Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan says yes to marry Paro

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
He says you where there when no one was. Nevi says I am begging you for something. Promise me you will give it to me. He says I wont say no to you ever. You and Ridpy are my everything. She says no matter what anyone says you will ignore it and marry Paro today. Promise me?
Pathan Baba tells Asmita everything. She hugs him. Khurana says Nevi wont ever accept him. Asmita says God saved us. Baba says God saved your love. God saved you from Sona gachi. she says I will prove my husband innocent. Khurana says we are sure you will do it. Asmita says this is my battle. I would want to win. Don’t tell anyone that you have told me. Please go from here.

Nevi says Shan promise me you wont agree to anyone saying Asmita is your wife. Shan says I will marry Paro today. Nevi says Ridoy shouldn’t know any of it. He says he wont. Nevi hugs him. She says thank you beta. Shan is in tears. Shan says I will keep my promise at any cost.
Beauty says to Ravindra I think something isn’t right in your house about Paro’s wedding. NEvi says we want shan and Paro to marry today. we are all ready. Ravindra says yeah. Beauty says in heart there’s something. Ravindra looks worried and Nevi looks in hurry. I have to find out what’s going on.

Asmita is getting ready in her room. Shan comes in the room. Asmita looks at him. The song hamesha tumko chaha. She says the one writing our story wants us to be together. Asmita hugs him. Shan recalls what Nevi said. she shoves him. He says I beg you please take Ridoy from here and go away. Keep him away from all this. She says is that my husband or my husband’s brother. He says your friend. I beg you. She says our friendship has taken another turn. He says everything is like what it used to be. we were just friends and now you are my brother’s wife. He leaves. Asmita is in tears. Asmita sits down crying.

Asmita comes to kitchen. Ridoy is cooking there. He says it feels so different. You look pretty. I will make something for you. She says no no. He says I already made it. she says I have a condition. We have to go temple. He says but today is Shan’s wedding. She says what? He says we can go for a small while.
Precap-Bua says Asmita and Shan are married. Beauty says
what drama is that?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Just as predicted Shan refused to accept Asmita as his wife. It a disgrace that the Indian channels actually put shows like. Indian channels are always degrading women. This women’s character are portrayed as being strong women in the beginning and than women who have no brains at all as the show goes on. And than they have women who abuse their husbands by having him kidnapped and having people think he s missing. It is a disgrace how Indian families are portrayed in this shows as having no love for each other.

  2. Lets see what Nevi and Ridroy will do when they both realize no one can separate Ashmita and Shan. I predict Enmity will develop between the brothers and the mother will add fuel to the fire.
    Ashmita has to bring Nevi’s husband back so she’ll be in jail at least.

  3. Not surprised….in the back of my mind was hoping for once even as a big man Shan would stand up and deny Nevi ridiculous requests noooo the writers of these shows don’t have any morals their twisted mind just know how to destroy a perfectly good serial now there is nothing i watch on zee anymore just read the updates….we’re in 2019 the show is a modern day show(i hope) but yet these writers and producers have backward thinking they let foreigners like myself wonder what kind of place india is (now i know it’s just them)….oh and i love Pakistani serial straight to the point and relatable at times….will see if i can source the one’s the other commenters was talking about the past few days

  4. These serials rejoice in disrespecting marriage vows, relationships and religious beliefs… It was expected that Shan would deny the fact that he and Asmita are married, no surprise here. Sigh.. When will that day reach when he’ll see Nivi’s true colors? What a foolish man! To not sense his rejection by Nivi…sigh sigh sigh

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