Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aru points gun at Nevi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravindra comes to Sona Kachi with media. He says I want people here to live a better life. SO we are here for their medical. Shan is adopted from here. I want to do something for these people. Shan will get all the rights like our family. Chanda says there is a difference between saying and doing. Like there is a difference between Shan and Ridhoy. Ravindra says I knew this question will come forward. See these papers thwy say that Shan is our heir. Chanda says tank you so much.

He gives Chanda a cheque and asys this is for you people. Chanda takes it. Media claps. Puchki says thank you. Will you get me admission in Shan’s school as well? You promised. He says I will keep my promise. This girl is brilliant like Shan. I would be gald to tell you Puchki has got the

admission she will start going to school in a few days. Beauty says do something mamoni.
Thaku ma says wait a minute. She comes with a brick and says turn off these cameras. She says this is our house. don’t do this drama here. We have been living here for ages. We don’t need your help. Better go from here. She whispers and says you didn’t tell them Shan is your own blood. If you want I can tell them.
Ravindra says thank you everyone for coming. We are leaving.

Scene 2
Nevi sees all this on TV. Moushumi says bhabhi did you see what papa said there. Nevi says I heard everything. Moushumi says I feel so bad. This is wrong.
Jamai says Moushumi come with me. She leaves. Jamai says to Nevi he ruined the whole plan. He made him heir. Nevi says i wont ever let that happen. Shan will have nothing. Just see how I destroy him.

Chanda says to Thaku ma you have seen us all. We are living here without anything I am only begging you for Puchki. I beg you please let her go to school. She is innocent. She is a kid. All these girls want the same. I know you have a heart that beats for us. Please do this for that heart.
Aru drinks. He reaclls Nevi saying to Shan yo said all that I asked.

Thaku ma pulls Chanda’s hair and says you thought you can make my girls rebel? Beauty was right about you. You are Puchki’s ma but I am mother of this bari. I look for future as well. I know about this place. Go to work everyone or I will make you shiver. They all leave. Thaku ma pulls Chanda and locks her in a room. Chanda says please thaku ma I beg you. Let Puchki go. thaku ma leaves.

Scene 3
Aru says to Nevi you deserve a salute for playing this game with that innocent kid. She says he isn’t innocent. He says why are you punishing him like this? What did you get? She asys you also asked him not to meet Puchki. Aru says he onlly asked you for a mother’s love. You did this deal for mother’s love. You are playing this game with him. He is sensitive. Please Chanda.. Nevi says how dare you call me with that whore’s name. Do i look that disgusting? You disgust me. How dare you call me with name of that curse chanda. Aru points a gun at her. Nevi is dazed.

Precap-Ravindra says to Thaku ma do my work and get any amount you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Arindam is forgetting what game he has played with Nivi before alleging that she is playing mean with his son….What does he think of himself….if he were in Nivi’s place ,would he have given father’s love to another man’s child….just disgusting…Is n’t he a human to not understand human emotions ….can any woman tolerate her husbsnd’ calling her by another woman’s name that too a pr*stitute……Still I don’t support Nivi’s conspiracies to destroy a child but I don’t expect her to give mother’s love to Shan.either ….She should just take divorce and get out with her son only after exposing Arindam’s infidelity and Ofcourse the secret behind the generosity of Sir in accepting a boy from Sonagachi as his heir….Let both father and son either hang their heads in shame or if they are really that kind hearted ,they should bring the biological mother of Shan to Mazumdar house as the wife of Arindam and bahu of Ravindran …Ofcourse we can not expect that from Ravindran who is a hypocrite….But Arindam ,,,,can he do that….divorce Nivi and marry Chanda…,,,,he is a bigger opportunist than his father…so ,better he keeps shut and stop expecting saintly generosity from ordinary persons….if Nivi really wants Arindam to pay for his sins ,she should expose him and then divorce him ….as it is there is no love lost between them or just live separately and bring up her child….She should not cheapen herself by conspiring against a child…,….it is Arindsm who should suffer,not Shan…

