lakshmi… I read your comment on yesterday’s forum I appreciate your concern , all is OK now but even though it’s something we are used to on this side, one can never get used to earthquakes at all…of course Nafeesa wasn’t frightened because she says it’s nature’s way of releasing pent up pressure due to faulting and movement of tectonic plates, if this doesn’t happen, it could be worse if it was not released, it’s the damage which is of concern if not structurally prepared or emotionally. So…for now, we are OK…

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