Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy shoots asmita

Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridoy shoots shan. Waiter tells another someone shot Shan. Asmita runs upstairs. Asmita looks for Shan. Ridoy sits there and says I told you not to come between me and asmita. She is my wife. You have bad eyes on her. You can’t take my Asmita from me. He says asmita where are you.. No one will come between us. Nevi calls Ridoy. She says you didn’t call me once. Is everything okay? Ridoy says yes everything is fine. Nevi says I was worried if shan came to Mumbai. Ridoy says no he didn’t come here. I will talk to you. Nevi says always check your meds neer trust anyone. He says there are sleeping pills in my medicine. Nevi says why would she? Nevi says she is plotting something. When you were asleep she is with shan. Ridoy hangs up.

Shan is in hospital. Asmita asks doctor how is he? Doctor says he is critical condition. Ridoy asks manager where is asmita? He says she took Shan to hospital. Where he was shot there were no cameras but police is investigating. Ridoy goes angry to his room. He says enough asmita. You will see my dark face now. You returned my love with cheating. No one can stop me now.

Asmita comes to darbar to pray for Shan. A flower falls in her lap. Asmita comes back to Shan. Asmita says shan.. She holds his hand. shan starts beating. Asmita hugs him. Asmita says Shan you scared me. He holds her hand.
Shan hugs asmita. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Asmita stands up. Shan stands up. She says I am responsible for all this. Go back home. He says I can’t leave you alone. Asmita says please go from here. I can’t risk your life. For me you have to go from here. I will handle him. He has to pay for what he did. Asmita says nothing should happen to you. Shan says don’t say all this. Asmita leaves the room.

Ridoy is angry in room. Asmita comes in. Everything is broken. Asmita says Ridoy.. What did you do. Shan says Asmtia is in trouble.
Precap-Ridoy is about to hit Asmita. shan shoves him and he falls from the building.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After seeing today episode I totally blame Asmita. She knows how much Ridhoy loves her and still she deceived him. If she did not love him she should have not married him. She does not deserve any love from Shaan and Ridhoy.

    1. Ridoy is obsessed not in love

      1. Exactly

  2. Agree with you Mayrose…Asmita is fully responsible for this crazy scenario….No doubts Shan was bull headed and stupid enough to play hide and seek with Asmita’s love for him and Ridoy is freakish enough to get married to a girl fully knowing that she doesn’t love him and she is the love of his older brother…..For a girl ,having two men of this nature is nothing less than hell……We can understand Asmita having a soft corner for Shan and his histrionics …after all she loves him….but inviting a fanatic like Ridoy into her life doesn’t make any sense ….he couldn’t have coerced her into her marriage without her consent…then why did she marry him? Now ,she is playing with the emotions of two men ,either knowingly or unknowingly…..Totally disappointed with Asmita’s character….I had great expectations from her…..a courageous girl from a red light area grown up to become an upright police officer with her eyes always searching for her childhood friend Shantanu……that was where the beautiful dream ended…..Later part is just the sick imagination of the writers who don’t seem to have any value for any relationships ,…be it between siblings or couples,things have really gone ugly….Asmita wears Ridoy’s mangalsutra and sindhoor but loves Shan ….why? Definitely she was under no compulsion like parental pressure to marry Ridoy….If Shan was n’t the sensitive guy that he is now,she could have waited for him and continued with her job…..but she has committed a blunder and destroyed everything…

    1. This is so well said

  3. Hello asmita is shaan legally wedded wife and not ridhoy . Shaan is already told everyone

  4. I am really confused Vinothini,,,,,may be I am missing something since I have only been reading the updates ,but can you clarify why Asmita had to go through this ridiculous second marriage with Ridoy when she is already married to Shan that too without divorcing him…and why has she accepted and gone on honeymoon with Ridoy if she is not legally wedded to him?As for the updates ,Asmita got married to Ridoy in accordance with all Hindu rituals ….then how can we say that Asmita is not married to Ridoy…