    1. Excuse me…. Women becomes pr*stitutes coz these men love to spend their so called times with them despite having wives….so plz no need to blame Chanda for all this…..Here nivi is more of blaming only chanda and his son….better if she would have left his husband n exposed his husbands deeds instead of making out cheap plans for shan n his own members ……

  2. DannyComments

    I think at this point I don’t mind Aru shooting Nevi. I can tolerate Men and Women misbehaving but I will never tolerate misbehaviour to children. Nevi crossed the line when she shot Shan. Crossed more lines when she made that poor boy insult his mother! I don’t care that her husband cheated! Men do that all the time so what? And her child being a cripple? Wasn’t Shans fault. He was trying to stop her! Oooh so mad right now. Some women are just so evil!

    1. ‘men do that all the time, so what?’ Since men do that all the time, a woman should just chill, is that what you are saying? Nivedita has crossed a line. But Arindam had crossed a line too. Just because it has been normalized in our society doesn’t mean the line will cease to exist.

  3. Smita Kothari

    This show is garbage and impossible theme.

  4. Smita ,whatever they are showing in ths show has been happening for ages… a man cheating his wife as if that is his birth right and a woman bringing up his illegitimate children as if she is destined to do so….In this serial ,I feel bad both for the child whose fault is simply to be born to a cheat who can feel so much for his girl friend and her son but not for the woman whom he married and exhibits her as a show piece in his elite society …and Ofcourse for Nivi….I don’t dare to imagine her pain when her husband’s misadventures started showing up one after the it something wrong to be possessive about a man she loves and with whom she has spent twelve years of her life ….how is she supposed to express her trampled emotions….My goodness..on top of it he brings his illegitimate child home ,expecting her to treat as her own….May be ,there are extraordinary women who don’t feel anything that we ordinary mortals feel, like pain ,hurt ,humiliation ,jealousy etc and invite her husband’s illegitimate children into her home and life with open arms….But in my practice as an attorney ,I have never come across such angels …they are approaching the courts for their legal rights to be seperated and Ofcourse adultery is one of the grounds for divorce in India….Whether individuals care or not ,law cares for women’s feelings which is enough to take the cheats to task …As for Nivi’s behaviour towards Shan ,was she so heartless in the beginning…..don’t the circumstances ,as adverse as she has experienced ,affect a person… as a third party ,I may say that she is not justified in targeting Shan for his father’s escapades but as a woman I certainly don’t want to be in her shoes…Those who believe in the institution of marriage should know that it is trust that makes the marriage work….if that is lost ,who is what ,no one needs to care….in such a scenario ,children suffer….that can not be avoided…Arindam should not forget that to judge someone’s morals ,he should be upright first .He should not hide behind the principle that ‘men do that all the time’…for that matter step mothers too have been doing that all the time…Can we defend Nivi ‘s step motherly treatment based on this age old attitude….if she can not be justified ,then Arindam should not be defended as well….

  5. B.k ,I never said women in the red light areas are to be blamed for what they are doing…. but they should not take advantage of men that come to them…if this is treated as a profession ,then they should follow some ethics….They are paid for what are giving ..that should be the end of the story …. If at all Chanda is to be censured ,it is not because of her profession but her manipulative tactics… Becoming mother to the son of the richest man in the city ,then send him on adoption in a clandestine manner,and now threatening for the boy”s rights by barging into their house and holding an infant to ransom…. Chanda certainly looks manipulative unless and until it is proved….To be very frank I don’t like this character….she is not like Puchki’s mother Arpita who was very straight forward …..As for Nivi ,I have already made my stand clear…

  6. Cathy

    Lakshmi!! I am not a faithful viewer of this show i am waiting for the grownup characters to show up…has there been a delay or did they decide to stick with making this a “Udaan” type story that focuses on the kids?

