Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Asmita agrees to marry Ridoy

Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
He says promise me for this friendship you will come to the wedding. She says who gave you right to decide for me? She takes the dress. Asmita swipes Shan’s tears. She says you are my friend. You have right. Your sacrifice will live. Your Puchki will come dont’ worry. Shan is leaving. Asmita says stop.. She says wont you hug your love that you never confessed? One last time? Shan runs and hugs her. Asmita says I dreamed of spending my life with you. Go before I am broken completely. Shan leaves in tears.

Bua knocks on Ridoy’s door. She says we are so worried please open. Ridoy opens. Nevi says don’t you care about us at all. We had been knocking for so long. He says you should cry because you want to take my happiness way from me. I can never agree to it. If I dont’ get married to her today you will see me dead. Nevi says dn’t say that. Whatever you want will happen. You will get married today. Bua says no.. Nevi says no. His happiness is the most important. Get ready. Ridoy hugs her. Bua says Asmita? Ridoy says she will come for sure. She promised.

Asmita looks at Arpita’s picture and cries. She recalls her moments with Arpita. Asmtia says I miss you so much. I feel so alone. Pathan baba comes. He says don’t marry Ridoy.. He is in tears. Asmita says don’t cry please. I am worried for Chanda ma. Please dont’ cry. She says whatever I am today is because of you. I am going. He gives her blessings.

Chanda says please God don’t take this happiness from them. They are made for each other.
Pathan baba comes with Khurana. He is in tears. Bua says to them it isn’t that late. We have to stop kids if they are on wrong path. We can’t let Asmita reach the wedding no matter what she has to do. Are you two with me?

Asmita is getting ready. The scar is on her hairline. She says don’t hide it. ASmita is ready. Bua Khurana and Pathan baba are outside. Asmita hugs Arpita’s photo. They are about to put sheet on er too kidnap Asmita sees them.
Precap-Asmita is lost from the wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ridoy is the most annoying character he’s not in love he’s obsess

    1. Im glad I’m not the only one who see’s that, talking about love I doubt he even know what it is. He’s the main reason why Shan is taking these drastic moves and decisions.

  2. Who was kidnapped? Didn’t quite get that description from the broken sentence?
    Shaan’s hands and tongue is tied toward Nevi until they find his father.

  3. An episode of crossroads today. I don’t like Ridhoy’s enthusiasm, it borders on obsession and this is dangerous. From the beginning when he would profess his love for Asmita despite not knowing her personally, I thought that this love would eventually boil down to an obsession and now we see it full blown. It would be poetic justice to see Nivi’s reaction when Asmita’s true identity is revealed for this is the same woman who as a helpless child was made to suffer the consequences of her hatred of Shan, Puchki herself , Chanda and just about every one in the Mazumder family except the sidekick jamai.. It’s so satisfying to see Nivi accept the same little girl she shunned so many years ago as her intended Bahu.. Something better happen because I don’t want Asmita to marry Ridhoy although it would be sweet revenge to see Nivi reap the rewards of her misdeeds…if only Shan wasn’t in the equation!!!

    1. That’s true maybe revealing asmita as puckhi is the only way I see this wedding being called off at first i did not want her identity to be revealed but now it may be the only way to save her from this because shan won’t sadly

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