Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Beauty kidnaps Puchki

Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Beauty massages Thakur’s legs. Thakur says sit with me like this.
Arpita is really worried. She sees beauty with Thakur. She says I can’t tell Thakur. Only I cn do it. Thakur ma says I am going out. Beauty says don’t worry I will handle everything here.

Arpita comes to her room. She checks money and says how will I run with this less money. Puchki comes and says you need money? You can keep my money. Arpita says lets go. Puchki saus are we going somewhere? Arpita says lets play a game. WE don’t tell anyone. She says let me call Shantanu. Arpita says no not him. Arpita says he would mind if we don’t play with him. Arpita says we are one team. We will hide. They will all look for us. Beauty shouldn’t find us.
Arpita says lets go. Puchki says can I meet shantanu once before leaving? Arpita says okay but don’t tell him anything. Puchki comes to shantanu. He gives her copy. She says I will write letter to God again. Shantanu says what happened? She says nothing I am going. Shantanu reads the letter. The thugs are keeping an eye on puchki.
Chanda sees the Arpita as taken the money. she says what is arpita hiding from me? Some thugs give puchki a gift. The thugs say come here. Murli says to the thugs pick that girl. Puchki goes to Arpita. Arpita calls inspector. He says go from there fast. You will be in trouble if beauty sees you. The thugs picks Puchki from there. Arpita looks for her. She says please help me God. Where is Puchki. Did beauty pick her?
Beauty and her thugs rope puchki. Shantanu sees them.
Shantanu brings puchki to Arpita. She takes her from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It was just revolting to see the she devil,Beauty ,employing two goons to hound and kidnap our little angel ‘Puchki’….how cute she looks really ..when it comes to acting,she is a natural…Arpita has not learnt anything in all these years…she still looks sluggish…she should have been rather swift after the inspector’s warning…instead she sends out Puchki to meet Shantanu …The precap shows that he brings her out of the store room and saves her from Beauty’s clutches ,atleast for the time being but he doesn’t know what she has to come back and stay there only..

  2. Nina

    Puchki’s mother had been roaming through the house as somnambulist even didn’t notice the next disappearance her daughter.

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