Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shantanu leaves Sona Kachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda says I will keep Puchki and take care of her. Promise me that you wont look back.
Arpita comes to shanatnu’s new father and says thank you for saving my daughter. He says she is shantanu’s friend. Arpita says she will be fine. Please do one more favor on me. I beg you please adopt puchki as well. He is dazed. Arpita says my husband left us there. No one will harm shantanu in bari. I beg you please take Puchki. Please take her away from all this I beg you. He says okay. Chanda hears. He says I know your pain. I know she is nice but I have given my word to chanda. I promised her I will take Shantanu. I have decided. Shantanu will live in my house. I can’t help you. He leaves.
Arpita says forgive me. Chanda hugs her and says I know your pain. Arpita says I am sorry. Chanda says don’t worry. We will find a way to get her out of sona Kachi.

Shantanu’s new dad says your new family is waiting for you. Pucki is better now. Shantanu says can I meet her once? He goes in. Nurse says she needs rest. The man says let him meet.
Shantaanu says ouchki please open eyes. I will miss you. He kisses her forehead. Shantanu says I promised you I wont leave you alone but I have too. Please be better now. I am so sorry. Chanda and Arpita come in. Shantanu takes her photo with him. He tears the photo and leaves his with puchki and takes hers. He kisses Puchki’s face and hugs Arpita. They all cry. Arpita wishes him luck. He hugs Chanda.
Chanda leaves shantanu outside. He recalls his moments with puchki. Shantanu hugs Chanda. He leaves with the man. Puchki opens eyes and sees Arpita. She says where is shantanu? I wanna meet him. Arpita says he.. She says where is he? She cries. Arpita says please rest here. Arpita says Shantanu has left forever. Puchki is dazed. Arpita says he left this for you, She shows her the photo. Puchki cries.

Puchki gets up and says I have to stop shantanu. Arpita and nurse try to stop but she runs out. Shantanu sits in the car. Puchki runs out but the car has left. Arpita sits down and cries. Puchki cries at the door.
Shantanu’s father says brave boys don’t cry. Shantanu wont cry from now.
Precap-Puchki says where is shantanu? Arpita says he wont come back. Shantanu enters his new big house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Very sad update 🙁 I don’t understand one thing – if Shantanu’s foster father is a rich man, how is adopting Shantanu closes the door for Puchki???

    Anyway, it’s really heartbreaking for the kids to separate that too under this condition; but still it felt odd that Shantanu was more affected by his seeration with Puchki but not Chanda :O

    Yes, she has met with a terrible accident & the show is based on their love, still I would like it more if the focus was on both Shantanu-Puchki & Shantanu-Chanda.

    1. That look which chanda and his foster dad exchanged is v suspicious. .. its giving us a hint that arindam could be shan’s actual father or he has some hidden relationship with chanda. … story is getting more intriguing now

  2. Niharika ,I fully agree with you that this foster father of Shantanu seems to be rich enough to adopt both the children but still he opted to take home only Shantanu…..Arpita almost begged for her daughter …the guy was polite to her the same time adamant about his decision without offering any explanation for his reluctance to adopt Puchki as well….Anyways a heart wrenching scene when an inconsolable Shantanu tears the photo into two halves and leaves his photo under Puchki’s pillow…I can imagine Chanda’s mental agony when she hands over her son to be brought up somewhere away from her and away from Sona Kachi…She has sacrificed her mother’s love for Shantanu’s future …I don’t know how these young minds are going to cope up with this seperation ,but it was certainly hard to watch Shantanu leaving in the car leaving behing his Puchki alone and shattered…

  3. ?????….that’s how I felt watching this episode. Very emotional episode, as Arpita opened her hands holding her dupatta and begged for Puchki to be adopted as well, that caused my tears to start rolling and it continued till the end of the episode. I hope that writers keep this powerful love alive for the whole serial, whatever Shantanu and Puchki face in the years to come, this love ought to be kept alive. I’m thinking that we’ll be seeing a subdued and emotionless Shantanu as a grown man and when I heard his adoptive father tell him that that brave boys don’t cry, I’m sure that one day in the future, when the flooding of tears drench Shantanu’s heart, he’ll cry an ocean. His love for Puchki is so genuine, so innocent, so powerful…I cried seeing him cry his eyes, soul and heart out….wonderful and touching performance by this young actor.

  4. Sam….I also thought the penetrating stare from Chanda spoke volumes and your assumption that this man could be Shantanu’s father could be a possibility. Chanda has been see speaking covertly with someone on several occasions and she wouldn’t give up her son so eagerly without reservation, it looked even like an unspoken agreement that ” I trust you to take good care of Shantanu “…also, this adoptive family must have an important role in the story for this adoption to have taken place. The gentleman comes across as a decent and likeable character, don’t know how Shantanu’s adoptive family is going to turn out to be. Interesting times ahead in this serial…

  5. Yes Naz ,interesting times ahead and i am sure Shantanu’s adoptive family will play an important role in this couple’s relationship…Will it be positive or negative ,we can’t say at this juncture but most probably a negative role …if not the gentleman who seems to be a decent guy,the other family members might object to Shantanu’s relationship with a girl from SonaKachi….Having said this , I have my own doubts about this guy’s generosity in adopting a child from a red light area…I think Shantanu is his blood and he may not be having a child or specifically a son from his wife ….If he were really that kind and sympathetic,he would n’t have hesitated to take home both the children particularly after seeing the bond between the two …..It is obvious he has dome inhibitions..Naz what do you think about Chanda….i feel that there she is not exactly what she looks to be….We know that she had never on her own confided in Arpita about her son’s adoption….it was Arpita who chanced upon one of Chanda’s clandestine meetings with this guy and confronted her….And the way she looked at Arpita when she was begging Arindam to adopt Puchki in stead of Shantanu was certainly not sisterly…..may be she felt tensed that Arindam might oblige Arpita’s request and take Puchki or simply taken aback at Arpita’s desperation ,but as Puchki’s Badi MA ,she herself should have felt Arpita’s frustration…May be I am assuming things about Chanda ,but she doesn’t seem to be straight forward like Arpita..

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