Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Thaku ma asks Chanda and Puchki to go from bari

Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki is crying. She says he left forever bari ma. I will always remember this day. She cries. She leaves. Thaku ma says to chanda come with me. She locks some money for her and says take this and go from here. I want to free you and Puchki. Puchki saved my life when my own daughter hurt me. SHe has to go out of here. I am freeing you and Puchki from this slavery. Go from here. Chanda is shocked. Beauty comes and claps. She says now you will change the rules for Puchki? Has she done some magic on you? she shoves thaku ma. Puchki shoves Beauty and says stay away from thaku ma. Puchki says you hit thaku ma that day too. Beauty says wow. So now you will tell me what to do. Just imagine what can I do with you? Puchki screams in her ears I am not scared of. Don’t touch anyone.

Neither thaku ma nor bari. Puchki pulls Puchki’s hair and says who will save them? You? She is about to slap her. thaku ma holds her hand and says don’t you dare. i have given them freedom. I rule this place not you. Beauty says ever thought about your own daughter? Thaku ma says everyone has their fate written. Beauty says I will write my fate and of every girl here. Because of this girl i am here. I wont let her live her life. She wont go out of here. Thaku ma says go from here Chanda. No one can stop you. Beauty’s thugs and rana come and stop Chanda. Beauty says you are old now thaku ma. You can’t rule this place anymore. All girls say please let Puchki go from here. She is a little girl. Puchki says lets go bari ma. Rana and his thugs stops them. Beauty says to thaku ma no. Puchki runs. Thugs run after her. Chanda runs too. chanda and Puchki run out. The thugs look for her. Thaku ma says let them go. All women stop Rana and his thugs. Beauty puts knife on Chanda’s neck. Chanda says puchki run from here. Don’t worry about me. Puchki burns beauty’s hand with hot water and runs with Chanda.

Shan and Neel are in car. He says in heart I will go far away from you forever Puchki. Chadna and puchki are running on the same road. Chanda tries to get an auto. Rana and his thugs are looking for chanda and puchki.

Scene 2
Chanda and Puchki comes to Nevi’s house. Nevi says how dare you come here. She says sir.. chanda says if you think I want Aru then there is not such thing. Nevi says what are you here for? Nevi says my son really loves you. Please give him the love he deserves. Nevi says sorry i can’t do that. Nevi says I can’t accept your sin. I hate him. He is like a prick in my eyes. His face disgusts me. Chanda says he left us all to come to you. Nevi says he has gone already. He doesn’t wanna live with you nor with us. I made him do all this. You think I will ever embrace him? He will never have my son’s rights. Everything is fair in war. Chanda says he is a kid. This isn’t a war. He is ready to leave anything for your love. He left us too. Please pardon and accept him. He only needs your love. Nevi says your son has no right here. I tried to make him handicapped like my son. But he is very strong. you made mistakes that sent you far away from you. And now he doesn’t have this family either. I fueled this fire. Thanks. I wont finally. He has left everyone. He is far away. Chanda says where is my son? Nevi says London. Chanda is dazed. Nevi says yes forever. He said he wont come back until i dont’ ask him to come back and that wont happen. He will live there forever. My revenge is taken. Chanda says Puchki was right about you. You are disgusting and full of bitterness. Nevi says my heart was broken because of a disgusting woman like you. Chanda says God will never pardon you. Puchki says he will never go alone. I will be with him everywhere. Nevi says how? puchki plays his recording. She says this is how. Nevi is shocked. Puchki says lets go bari ma we have to stop Shan. Chanda and Puchki run. Nevi calls her thugs and says stop chanda and puchki from meeting Shan. Make sure they don’t see him even if you have to kill them.

Precap-Nevi’s thugs and Rana are after Chanda and Puchki. Rana stops them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Leap is starting on 22nd October with Vrushika Mehta and Avinash Mishra as leads…


    From one month I have not watching this crap show .
    But today I say new promo of leads .
    For me no Manish no ye Teri galiyan .
    Go to hellll yeh Teri galiyan

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