Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy to divorce Asmita

Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan says no one would ever come between us. Shan comes to Nandan. She says you came? After doing romance with your mistress? He says mind your language. She says that’s what other woman is called. I am your wife. This marriage matters to me. It is my whole life. I can’t live without you. I will die without you. Shan says go away from me. You fooled me into this marriage. You used my illness. I won’t fall for your trap. Leave me alone. Free me for my Puchki, give me a divorce. Nandani says that won’t ever happen. I won’t divorce you. I loved you for years. I am alive to get your love. You can do what you want, but I won’t free you.

ASmita cooks. shan comes there. Asmita says what happened? Shan says let’s run away from here. I am tired of fighting. She says love is meant to be fought for. He says it isn’t easy. I need a divorce from that Nandani. she said no. Asmit says what. He says why is this so difficult for us to be together. What have we done? Asmita says we are each other. ASmita says we are meant to be. Asmita hugs SHan. Shan says I am lucky to have you in life. You have my whole life. Asmita says you are my peace. Asmita says you are so great. You are so special to me. He says Puchki lives in this heart. Asmita says no matter the difficulties, we will always be together. Asmita says I need to get a divorce from Ridoy to. Shan says what would happen to moni?? asmita says it is tough but we have to find a way. Asmita leaves.

Scene 2
Asmita comes to her room and sees Riody plays with Moni. He folds her sheet. Asmita says let me do it. She does it. Ridoy says was it this easy? I need baby care classes. But we have asmita. Asmita says I will be back. He says I know you wanted to say something. Asmita says you know me well. He says you are my bhabhi. Tell me what is it? Asmita says I want divorce only then I can be with Shan. He says so? Asmita says but Moni.. What would happen to her? I can’t be selfish. I can’t separate a mother from her. I can’t let her suffer like I did. Ridoy says come with me.

Everyone comes in the hall. Moushmi says no one let’s us sleep. Ridoy says we thougt you were family. If you are not you can go and sleep. I have an important announcement. I have decided that I will divorce asmita tomorrow. I will free her tomorrow. Ridoy says life is too small to marry without love. Asmita loves Shan. They are made for each other. Nothing is right or wrong in love. They have handled everything so well. I free them forever. Ridoy says I have hurt them both a lot. I am sorry. Nevi says I won’t let this happen. Riody says I won’t hear you this time. I will divorce asmita.

Precap-Nevi says I won’t let this happen. Nandani says we are all part of it. I will do what you couldn’t. Asmita comes to shan’s room. He is naked. Nandani comes out and says Shan you didn’t wake up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rhidoy ji pe Abhi bhi doubt hai.itni jaldi obssess lover or rapist behaviour change nahi ho Nandini or nivi ka drama kab khatam hoga para nahi

  2. How can puchki need a divorce from rhidoy when they were never married legally? This is such a waste serial. Utter garbage! The writers have butchered every character, burn every road if salvation for this serial. Such shame.

  3. Shan and that Nandini wasn’t even married same as Ridroy and Asmita neither of the two couples were married legally so what’s the need for a divorce? ugh these people who write this story smh

    1. Ab next week pai Nandini ki bakwas drama chalega for uske badh Asmita Shaan pe trust nahi karegi divorce ka to pata nahi.,hridoy k sath rahegi.but Asmita still shaans wife( legally).nivi or Nandini k emotional blackmail kbad Shaan Nandini ki nakli shadi ( Asmita k sath 7 phera,Mangal sutra & all rituals comply Kia) & is fake drama ko bhi except kar lega.kiu ki Asmita ki eyes pai wo Chanda or hridoy ki criminal tha.ab criminal ko supoort bhi karne lega.admita pichlibar ki tara Shaan ko accept nahi karegi or Shaan ki is dhokeka bada badla legi.may be hridoy k sath permanently ke bad storyline k hoga nivi to monster,criminal hoke bhi harwat Jeet jati hai Asmita ko dumb kaheti hai .next week bad nivi kis ke liye planning karegi such or bakwas hai kya story pai ab to pagal Nandini or nivi aunty ka the end ho a chaiye or is boring story ka bhi.nivi,nandini.htidoy Jeet gayi. Police wali positivity Sai bara Asmita har gayi.paro k story pai beauty ki blackmail&Paro ka pyar Mohit tha .ab nivi,thaku ma,hridoyor Nandini ko soch dene wali twist ayna chaiye legal marriage certificate Shaan Asmita ki or nivi ki poti Mouni ka sach hridoy Sai Jada Mouni baby Shaan Sai attach hai


    I am so frustrated about these dramas! Like it’s funny how every drama has these stupid sexual tracks!
    every writer has to repeat and drag I can’t only blame Ekta Kapoor! I’m damn sure Asmita will not trust shan.. Nandini will win…Asmita will cry..shan will cry..Asmita will hate shan..Ridoy might prove that this was nandini drama.. she wil say she is pregnant..cry cry cry Thats all these innocent babies know how to do in this show this is what paro did before with shan and a week later she said she was pregnant.
    End this disgusting track.

    Faltu drama So predictable!

  5. Shanki ,you r absolutely right.asmita will hate shaan.asmita sochgi Shaan ne use cheat wo rudhoy k sath rahegi.divoce ki bat nahi ayegi.nivi aur Nandini aunty ki Jeet hogi.shaan ki to is family Mai koi kuch suntai nahi hai.ab Asmita or dadi hua bhi uspar trust nahi karegi.or ektarap hridoy ki bhi Jeet hogi.shaan Asmita shadi or legal marraige sabke samne nahi ayegi.mai next day Sai nahi dekhungi lakdi ko torture karna wala drama.or Shaan Majumder ek lady hai wo Asmita ko wife to manta nahi others woman ki blackmail Mai jets hai disgusting lead character.

  6. After today’s episode, it is true that Asmita is attached with Mouni but she also loves Shan. There is still no harm in that but I don’t know why Asmita will be troubled if she heard Nandini making as it she slept with Shan as she knows well how Paro tricked Shaan. The problem of drinking drug will come again are we fool Director? And how can it comes that Taku Ma has no home and keeps staying with them. Oh please director we don’t mind if you end the serial in a good note or carry the story with other dramas than this fake belief. I have several time thought of stop watching this show but Vrushika & Avinash jodis make me still watch it but dislikes this rubbish story.

  7. Sasha I’m agree with u.improve the storyline pls….

  8. Sasha , I
    agree with u.improve the storyline pls….

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