Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani says yes Shan would go. anyone would come and ask him to come with him. Nev says are you scared?? That Shan would meet his daughter. Blood is blood. Nevi says you couldn’t see them together why do you care about them now? you care about asmtia’s daughter with shikhawat? Keep Shan away from all this. He knows the truth that girl isn’t Shan’s. Shan burried his daughter. Nevi says she is a little girl anyway. Nandani says what would you say to chahat? Should you go? you care about asmita’s daughter. SHe fooled and lied to you. Chaht hates that girl. Shan says I wont go there. He leaves.

The party starts. Krishi says I have never cut cake before. Thank you asmita hugs her and says this is all for you. Shikhawat says let me introduce you to the kids. Nirvan shoves her. He says only I would hold hands of mummy papa. Shikhawat says this is really bad Shan. Krishi stands on a side. Asmita says go play with kids. She sees all the kids. She says when would papa come. I wont play unless he does. Krishi says I won’t cut the cake until Shan papa comes. Asmita says he won’t come. We are all here with you. All these friends are here. Everyone has to go home. Krishi says God please send shan papa.

Asmita says come Krishi let’s cut the cake. Niravn says what are you thinking. Asmita says make a wish. Krishi says would God give me that? She says . Krishi says I want my papa please send him. She blows candles. Shan coems there. Krishi smiles. Krishi runs and hugs Shan. EVeryoen is shocked. Krishi says let me give you the cake. Shan looks at asmita. Chahat comes there and says I hate you papa. she runs. Shan says chaht stop. He hugs her and says where were you. I looked for you everywhere. Chahat says what are you doing here. You are with thsi girl. She runs. Krishi says please dont go papa. Shan leaves. Krishi is sad.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. As bad as this will sound, even though Nivi is doing this for her own selfish greed, at least something good will come out of this bad deed of hers.. Asmita and Shan will reunite and Nandini will have to get her toxic ass outta the house… I so wish that Nandini got screwed up on her wedding night by one of the male handymen on the compound or some ole boyfriend somewhere and that Shan is not the father of that little witch of a daughter!! When the fb had shown her saying that she had to make sure to get pregnant that night, that thought clicked in my mind….coz Nandini knows that she’ll never get screwed by Shan ever and if he was as drunk as he’s today, well surely it ain’t hard for Nandini to lie naked in the bed and pretend that she was laid by Shan…and since Shan is so stupid, he’d believe any freaking thing!! Hence, he believes that he slept with her and that Chahat is his daughter…

    1. RivanyaComments

      @Naz you may be right. But does this explain Shaan to blame Asmita thinking his daughter’s dead? If we look from Shaan’s logic then, he killed Krishi! Coz he pushed Asmita on the road then the truck hit her. So Shaan cant be justified! BTW why do you want Shamita reunited? Like Its funny seeing Shaan drinking alchohol! I kind of feel sorry for witch as her hubbie always is on bed or in toilet or drunk! So for a girl like her she wants Shaan on the bed cozing up to her😂😂😂… Shaan deserves his life with witch! Asmita can be single mom! Krishi should stop being annoying! Ok for I second even if Shamita reunites, the wretch Nivi will try then to throw Asmita and krishi out again… Its called use and throw method! No brains have been given to you naz! More than this story, people are more dumb

  2. Congrats for the 300 episodes. But since mid August all the fans of YTG have been punished for liking and watching this serial. Director is putting anything just to keep the show live. Why we blame the stars. It is the Director to be blame. Asmita could have told Shan that she was weak at the time of delivery and how could she killed her baby and even Shan is like a drunk puppet of Nandini. Please end this show in a good loving note of Vrushi & Avi mind blowing couple. Where are the others, vanished only Bua made her apparition in a very elegant way. The way Asmita is being dressed look like she has got grand children even she is wearing the old Jutty of 7 years back. Plse Director have some sense.

  3. Naz… I am beginning to think that Chahal is not as well. The witch Nandini is crazy. Why want you want to be with someone that hates you???
    She is obsessed with Shan. Nevi is just doing what she does best. Using people!!! But to use a child is disgusting. The story does not add up and i am only watching because on little Puchki. I adore that child. Any time Shirkant will turn negative and will think he own Asmita.
    Shasmita will not reunited any time soon
    As we know these serials tend to drag and directors think the audience are dumb.

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