Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan angry at Puchki

Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says I have no connection but my heart says he is innocent and I will prove it. Inspector says we can only do that if we stop him. ASmita says I will.
Shan recalls Ridhoy saying he loves asmita. He says mama will never accept her. It will ruin so many lives. But is that the only reason I am scared? What is happening and why? Why she gives me a weird feeling. Why her presence affects me? He is angry. Puchki’s child says why are you running from me Shan? Why are you scared? He shouts and says just go away. I will leave. I have problem from you.

Shan showers. He is angry. He recalls everything.
Puchki is in Shan’s room. She leaves. shan holds her hand. Puchki slips SHan holds her. He wears his shirt and says why are you here? Do you wanna tell

something about yourself? She says I don’t know what are you talking aout. Puchki says I am your club’s employee and that’s who I am for you. He says so you have another identity? Why are you keeping an eye on me? She says why would I? He says why are you in my room? She says I came here by mistake. Shan says I know girls like you. You try to trap rich girls. She says who are you to say that about me? You have rented personality yourself. You can’t say anything about my character. Shan grasps her.

Ravindra says to Ridoy you are up so early? He says jogging. Ravindra says I am impressed. You saved our employee yesterday. You are learning from Shan. I want to give you a responsibility. He says I am ready. Ravindra says I want entire city to talk about out kali pooja. You have to arrange it. Ridhou says this will be huge for me too. I will make it grand. two special people would be there. Ravindra says who? Ridhoy says I will tell you.

Shan says what will you do? She says leave me. He holds her hand. Shan says get out. Get lost from here. Stay away from me. Asmita says I am not what you are like. I should go and tell your brother. He says shut up. I am selfish. Get out now. She leaves.
Ridhoy stops asmita. HE says I am sorry. But I wasn’t wrong. I couldn’t control my words. Give me once chance. She says I am not interested in you. No means no. He says but why? there is no such thing as love. I have no interest in you. SHe walks out.
Precap-Ridhoy says to Shan you have to help me propose Asmita.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think arindham has not been missng and kidnapped by nivi in order to meet shaan before 20 years

    1. I also think that same thing… Nivi the witch has hidden him somewhere…although writers alone knows how to keep a living human hidden for so long, they don’t need a shower, to go to the washroom or eat, they are always found tied up to a chair, plus if they want to scratch somewhere on their anatomy, how do they scratch themselves before going mad from a new itch!! In another serial called Woh Apna sa…that happened, with the patriarch of the family hidden in the basement tied to a chair and his beard almost touched his feet after 20+ years…mind you, he was about 80yrs old at the start of his captivity… Logic doesn’t exist on these serials… So, I’m sure Arindham is somewhere, and when he returns, he better kick Nivi’s rear out the house and his life and bring in Chanda because poor lady ruling the roost right now as a means of survival, she’s not bad at heart, in privacy we see her tears and regrets…

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Shantanu is confused with his feelings towards Puchki… He doesn’t like to say Ridhoy and Puchki’s name together… ShaMita scene awesome as usual… Shan showing hatred and Asmita giving back was too good…
    I loved the way Asmita refused Ridhoy’s love… No means no!!! But I can’t believe she is having these many hatred on love inside her heart…

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