Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan married Asmita

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pandit ji says the wedding is done. Doctor comes. Bua asks shan to take Asmita to room. ASmita’s friend tells aditya she ate sleeping pills herself. Beauty says this is now time for Paro and Shan’s wedding. Bua says we can’t do that until Asmita is better. Ravindra says please calm down. We have to wait a little.
Bua takes pandit to a side. She says say what I asked you to. He says I wont say lie. I don’t need money. I will say what is truth.

Asmita wakes up in her bed. Ridoy and Shan bot are there. Asmita says Ridoy.. Shan.. Both of them are asleep. Shan wakes up. She says this sindur? Did I get married? He says yes. She says to whom?
Ravindra says lets prepare for Shan and Paro’s wedding. Bua says that wedding can’t happen. Because Shan is already married. Nevi says what? Bua says I spoke to pandit ji. He said Shan got married to Asmita not Ridoy. Pandit ji says she is right. He says gath bandhan was between Shan and Asmita. Nevi says what are you saying. You are the elder.. That doesn’t mean you can say anything. Ravindra says but.. Nevi says you shouldn’t expect any respect from me at this moment. Ridoy married asmita. What is this shamelessness. Bua says shouting wont change the truth?

Asmita says I got married to Ridoy? I wasn’t in senses. Ridoy says I had to marry you. Pandit ji said we would have to wait for three years. Because of Shan we got married. I am so happy to see you better. Shan says let me tell everyone. ASmita says are you and Paro married? Shan says no. Ridoy says we are married. I am so happy. I was so scared. I will tell everyone you are okay. He goes downstairs. Asmita sits down in tears. She says why did you do this Shan. Why dd you make his wife. I never loved anyone. Asmita cries. She says you ruined my life. I don’t know what to do. You kept your promise and ruined my life. I want an answer. Why did you do this? You don’t have an answer. You are so selfish. What am I? A toy? Was this your friendship?

Nevi says asmita is ridoy’s wife. Pandit ji why were you silent then? Bua says he told you what truth is. You know what truth is now. Nevi says I wont shut down. You can’t fool me with all this. Bua says you can’t change the truth. Shan is Asmita’s husband. Ridoy nd Shan come downstairs. Ridoy says Asmita is conscious. She says I am glad. Nevi says Shhan come with me.

She takes him to room. Shan says what happened? Nevi says please save ridoy’s life. Shan says please mama why are you saying that. You owned me when I had no one. Nevi says I am begging you. Please promise me you will marry Paro today. Shan heard what bua was saying.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lakshmi I have watched so many Pakistani shows now. I dont watch any of the Indian ones except two but if the character of Shaan does not accept Aasmita as his bride I will have only one I will watch Nazar. The other good Pakistani once are Khalish, Parchayee, Bay Dardi, Alif Allah Aur Insaan, Ishq Tamasha, Be Inteha..This are some of the once I have watched so far. Khaani was based on a true story and it was amazing. Characters play their parts wonderfully. Hope you watch some of this.

  2. Ashmita needs to buck up on her investigation to prove her point with Nevi then Shan will make sense of his Step Mother’s wicked ways.

    1. Knowing shan he’ll choose nevi and ridhoy and deny asmita…..hope he prove me wrong

  3. Beki,like you I stopped watching Indian drama ,that is totally….not even Yeh Teri Galiyan.,,,I just read the updates once in a while…coming this from an Indian may sound odd but that is the truth….I am so fed up with the nonsense that they show that I have decided enough is enough…In the beginning ,they look interesting but lose steam after fifty odd episodes…YTR began with a beautiful friendship between two adorable children with a red light area forming the backdrop…we could understand the separation as that was imminent….but Ridhoy ,a gentleman Otherwise ,getting obsessed with Asmita ,fully knowing that she doesn’t love him ,is somehow very distasteful…ISK ….I don’t know why Kabir can not be called a male chauvinist pig…how Zara is still tolerating him is beyond my comprehension…AKAjS ,a novel love ( personally I am not in favour of almost two decades age gap between two partners) story between a 24 year old man and a 42 year old woman is now in doldrums with Sahil ,losing memory and bringing home a young chic as his wife when he is already a married man with a son..I don’t understand why all these writers ,without hesitation ,deviate from the main theme and go into some meaningless and irrelevant tracks…is it just to drag the serial to 500 or more episodes…Somehow,nothing on Indian television is evoking interest… the reason why I havenn’t even started with the new serials …So I have switched over to Pakistani serials which as you said have a decent story line and a definite end…..I am already in the 5 th episode of Parchayee which is portraying the psyche of a fatherless young girl whose mother is going to be married to another man against her will….And I will watch every serial listed by you …Thanks a lot…

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