    1. When the marriage certificates were being signed, Asmita used an ink pen which contained invisible ink after some time has passed, don’t askme if there’s such a pen… So Asmita signed on Ridhoy’s certificate with the invisible pen and used a normal pen to sign slyly under a cloud of confusion at the said moment on the certificate with Shan’s name.. It doesn’t make sense to me because Paro also was required to sign on Shan’s certificate, so how did two women sign on a certificate, when filing for consent on the marriage registry, wouldn’t that discrepancy show up and also, I didn’t see Paro signing with the invisible pen so now that’s where I’m confused.. We haven’t heard anything about those certificates after…or maybe I missed some details… In any case, Paro has agreed to dissolve the marriage after Shan and Asmita became a couple, in exchange for help and safety for herself, mohit and their coming baby…

  5. Lakshmi ,Reading the update is wrong you have not watched asmita second marriage with full ritual is not complete with ridhoy . Asmita think that shaan has killed his own mother chanda maa actually shaan has not killed his mother because nivedita has killed chanda with poison pin that is why asmita has taken drastic steps to marry ridhoy to take revenge shaan for eventually ridhoy and asmita has taken sath vachan but ridhoy didn’t put sindhoor on asmita forehead and mangalsutra both of them has not complete ritual because shaan arrived and stopped ridhoy and asmita marriage however asmita get angry with shaan and then say that ridhoy to announce priests that they are married but priests has not announced that ridhoy and asmita are married. Asmita has once again fooled mazumdar and ridhoy announce that they are married but didn’t happen with complete full ritual. Asmita is inspector now she is suspected because taking arindham case charge and investigation ,Mumbai and Kolkata Police department has full proff legal marriage and legal registration that shaan and asmita are legally married because paro isn’t shaan wife and ridhoy isn’t asmita husband .asmita has not got divorced with shaan how they are called ridhoy and asmita are married because they are illegal married, ridhoy didn’t get married is that cleared.

  6. Hello friends.. Hello Lakshmi… I blame Asmita for what is happening now, she’s played with both brothers feelings like its something easy to do without thinking of the ramifications of her actions..her approach is amateurish and she’s clearly not understanding Ridhoy’s psychological problems which he does display quite openly… For the record, even though it came off so lightly and under covert actions observed by the keen eyes alone of Bua and Pathan Baba, Shan is Asmita’s husband first and most importantly… Marriage rituals isn’t a joke like how these writers portrayed this important ceremony, but that’s what they did exactly…they also make Shan into a weak man, manipulating his emotions and mental capacity to become a loser in the viewers eyes… I would have thought Asmita after having educated herself would have exercised better judgement in dealing with her life and her personal issues, she’s disappointed me… I thought she knew better.. As you’ve said Lakshmi, Asmita could have done anything else to teach Shan a lesson except marry his brother in retaliation, by doing what she did, she has only managed to worsen the already existing sour relationship between the two brothers… No matter how many Shan of a marriage ritual Asmita performs, she still remains Shan’s wife first…

  7. I really think that the actor in Ridhoy’s role should be commended for his fabulous performance as the the unpredictable and emotional psycho that he was fashioned to be… No disrespect meant but if he was a little bit more good looking, he could do a protoganists role as the main lead…but we all know that getting the role of the antagonist is a highly competitive one, after all, the focus is highly dependent on the superb acting of those who really could put the shine on being vindictive, psycho, truly mean and hateful, that’s what the writers think is best in these serials, to hold the viewers attention.. I think that the antagonists are given more clout than the main leads in all of the serials thus far.. Between Shan and Ridhoy, the actor giving the better performance is the man behind Ridhoy’s crazy character… Just my opinion friends, you all may see differently..

    1. Yep,its true lavin is a fab actor his psychotic portrayal of ridhoy is extremely good and even avinash mishra (shan) is also a fab actor it’s the fault of the writers who have just butchered the characters of Shan and asmita. From a ambitious, strong and independent lady asmita has changed to a silly stupid and utter nonsense one who doesn’t even know what is her own wish ,either to be with shan or with ridhoy. She is taking revenge on shan for the crime which he hasn’t even committed and that stubborn shan who was a bound puppy of her mum and chote has now been completely changed to a asmita’s deewana majnu 😏

  8. U all can’t put all d blame in Asmita she now also think Shan killed her mom . If u were Asmita n assure that someone killed ur mom u would take revenge…bt still she luv Shan bt is just angry wid him ….l think d CV’s r mad choosing this stupid track….

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