Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan comes to Sona gachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aru stops from going to sonagachi. Shan says I understand everything papa. Please go back papa. Ridhoy needs you. I will live my life in Sona gachi. Shan leaves recalling everything that happened. He says I have to do thhis for ma and ridhoya.
Nevi says to Ravindra Shan has left. He said he wont come back, they loves them more than us. Ravindra says why didn’t you stop him? Nevi says he didn’t want to stay. Nevi says he wont ever come back. Moushmi says he has blood of the woman too.
Puchki hugs shan and says I knew you would come. I told you bari ma he can’t live without me. How do I look? Wish me and give me my birthday gift. Shan takes out everyting and says take it all. What else do you want. Puchki says what will I do with all this? He shouts and

says you took everything from me. What else do you want. My mummy and papa are separating you two. Chanda did this too. She wanted to come there and settle there baiting on me. Chanda says what are you saying. He says don’t touch me. He says you sold me. Leave them now. Mama was so worried because of you people. I had to leave the house forever. This Puchki came there and played plots there. I am disgusting that I was born here. I came here otherwise papa would have divorce mama. My own mother sold me. Puchki says what are you saying. Bari ma was right. I don’t need a friend like you. Go from here. go back to that place that you think is good. No one wants you here. She shoves him and says go now. Chanda says you could never understand us. Puchki says he is shan.. He isn’t our shantanu. Shan says I hate this place. You all are selfish. I don’t want any of you near my family.
Puchki says in front of God I break this friendship with you. Go from here now. Shan says I will go back and never look back here. I will forget your faces. He leaves.

Puchki says to Shan we don’t need a person like you. Go from here. Puchki says we don’t need a spoilt bratt like you. Puchki shoves Shan out of Sona gachi. Shan walks out. Puchki sits down and cries. Chanda hugs her. Puchki says he started loving his new family more than us. Chanda says you are my brave daughter. You have given a huge sacrifice. I know your heart hurts. Don’t cry. Just be patient. Puchki cries. Shan is walking on the streets. A car stops. Neel says what are you doing here. He says none of my moms want me. No one wants me with them. They all hate me. Neel hugs him. He says what are you saying. Always remember I am with you. Shan hugs him.

Ravindra and Nevi come there. Ravindra says answer us shan. Was this your decision to live here? Nevi says Shan tell everyone that you want to live here. Ravindra says let him answer. We just came here for you Shan., Tell me do you wanna live with us or here? Shan recalls Nevi begging him. Shan says sir I can’t live in Mazumdar house. Everyone is dazed. He says I can’t live in bari either. Shan says sir my request is please I don’t wanna live in this city. If I live here my sona gachi past will keep annoying our family. Send me somewhere alone. I want to be like you. A big man. I can’t do that living here. I can do anything for my family. Ravindra hugs him. He says you will go out of here and live your dreams. You will have all the wings you need. I will give you everything you need. You will go to London. He hugs Shan.

Precap-Beauty comes to Chanda. She stops her from taking puchki out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plzzzzzz hum fan’s ko Manish ko is show mai dekhna hai ap Manish ko is show mai lao ye hm sb fan’s ka reauquest hai

  2. Plzzzzzz Manish ko is show mai dekhna hai ap Manish ko is show mai lao ye hm sb fan’s ka reauquest hai

  3. Aww man I now discover this series, innocent kids and nasty old women jeez can’t you writers for once god damn it for once write something without bringing in any villains??? Now I am sure they are going to be separated and their damn parents (shan’s) will not want him to have anything to do with a poor girl as usual LMAO.

  4. DannyComments

    Shan is a wise Boy..but really naive..makes me think he didn’t get enough love from Chanda making him crave for so much love from that hateful woman..imagine living on your own for that long, knowing you are much burden..Anyway it is time to Age these wonderful little actors writers so get on with it already!

  5. Manish has left the show and won’t act in this show anymore… Only vrushika agreed to return back in the show…

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