Yeh Teri Galiyan 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan in jail

Yeh Teri Galiyan 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani coems in crying. She hugs her dad. Nandani says Shan hit me. He did all this. Bua says donon’t lie. Ridoy says shame on you. How can you stoop so low? Shan can never hit a woman. This is all a lie. This won’t bring him close to you. If you loved him you won’t have done all this. You don’t even deserve his hate. I will get him out of jail. Ridoy says Ravindra call commissioner. Get him bailed out. Moushmi says these cases aren’t easy. Asmita, tell them. He can’t get out. Nandani says this asmita is responsible for all this. They went to the police station to complain about me. That I fooled him. He filled my hairline. Asmita’s dad says please stop playing with my daughter’s life. You are like your mom. You are only after money.

I can give you money. stay away from her husband. Asmita says I won’t’ leave my shan. We all know how greedy you are. I can insult you here but I am like my mom, not you. I am proud that love matters to me. I don’t care if I am right to you or not. I won’t leave Shan. He says you’re like your mom.

Asmita’s dad says I would ruin your house Ravindra if my daughter cries. Tell shan to be fair to my daughter or.. Ravindra stands up. He says don’t worry I will fix everything. Shan would keep Nandani happy. He says Shan would only come out if my daughter asks. Ravvindra says nandani I beg you please get shan out. Asmita says sir please don’t do this. He says I can do anything to bring Shan out. Nandani says then fulfill my condition. I will withdraw my condition. First condition is, you have to ask shan to leave asmita and start life anew. Second, ask asmita to rub her nose in my feet. Moushmi says Asmita do what Nandani asks. Thaku ma says true love? Do it for your love. It’s time for you to do something for him. Ego came in between? nandani says who cares about my stupid conditions? Ravindra says we don’t have time to think what is right and wrong. Ravindra says asmita you love Shan right? Please think about him only. Asmita says you’re right sit. I can do anything for Shan. I will do what it takes to bring Shan out.

Asmita walks towards Nandani. Ridoy stops her. Nevi says stop it. Ridoy says I am proving i love shan. I will show I love Shan. I want him to come out. You should all do the same right? You all love him right? not just Asmita? Nevi says are you crazy? Ridoy says you expect Asmita to bow down to nandani’s for Shan’s love? Then everyone should do it. Nandani says stop it. What are you doing? You think I am doing all this to bring asmita down? I love Shan. I don’t want this second man to be around my husband. I love him. You all see I sent him to jail, no one saw he hit me. Shan is a guy so he is always right. I will handle it. I will get him out of jail. Her dad says no. He won’t be out. He hit my daughter, he will be in jail. Nandani says he is my husband. He says I won’t let it happen.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Today’s episode was such a waste.. Nandini for sure has bipolar disorder.. she first put him in jail now she wants to take him out? Asmita you’re a police, do something or go find yourself a real man!

  2. Shanki you r right .nandini ek physco criminal hai.use proper treatment ki jaeurat hai.arebhai Nandini aunty ko Shan & Asmita ki life se out hona chaiye . Legally married couple ke b*t*h lady physco ka kar Rahi hai.ab bahut late Ho Gaya hai ab Nandini aunty ko Shaan ki yad Aya eksaal pehel Shaan Asmita ki legal marriage & mandap Mai Shad ho chuka hai tab kaha thi aunty ji.ab janai chaiye Nandini aunty ko jail Aya mental asilam .what rubbish.shaan ki wife as its hai ab is lady physco ko Apne Liya pagal dhund Lena chaiye

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