  7. Cathy ,the children portraying Puchki and Shantanu should have exited after the 13th episode itself but the makers have decided to postpone the leap and continue with them ,believe me,,,,for another six months …As per the recent reports , Manish and Vrushika are given choice either to look for a new project or wait for six months ….I am continuing with this as Kaleerein has become atrocious …ISA is ok but the Initial excitement is gone. .you know my reservation regarding Aap ke aa Jane se,,,,I don’t like Vedika’s character much…..Started watching the two new ones….Guddan and Tujhse Hai Rabta…Theme is different but they shouldn’t turn out to be specimens…Cathy ,to be frank, I am just bored of all these stupid stories….I think finite series work best ….short and sweet ….like Pakistani serials…

    1. Cathy

      Yep me too!! if you haven’t yet watch Khanni please look it up…it’s just finishing up here and i have to tell you next to Bashir Momin this has to be one of the best written and acted stories i’ve seen to date…I think Indian dramas might benefit alot from having them be finite so they can wrap it up and try something else…Do you remember the limited serial Bin Kuche Khai…i loved that one, didn’t get the casting of the main characters i didn’t get any real chemistry off them but it was a well written thoughtful story that ended well..i don’t know why they didn’t go more that. I agree with all your points on Kalireen..that just died a painful death i bailed early, as for AKAJS i wanted so much more from that show…it could really have been a ground breaking story but just turned Vedika into an unsympathetic victim and such a waste for Sahil’s devotion. and i’m watching the two new shows also, of course they’re a week behind India. LOL what else is new. right now i torture myself with KKB..mostly out of boredom…

  8. Thank you Cathy for the info……It has been quite a while since I watched something as exciting as Bashar….I was expecting to see the sequel to Bashar but Faisal announced in May itself that it would not come so soon as the script was not yet finalised… Anyways thanks again for Khanni ….I just can’t wait to watch it..Here I go with the first episode…

    1. Cathy

      It’s a clever show and i look forward to your opinion on it.

  9. Cathy,already finished seven episodes…just loving it.. Best example how circumstances transform a person’s personality beyond recognition….Just unbelievable that Khanni ,a shy and nervous girl ,on whom even her younger sisters would play pranks , and who would prefer to keep quiet and not risk any argument outside,would be transformed into an absolutely fearless girl, who would n’t even blink an eye while confronting the rich ,arrogant and influential brat ,Mir Hadi ,whom everyone fears and who she hates as he had killed her twin brother in a fit of rage….Cathy ,have you noticed the similarities between Hadi and Bashar….both negative ,stinkingly rich and head strong ….But the contrast is while Bashar gets attracted to Rudaba’s shy and nervous nature ( Ofcourse he discovers the stronger side of her personality later after marriage) Hadi is simply obsessed with this fearless girl , the episode that I have just watched ,Hadi accosts her into the restaurant where she works as a waitress ,confesses his love and walks out….Cathy ,I don’t know how the writers are going to make this happen but I want Khanni to respond positively…I know ,it is absurd ,accepting the love of s man who has killed her brother( Ofcourse it was not premeditated ,but still did it) threatened her mother to sign the document and responsibke for her father’s paralysis…In other words , he can be termed as a beast ..But I don’t think he is bad bu nature ….it is his parents and their upbringing that are to be blamed…I can already see some positive changes in him…You said that it s a clever story….I only hope Khaani won’t reject his love …..I also hope that Hadi won’t resort to cheap tricks to win over Khanni ….

  10. Cathy

    Oh Lakshmi i know the way you want this story to go, i’ll only say that it will in away (and thats the clever part) satisfy the romantic in you. This easily could have been Bashir if he had grown up in a rich privileged background also i agree with you there, but i love Khanni transformation into a fearless young woman taking on not only Mir Hadi and his family but the responsibility of her family through this grief, and what Mir Hadi will go through as his transformation also begins and his obsession of Khanni grows…I’m so glad you like this show, it does not fail.

  11. Plz manish goplani ko jldi lye

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