Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan calls Asmita his SIL

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake Puchki says you have done such good planning. Thaku ma says I taught you. I told her about what your parents have done for me. Nevi said what if life gives you chance to avenge? You have to do something for me. I know you are taking care of a rich man’s daughter Nandani. And she loves shan. Thaku ma said how do you know all that? Nevi said I keep my eyes open. Thaku ma took her to Nandani’s room. There are Shan’s pictures. Nevi says she is crazy aout him. But shan only loves one girl. Thaku ma says I know and I want to tell her and I am scared that she might lose her mind. Nevi said you don’t have to. She can have shan. Thaku ma said you hated us why would you help me? Nevi said this is a deal. This is to get my Ridoy asmita, you your revenge and Nandani Shan. Thaku ma shook her hand.

Thaku ma says this is your battle. I will help you. We have to take what want. Nandani says I will even give my life for Shan. I will make him mine.
Asmita says you are right She can’t prove anything. Bua says when you are Puchki then why worry? Truth doesn’t hide. Bua says you just have to bring your love back. ASmita says I will do it. I will prove I am his Puchki. I wont let that fake puchki play with Shan’s feelings. I will protect Shan and myself.

Shan recalls his childhood. The song tera yarr hoon main plays. Nandani comes and says recalling childhood? I wrote this letter to God like I did back then. You used to take my prayers to God like you used to do. Asmita says all this wont work. shan knows the reality. Doctor has asked you to use meds on time. Shan looks Nandani says stay away from Shan. Asmita says you should worry about his health. He isn’t well. Nandani claps. She says this fake care wont make him yours. I am here to take care of him. She locks Asmita outside.
Shan says don’t misbehave with asmita. She is a nice girl. I don’t know how I feel that.. She says because she is Ridoy’s wife.

Scene 2
Bua says Asmita is Puchki. thaku ma says how will you find that out/ Moushm says how did you? Thaku ma says I was there when Puchkiw as born. I know who she is. Why didn’t she coem to pari mehal? She never came for Chanda either? Bua says because Beauty wanted to kill her. Thaku ma says a police officer scared of Beauty? Truth is right there in front of everyone. She just wants to rule this house. Would she give birth to Ridoy’s child if she loved Shan?

Shan looks for Ridoy. Asmita says you here.. He says yes I am looking for Ridoy. Where is he? Asmita says he is abroad. Shan says he is mature now. ASmita holds his hand. Asmita says my Shan.. He says what are you doing? You are my SIL. Stay away from me. He leaves. Nandani says Shan said stay away from him. Asmita says why are you doing this? She says to get Shan.
no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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