Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nandani sleeps with Shan

Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridoy says to asmita we have to go get the papers finalized. Asmita says let me take Shan. He slept outside last night because of Nandani. I made breakfast for him. Ridoy says is there some for me? Asmita says there are a lot. Asmita comes to shan’s room. He is naked in bed. Nandani comes out of restroom. Nandani says you came to our room without permission? You came here with breakfast. You are so useless. You are just Moni’s maid here. SHe locks asmita outside. Nandani laughs. asmita says I have to tell Ridoy.

Asmita comes downstairs. Nandani comes too. Nandani says I will make tea for everyone. Nevi says this sari is for you and these jewelry. they are of the elder DIL of this house. Shan comes downstairs. He is normal. Ridoy and asmita look at him. Beauty says shan there is a love bite. Wow NAndani. Ravindra says mind your language. Shan looks at his neck. He looks at asmita. Beauty says to asmita you shouldn’t have problem if they are having a good life. Asmita leaves. Beauty says who cares about caretaker. Ridoy says shut up. Shan goes after asmita. Bua says where are you going nadnani? Come get ready for munh dikhai.

Shan comes to asmita. He syas are you made? Asmita swipes the love bite nad says she made it with lipstick. He says why is there a tear in your eye? She says I trust you and our love. I can’t just see all this. Shan says what if I started loving Nadani and didn’t recall you? ASmita says I would kill you. Asmita says we have to do something with nandani. She is very dangerous. shan says she is your sister after all. Asmita says don’t joke. He says relax. We have to go for divorce. Ridoy is waiting for us.

Scene 2
Munh dikhai starts. Nevi says we made a mistake with ridoy so I got a girl like diamond for Shan. Nandani’s friend says you finally got Shan. How was wedding night? She says really good. A girl asks who is that girl?? She says Moni’s caretaker. Shan says she is asmita and a police officer. Nandani you have no right to call her caretaker and insult her. Nandani says she was Ridoy’s wife. She had a baby but some women always want more men so she is after Ridoy. Ridoy divorced her. ridoy is angry. Asmita stops him. Nandani says she is husband snatcher. Shan says enough. I will show your real face to everyone. she fooled me into this marriage and I dont consider her my wife. My love is asmita. I will prove this nandani is a cheater. My only love is asmita.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    Stueps.. Shantanu the yucky baby boy I don’t hate this serial for the repetitive story line or the terrible dressing style.. I hate it for how easy it is to get claimed to get married in this show Asmita gets insulted put sindur on nandini? why cant you just tell them to shut up! Also in todays ep Nandini was fucking up shan! Stupid sexual scenes! EXTRA MARITIAL AFFAIRS! NO MARRIAGE PAPERS! just throw nandini out! And if Ridoy really wants to help asmita then do some drama with nevi and make nevi vow to not do anything!
    And I dont get what that Yucky dog shan wants! Such a Nevi’s dog! Thank god manish escaped from this extreme bullshit! Asmita go find yourself a REAL MAN!

  2. Shanki you are absolutely right.agree with u.ridhoy pe bhi doubt hai & Shaan bhi koi pure soul nahi hai .asmita ka liye special hero Lao.avinash or vrushika ka perfect match hai o offsreen bond bhi bohot kadai ac66 a hai.vrushika k sath Manish k suppose itna ach66a bonding nahi hoti.vrussy Avinash k sath Jada comfortable hai.but Manish is role Mai rehete to story line itna ghatiya nahi hota.shamita k scene k alaba kuch bhi nahi he is episodes mai.manish ne reject Kia toh ach66a kua

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